Hi there.

So, I seem to have a problem with mIRC.
After using it for almost 9 years, and having a few troubles along the way, I've run into one that I can't really find a reason or solution to.

The problem being that I'm not able to connect to any IRC servers except the one I mainly use (PTnet, a Portuguese IRC network) and Undernet (which is the only server I seem to be able to stay connected to besides the first I mentioned).

I've tried several other servers and the exact same thing happens in everyone of them, which is, I get to connect but than I only have time to perform a /whois command on myself (for example) and after a couple of seconds I get disconnected with the message that gives the title to this thread.

I'm using mIRC 6.21 (which I know is an old version, before someone points it out, but has been working fine) on Windows 7 and I didn't have any problems connecting to other networks until I installed the latest Service Pack with Windows Updates, a couple of days ago.

I'm not sure that's the cause to the problem but I don't really find any other logic explanation since I haven't done any other changes (e.g. istalling or uninstalling other software) to the OS.

Anyways, I hope I gave enough information and that someone can give me a hand with this please.

Thanks laugh