well I've done everyhting on the list including turning off of my xp firewall (whihc Im uneasy about) and it still doesnt solve the problem. I thought next that it might be my wireless since about 2 minutes before the connection interuption my wireless disconnects the reconnects right away, but that doesnt sound right since my trillian and Mirc btoh seem to stay connected... well Mirc goes off about 3 minutes after that and say that it was caused by software. but if it was the internet going off why not just say "lost connection" or "connection timed out" I still dont get it. I think it might have something to do with the symantic anti-virus since its crappy anyway. and since I really cant do anything about it I guess I have to live with or see if there are any updates for my plugins which I just updated about 2 days ago to thier most recent versions. and they both say they are compatible with mirc 6.20 so highly doubt its that cause it was doing it before that as well.