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Re: medit.dll 0.2.1 in 2019? Deep3D 9 hours ago
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Multiple instances of mIrc goblin58 11 hours ago
I’ve read that multiple instances of mirc is easy enough to do with the -i command line option. I’d like two run to instances but share the one scripts folder. Would this be an issue? Some of the scripts need to be common between the two instances and I would prefer to only maintain one copy.

Also, is there some documentation on mirc.ini?
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Re: Fix needed for raw output goblin58 11 hours ago
You can specify the maximum count in the whowas command, eg. /whowas goblin58 10
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Re: Need help Wims Yesterday at 06:18 PM
Note that if ($1 !isin -a -rs -ru -l -n) does not properly validate the parameter as passing '-' wouldn't trigger that if.
In this case it's better to use elseif and else to reuse the previous logic, but in general you could have used if (!$istok(-n -a -rs etc..,$1,32))

alias auto.ident {
if ($1 == -a) {
if (($2) && ($3) && ($4)) { writeini $ai.ini $2 $3 $4 }
else { echo -a Please use in the format: /auto.ident -a server nickname password }
elseif ($1 == -ru) {
if (($2) && ($3)) { remini $ai.ini $2 $3 }
else { echo -a Please use in the format: /auto.ident -ru server nickname }
elseif ($1 == -rs) {
if (($2)) { remini $ai.ini $2 }
else { echo -a Please use in the format: /auto.ident -rs server }
elseif ($1 == -l) {
window -adl20k0S @auto-ident
titlebar @auto-ident $ai.ini
filter -fLg $ai.ini @auto-ident /^\[[^\[\]]++\]$/
elseif ($1 == -n) {
$iif($readini($ai.ini,options,nick) == enable,writeini $ai.ini options nick disable,writeini $ai.ini options nick enable)
else {
echo -a Please use in the form auto.ident [-a/-ru/-rs/-l]
echo -a -a = Add auto ident. Eg: /auto.ident -a server.com mynick password
echo -a -ru = Remove auto ident nickname. Eg: /auto.ident -ru server.com nickname
echo -a -rs = Remove auto ident server. Eg: /auto.ident -rs server.com
echo -a -l = List currently stored servers and Passwords. Used as: /audio.ident -l
echo -a -n = This will disable the auto nickname change when connecting to a server with a stored auto-identification. Used as: /auto.ident -n
echo -a You can use -n again to Re-enable the auto nickname change.
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Re: How to kill or recover a "lost" session ashburry Yesterday at 10:47 AM
Chances are, if you just wait a while the connection will be dropped.

What is the /whois information of yourself and the zombie? Are they the same? Maybe just wait a while and it will go off line. Also you could try closing your mirc and reopening it.

Another possibility is that maybe someone noticed you changed your nick and quickly moved in and registered the nick. You could try multiple ircopers and csops to explain that it was your nick first.
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Re: $url problems in 7.57 Khaled 13/09/19 06:15 PM
It might be a good idea to accept that $url was based on not so reliable method, to keep it working more or less, and to extend it to support a parameter, a classname or the name of the executable, if khaled can work from that, without looking at millions of classes, that would be reliable and would allow support for any browser, which the current method doesn't provide.

Unfortunately, the class/executable name is the least of our worries.

For example, the issue reported in this thread is due to Chrome changing its accessibility format, not the class/executable name.

Every browser uses a different accessibility format.

The only possibly reliable method would be for $url to search through every accessibility item for a URL-like match, instead of trying to perform some intelligent filtering like it does now. But this would be even slower than it is now. And it would get slower the more websites you have open.

I have also just found out that when Microsoft Edge is minimized, it no longer provides the URL via an accessibility search. Other browsers continue to provide the URL when minimized. So $url will always fail if Edge is being used and is minimized.

On a positive note, I found an API that allows mIRC to detect if Microsoft Edge is running as a background application, so that $url can skip looking through it.
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custom windows ashburry 13/09/19 11:01 AM
Custom windows opened on desktop and hidden cannot be restored.

