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Re: Different $base($calc()) results in 7.x versions. Khaled 27/09/23 06:30 AM
But it seems then that it is a misconception from scripters to expect the same result with decimals in $base with same inbase/outbase.
That is why anyone who works with floating point calculcations needs to read this.

My suggestion about using the number as is with same inbase/outbase would bypass the rounding issue.
No, this is, as you said, a bad idea. We would then have to start adding exceptions in every feature/identifier that doesn't quite give the results we want because of how math/floating point works. In this case, this issue is due to needing more precision/decimal places to make $base() give the correct results in calculations, however this extra precision means that the original input cannot be represented exactly as a float.

I have reverted the change to $base() for the next beta.
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$null variable option TrioAshburry 27/09/23 05:49 AM
I would like an option in the vairables menu and and an alias command to make variables which == $null unset to save room. The inverse of the switch is to keep the variable in the list how it is when set to $null
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mIRC beta Khaled 26/09/23 02:21 PM
The latest beta can be downloaded here and includes the following changes:

Beta v7.75.619 changes:
1.Item 7, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/272043
2.Item 8, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/272068
3.Item 9, updated.
4.Item 6, the way math/float exceptions are triggered has changed
for some math functions in Visual Studio 2017, causing issues
in some features, eg. $invmod(), so these have had to be handled
differently. This beta passes all of my bigfloat tests.
5.Item 10, fixed. This change might result in other $base() rounding
issues and may need to be reverted. Needs testing.
6.Item 11, enabled.

Beta v7.75.345 changes:
1.Item 1, fixed https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/271996
2.Item 2, extended.
3.Item 3, fixed https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/272006
4.item 4, fixed https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/272016
5.Item 5, fixed.
6.Item 6, needs testing.

This required recompiling OpenSSL, LibZip, TagLib, MAPM, PCRE,
and several other external libraries.

The reason for switching is that staying with Visual Studio 2008 is
limiting options in terms of usable external libraries, as well as
code examples, which use newer versions of C++. Some currently used
libraries are also moving away from supporting older Visual Studio
versions. Visual Studio 2017 is the last version that supports the
141_xp toolset for XP support. The XP toolset has been removed
from later Visual Studio versions.

The first major issue I came across is a bug in the v141_xp toolset
stat() runtime function that causes random freezes and incorrect
file handling on XP. Microsoft knows about this bug but has not
fixed it. I previously experimented with replacing stat() with
GetFileAttributesEx(), so enabled that code to resolve this issue.
However, the issue will also be present (on XP) in any external
libraries that use these functions. Currently, only LibZip uses
stat()/fstat() but the source files using these functions can be
excluded from the compilation.

1.Fixed perform dialog bug when adding/switching between multiple
2.Extended .ogg support to work with other codec libraries.
3.Fixed MDI background picture not using the transparency color when
loading gifs/pngs.
4.Fixed /toolbar -p bug that was not freeing the previously loaded
icon when replacing a button.
5.Fixed Aero theme bug that displayed inner border artifacts in some
contexts when a window is first created.
6.Now using Visual Studio 2017 to compile mIRC. Required converting
all solutions, including all external libraries, and recompiling
with the v141_xp toolset to maintain Windows XP support.
7.Fixed custom dialog mnemonics bug in tab controls.
8.Fixed $sslversion/$ssldll version bug.
9.Updated OpenSSL library to v3.0.11.
10.Fixed $base() floating point conversion bug.
11.Enabled Control Flow Guard runtime security checks.
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Re: Forgot password KindOne 25/09/23 10:37 PM
You need to contact the networks support channel. Try #help or see if you see the support channel in the /MOTD when you connect. They can help you more than we can.

I would check the spam folder as emails from irc networks sometimes end up in the spam folder.
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Re: mIRC In Dark Mode ? Piratoshi 25/09/23 10:23 PM
I'm making a Dark Mode for my script

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]
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New Network Towie 25/09/23 01:59 AM
Hi just wanting to know how we go about getting out network added to the next version of mirc ? Thanks smile
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Control Bot by commands Epic 24/09/23 07:00 AM
Request from Robert

Please help me a bit with this code snippet. Thanks my friend !
Users or Admins (of Bot) can be able to use Bot commands if and only if the following two conditions are:

1. Must be present in the channel #userbot or #botadmin
2. Ip/hostmask must be in the file list userbot.txt or botadmin.txt

Here is my code write by myself:
on *:text:#:{
  if (!$read(BOTCOMMAND_CHAN.txt,nwt,$chan)) { return }
  var %host $ial($nick).host 
  if ($read(userbot.txt,ntw,%host) && $nick ison #userbots) || ($read(botadmin.txt,ntw,%host) && $nick ison #botadmins) {
  tokenize 32 ($1-)
  if ($1 == ~command1) || ($1 == .command1) || ($1 == .command1) || ($1 == command1) {
  ....... (do command 1).......
  if ($1 == ~command2) || ($1 == .command2) || ($1 == .command2) || ($1 == command2) {
  ....... (do command 2).......
  if ($1 == ~command 3) || ( $1 == .command 3) || ($1 == !command 3) || ($1 == command3) {
  ........ (do command 3)......

