Currently running v6.15 on Windows XP Home SP2. AIM, MSN 6.2, Mozilla 1.02, Norton Antivirus 2005, Kerio Personal Firewall 4 also running. I live on a university campus, and I do not use a router. Three days ago mIRC started giving me the 10053 Software caused connection abort message, and will not stop doing so. I can connect to just fine, but upon doing anything, such as setting a mode, ctcp/notice, priv msg, or sending text to a channel, it disconnects me after roughly 30 seconds. During my entire time on this network (as well as other networks that have done the exact same thing), I cannot see/receive any messages that were sent. I've gone through my computer and tested all the suggestions listed here in this thread. I've scanned numerous times with different programs for both viruses and spyware/malware. I can't find anything that could be causing this error. I've tried mIRC v6.14 through 6.16, and each time, the same thing happens. Is this a software error indeed? Or is it more likely a network error? I can telnet to, but I couldn't figure out quite how to communicate within the telnet window. Thanks in advance for your help.