I havent used mirc in awhile, but recently started using again and geting this error. So far I've just upgraded to newest mirc verison to see if itd fix it, it didnt.

Right now we have wireless networking in our house with comcast, but my comp is hardwired. The cable modem/ wirless router is a Linksys Wireless-G cable Gateway model # WCG200-CG. Does this function as a nat, because I also use a linksys befsr41, and itd probably be a bad idea to use 2 nAT's but I was getting this error even before I reconnected my NAT.

BTW, I only get this error with EnterThegame, never Gamesurge and I always connect to both. So does that rule out the possibility of it being my system?

Also some people say to configure TCP settings because windows default settings are usually for slower connections, how do I do that? All I need to know is where to find the settings, I'll figure out the rest. Any other advice would be appreciated smile