pissing contest (which I'd win), .. etc etc ..: I realize(wether you do or not) that EVERY OS(including openBSD, which has had one exploit in 8 years), ...etc etc .

Wow i better not say much, i wouldnt want to get wet now.

Anyway, while windows has holes, i disagree with your access ments, most are as you stated about unix just miss configures, its just most admins dont take the time to deal with all potential problems.

oh and i dont consider running an emulation/partial interface of another OS as being running something in unix, this is of course subjective as to the meaning of "runs in" or "runs on"

Q : Can u drive a car across the paciffic ocean?
A : ummm no, well maybe yes, i could drive it around a super tanker, while it sailed across that ocean, does that count? It doesnt does it?, no i didnt think so. frown