I'm getting this error when trying to connect to irc.icq.com. I think it's something with my router (but it's the second router I've tried with the same issue) as I've tried two different PCs hooked to those router. The one I'm using now is a Netgear 3700 (not sure of the full model number, but it's a common high end home router). When I disconnect from the router it seems to connect. Is there a setting in either the router or mIRC that would fix this? The disconnect is within 10-15 seconds.

Also, another issue is that, using the menu to join a channel is disconnects me....and....if I type /j #channel the window doesn't show up, but I know I'm joining because if I go to the webbased chat at ICQ, I can see my nick joining.

I'm very frustrated at this point.