I'm - while not at home - using my Nokia N95 as a means to connect to the internet, sadly, I am unable to connect to any IRC network with the exception of really small ones...
and even then, it seems picky... >_>

My phone's capable of 921kbps/115kbps...


Don't know what else to add, just that I get that annoying error as well.

When ever I try connecting to the bigger networks, like my main one(irc.UTChat.com), I manage to get to the first MOTD line, get a long lag and then get the error.
Of course, I removed the MOTD via options, to no effect.

Is there a way to connect via my phone, with my laptop?
No other program shows this error, I can even use mIRC to manually connect to a network with sockets...but then I have to do everything manually smirk

I have a VB with Ubuntu in it, I can manage connections with XChat just fine, but I never liked XChat -_-
(Really...I'm a mIRC-er, I only use mIRC -_-)

Edit: Fixed by tweaking my MTU :>


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