I have been using mIRC for a long time, and on win98 SE i never used to get that error. When I got a new XP box though, I started getting that error every hour. Firstly I installed a winsock fix, and that seemed to work, since i could get more than 3hours uptime. However, I had some problems with it later on, and i have to "reinstall" windows. What I did later on, was to disable many default services on XP that are useless. That might be a coincidence but yet i could get better uptimes.
Then in my surprise i noticed that, whenever I had "Bitcomet" (a torrent client) running on my backround, downloading stuff, i could get really cool uptimes. (Uptime: 2days 6hrs 21mins 16secs).
I then tried by downloading other things from the internet, like downloading things from ftps and https and it all worked.

So, my conclusion is that if you are keeping your line busy (i am on an adsl btw) you are getting higher uptimes! (Tried this on two computers and seems to work) However you can't be always downloading things from the internet.

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