;------------- file userbot.txt and botadmin.txt -------------
Ip/hostmask per line:




Try using this script code:
on *:TEXT:*:#:{
  if (!$read($file_bcc,ntw,$chan)) { return }
  if (!$on_access($ial($nick).host)) { return }
  if (!$on_chan(#userbot,#botadmin)) { return }
  if (command1 isin $1 && $is_pref($1,!.~)) {
    echo -a 30test:38 $chan $nick - do $1
  if (command2 isin $1 && $is_pref($1,!.~)) {
    echo -a 30test:38 $chan $nick - do $1
  if (command3 isin $1 && $is_pref($1,!.~)) {
    echo -a 30test:38 $chan $nick - do $1

alias -l file_bcc { return $scriptdir\botcomchan.txt }
alias -l file_user { return $scriptdir\userbot.txt }
alias -l file_admin { return $scriptdir\botadmin.txt }
alias -l on_access { if ($read($file_user,ntw,$1)) || ($read($file_admin,ntw,$1)) return $true }
alias -l on_chan { var %i 1 | while (%i <= $0) { if ($nick ison $eval($+($,%i),2)) return $true | inc %i } }
alias -l is_pref { if ($1) || ($left($1,1) isin $2) return $true }

Note: All files related to this script should be located in the same folder where the script itself is located. Take this as a rule for the future.
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Re: Join each rooms every 10 seconds, help me Robert 23/09/23 03:49 AM
Very nice, it's work perfect.Thanks my best friend so much
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Re: OpenSSL binaries read incorrectly? Khaled 21/09/23 05:52 PM
Thanks, this is a bug in the $sslversion/$ssldll identifiers. It looks like this was introduced a short time after v7.31. This has been fixed for the next version.
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Re: Help file issue KindOne 21/09/23 04:06 PM
Could it be file corruption?

It looks like Windows 7 stores the data for all the .chm help files here:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\HTML Help\hh.dat

I guess try renaming it so a new one is created.

I have not tested other versions of Windows.
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Re: Ignore (or should I say "mute") whole channel? Wims 21/09/23 10:33 AM
Well it looks like someone might correct me as well as I realised that the current regex pattern will incorrectly match for some messages as "privmsg #channel" can appear anywhere in a topic, ctcp etc, I might update the script later.
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Re: Custom dialog tab mnemonic issue Khaled 21/09/23 06:38 AM
I just realized I forgot to document this fix in beta.txt. This should now be fixed in the latest beta.
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Scan NickName,Ident,Ip/hostmask blacklist help Robert 15/09/23 02:35 PM
Can someone help me to update new version of this code to scan blacklist on file text when MyBot join channel, and automatic scan for blacklisted from globalkickdatabase.txt,in file text structure like this:

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
[id: xxxx];<Nickname>;<ident>;<ip/host>;<#channel>;<reason kick>

Example: in file globalkickdatabase.txt i save per line

[id: 5678];NickName;uid405139;sven.users.undernet.org;#myroom;NickName is not welcome here any more
[id: 1234];NickTest;testident;;#happy;NickTest is not welcome here
[id: 6789];Hithere;hithereident;my.host.org;#test;Are you hithere?

I want Bot scan and check NickName and IDENT and IP/HOSTMASK when my Bot join channel:
1. Check NICKNAME (if found then ban NICKNAME and kick on <#channel> (5) with the <reason kick> (6) in file.txt structure above.)
2. Check IDENT (if found then ban IDENT and kick on <#channel>(5) with the <reason kick>(6) in file.txt structure above.)
3. Check IP/HOSTMASK if found then ban IP/HOSTMASK and kick on <#channel>(5) with the <reason kick>(6) in file.txt structure above.)

Here is code (made by Epic):
;#   Name: Scan Joining Users (Beta dev 2)
;#   Author: Epic (epicnet@mail.ru, http://epicnet.ru)
;#   Idea: Robert
;#   Description: Scans for all blacklisted users who join channels, or when the bot reconnects to channels, it will scan all users on the channels.
;#   Note: You must create a file "globalkickdatabase.txt" in the mIRC root folder in this format for each line: [ID: 1234];*!*@Host;Reason kick

alias -l scanjoin_set {
  %sj_work = yes
  %sj_who_delay = 5000
  %sj_ban_time = 10800
  %sj_rem_nick = MyBotName
on *:JOIN:#:{
  if (!$read(SCANBLACKLISTONMEJOIN_CHAN.txt,ntw,$chan)) { return }
  if (%sj_work == yes) {
    if ($nick == $me) {
      %scanjoin = on
      .timerSJWHOME $+ $chan -m 1 %sj_who_delay .who $chan
  else {
    var %ident $ial($nick).user
    var %host $ial($nick).host
    scanjoin $chan $nick %ident %host

