Watchdog: agreed, which is why i didnt, havent, and wont put details about how to tweak this on open forum (and would hope no one else would). In fact, I debated whether to even include it in the post. Thanks for reiterating its only for the advanced user so ppl dont think i'm just being overly cautious.

KT: yes, i read about that, but for the intent of this thread i didnt think it (or others that could be factors) should be included on the "list". certainly could be a factor tho and worth keeping in mind. In general i dont like getting into exploits here under the why give ppl ideas heading. There are other websites that do a jam up job of keeping ppl current on security issues, i'd be lost without them. Altho, i think i may add a line suggesting ppl check for patches in general, thanks.

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