First, DNS Pool isn't an error. It's just telling you that it's trying multiple servers that use the same IP/Host.

As far as the software caused error... if you read through this topic, you will find all known possible solutions. Yes, it's a huge topic, but it is more likely you'll find your answer by reading through it than by asking the same questions over and over and just making the topic that much longer. More than likely, by asking, you'll get a couple of possible solutions that won't help you, where if you look through the topic, you're more likely to find one that will work for you. Just a thought. smile

Reconnecting a few times a day isn't a big deal. It all depends on your connection.

And as far as not being able to connect, make sure you don't have a firewall or antivirus program that updated itself and decided to flag mIRC or IRC and being possibly dangerous and prevent it from connecting. Check your router for the same settings regarding IRC.

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