Same problem here, but at least i know the reason.

Recently i modified my 3COM Dual Link Adsl Modem to a Router OfficeConnect 812 changing the firmware. The problems began from that moment on.

The Router cannot handle too many conections from torrents for example and it resets by itself.

Mirc start to give me the 10053 error and i am pretty sure it´s a hardware limitation or simple a port forwarding configuration.

Even so, i made my PC a NAT workstation ( which means i opened all ports to my ip, not the safest procedure, but what the hell ) and still i am having this problem.

Tried manually configurate 10 ports and make mirc use then, still the same problem.

So i have no ideia what to do, i will set up a timer today and tomorrow morning i will see the results. But it´s pretty anoying.

By the way, when the error occur, the router is still conected, no reset, adsl line is ok, but my other programs stop responding for a couple os seconds and then come back to normal.