Take this time to migrate to Linux Debian. It's 10x more stable, and security is infinately more advanced. Viruses only exist because windows allows them. Even though one could inject malicious code into a vulnerable Linux box, it can not spread itsself, because it's contained into it's specific module, hence there aren't any REAL viruses on Linux and no renegade registery keys to worry about. There is even an online installer to install it automatically.

Now let me get this straight, you have a car that stalls sometimes, so the solution is to buy a speedboat?
[ Mirc crashes sometimes in windows so use linux (which it doesnt work on). ]

Oh and dont be sticking ya head in the sand about how safe unix is, it appears untouched becuase the big windows whale is thrashing around with so many attacks on it, that knowone notices the unix dolphins swim by, everyone still gets caughjt in the drift net in the end.