Okay, I have been getting this 10053 problem trying to connect to my server. I have done everything suggested, from turning my firewall completly off to see if that would work, tried every port from 6000-7005, got rid of msn and everything else suggested here and by friends of mine. I still get

"Connecting to irc.utonet.org (7000)
* [10053] Software caused connection abort
* Disconnected"

everytime I try and connect. Now, about a year ago I was able to use mIRC on this computer with this IP address but started out with this problem. At the time someone, somehow got me connected. I think we changed something in mIRC if I remember correctly but I could be wrong. Now does anyone have any suggestions for me or am I just screwed and should give up. Also as a side note, I have tried a javachat that connects with IRC and that did not work either, instead of any problem I just timed out. Thank you for any and all help.