raw 352:*: if (%scanjoin == on) { scanjoin $2 $6 $3 $4 | haltdef }
raw 315:*: if (%scanjoin == on) { unset %scanjoin | haltdef }
alias -l scanjoin {
  if ($me !isop $1 && !$hget(scanjoin,stop)) {
    .echo -s For further actions, I need the rights of the channel operator:12 $1
    .hadd -mz scanjoin stop 30
  var %chan $1
  var %nick $2
  var %ident $3
  var %host $4
  var %file = globalkickdatabase.txt
   if ($read(%file,ntw,$+(*,%ident,*))) {
    var %str $read(%file,$readn)
    if ($chr(35) == $left(%str,1)) goto next1
    tokenize 59 %str
    if ($+(*,%ident,*) iswm $2) {
      var %idban $1
      var %reason $3
      .ban $+(-u,%sj_ban_time) %chan $+($gettok($address(%nick,0),1,64),@*)
      .kick %chan %nick 04([Banned] (reason: %reason $+ ) %idban $+ )
      goto next2
    : next1
  if ($read(%file,ntw,$+(*,%host,*))) {
    var %str $read(%file,$readn)
    if ($chr(35) == $left(%str,1)) goto next2
    tokenize 59 %str
    if ($+(*,%host,*) iswm $2) {
      var %idban $1
      var %reason $3
      .ban $+(-u,%sj_ban_time) %chan $+(*!*@,$gettok($address(%nick,0),2,64))
      .kick %chan %nick 04([Banned] (reason: %reason $+ ) %idban $+ )

Thanks all for help and i hope receive the aswer with the new code version soon!!!!
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Re: How to auto unban this ban pls? thanks all Robert 11/09/23 05:01 AM
I sent you the full code in a private message. Please check my code and let me know what you think. I hope to receive your reply soon in a private message. Thanks my friend
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Re: Format the text you type Epic 10/09/23 03:00 PM
Originally Posted by marisco
How can I write with bold, colors etc. What commands to use ?

You can read out about it here:

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Quote people in channels marisco 10/09/23 12:34 PM
I use mirc to connect to the irc-hispano server.
When I enter a channel with desires, hundreds of users are shown in the right area....how do I quote the people in the chat when I'm writing in the bottom bar?
I see that if I write an "@" and press tab, down in the bar the nicknames are exchanged between the operators/admins of the channel.
If I write a letter and press tab it jumps between the nicknames that begin with that letter...
When writing a nickname is it cited?
And tell the person that you have written their name?
Thank you
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Re: Add support to custom RGB background for window Wims 09/09/23 10:22 PM
I did the same thing for someone and with a 1x1 bitmap, there is at least one switch that takes 12s to complete, I'd say making the bitmap a bit bigger is better/safer.

I wrote a report about it and it didn't go through, I was reporting just in case but the timing are consistent as you make the bitmap bigger so in the end that might just be normal and it's just a bad idea to use that small of a bitmap.
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Re: Add multiple nicks into 1 same Notify contact Piratoshi 09/09/23 12:38 AM
Yeah, this layout is pretty simple to use and efficient. I like it!
I hope Khaled likes the idea and also hope its viable to implement 🙏

Originally Posted by Epic
Ok. Then I would prefer that the "Nickname" field be changed to into an editable drop-down list, into which you could add/delete the required number of additional nicknames that will relate to one record of one user. It seems to me that this will be more convenient than entering many nicknames in one line.

Layout example:

    [Linked Image from i.ibb.co]     [Linked Image from i.ibb.co]
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-h switch for Switchbar on /font command Piratoshi 08/09/23 04:34 PM
Hello Khaled! 😜

I searched for a way to set the switchbar font, but couldn't find it.
It would be nice to have something like a -h switch on the /font command to set the switchbar font.

Thank you 🙏 have a nice weekend
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Re: 7.75 crashing on Windows 11 Piratoshi 05/09/23 11:08 PM
Thank you Khaled !!!! 🙏

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Re: Help.. Trivia bot. Krunchy 05/09/23 09:44 PM
So I used your script and it seems to working partially since it wont post the question, hints or the answer from the questions.txt. The users only see blank spaces instead of the Questions, Answers and hints.

Any idea how to fix this?
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Re: 7.75 black bg in Nick colors MadWorldz 03/09/23 12:39 PM
yes, in old versions it's not black like this and same settings
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Re: MDI background color for .png transparency Khaled 02/09/23 08:10 AM
Thanks this issue has been fixed for the next version.
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Re: Dont join in +#chan shown in whois Khaled 02/09/23 06:06 AM
me too, clean mIRC, no scripts.
In your example, it looks like this is happening with the single character channel name "#". I am not sure how this relates to the PREFIX/CHANTYPES combination issue you were reporting on IRCnet due to duplicate prefixes.

The behaviour in your last post is intentional for hotlinks due to the fact that, if it wasn't, all single character punctuation marks would be treated as channels, which makes no sense when parsing text. There are no plans to change this behaviour.
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