/window -d @win
/window -h @win
/window -r @win

Window will not restore back in to view on mIRC 7.55
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Re: $emailaddr Tiago 13/09/19 12:07 AM
Originally Posted by Khaled
Do you have the "Use ID from email address" enabled in the Identd dialog? If so, identd is sending your userid as "." to the server when replying to its identd request. That is likely what the server is rejecting.

Yes. I had this option active. I already disabled it and now it works even with period in the email field. Thank you!
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Re: Bug in $+() or expected behavior? Protopia 12/09/19 01:25 PM
Alternatively use $chr(40) for "(" and $chr(41) for ")" i.e.
//var %foo = bar | echo -a $+(test,123,$chr(40),%foo,$chr(41),xyzzy,$chr(40),plugh,$chr(41))
> test123(bar)xyzzy(plugh)

Or to make it even more readable use an alias identifier $lbr for $chr(40) and $rbr for $chr(41).
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Re: mIRC beta Khaled 11/09/19 11:13 AM
The latest beta is mIRC v7.57.1701 and can be downloaded here. It includes the following changes:

Beta v7.57.1701 changes:
1.Item 18, fixed.
2.Item 20, fixed.
3.Item 21, fixed. Note that this change may mean that $url no longer
works with older browsers.
4.Item 22, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/266007
5.Item 23, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/266011
This means that features that previously required &binvar names
of two letters or more in length now allow just &.
6.Item 16 and 19. Re-ran CppCheck. The main issue with static code
analyzers is the large number of false positives. Each warning needed
to be checked to determine whether there really was an issue. In most
cases, there was not. Issues were found relating to portability,
optimizations, dereferences, pointer arithmetic, sprintf() parameters,
32bit/64bit variables, and so on. Changes were made to 140+ files.

Also installed Visual Studio 2019. For now, it is only being used for
testing purposes, not for compiling the beta or release version. Required
a number of code changes to make mIRC compile.

Beta v7.57.965 changes:
1.Item 11, another partial rewrite of the code used by /run, /exit -nr,
/url, etc. Note that /run may or may not report an error if a file
cannot be run, depending on the version of Windows. Also, /url now
uses a simpler method of opening the default browser.
2.Item 17, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/265915

Beta v7.57.669 changes:
1.Item 11, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/265834
Partial rewrite of code that affects /run, /url, /exit -nr, opening
DCC Files received folder, etc. The /exit -nr command needs to call
ShellExecute() synchronously, the opposite of other commands which
were fixed for https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/265736
2.Item 12, added.
3.Item 13, fixed.
4.Item 14, fixed.
5.Item 15, fixed.
6.Item 16, performed CppCheck on the source code.

Several issues were fixed, though most were mitigated in other ways so
were unlikely to cause issues, and others required specific, unlikely
contexts to be triggered.

A large number of 32/64bit portability issues identified which will
need to be changed over time for 64bit version.

Beta v7.57.528 changes:
1.Item 1, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/265799
2.Item 2, changed.
3.Item 3, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/265806
4.Item 4, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/265805
5.Item 5, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/263520
6.Item 6, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/265812
7.Item 7, optimized.
8.Item 8, fixed.
9.Item 9, added. A large amount of DPI-related code has been added,
including detecting DPIs on different monitors for different windows
and on different versions of Windows, detecting DPI changes for top
level windows, scaling/resetting fonts to match DPI changes, changes
to dialog tabs to handle different size fonts, and so on.

However, most of the code is currently disabled as more work is
needed. mIRC uses a number of DPI APIs, some of which are only
available in the latest update to Windows 10.

10.Item 10, fixed. If files are present, such as with a new install,
they are used. If no files are present, the internal defaults point
to $mircdir. This is partly necessary for backwards compatibility
but the method has been improved.

1.Fixed $+ not correctly reporting string too long errors.
2.Changed installer setting to make it DPI aware.
3.Changed $findfile() to preserve multiple spaces inside a wildcard
4.Fixed /reload interacting incorrectly with Script Editor when a new,
unedited file is created.
5.Fixed $parms returning incorrect values in some contexts.
6.Fixed DCC trust user list bug that prevented autoget from working
correctly for trusted users.
7.Optimized SendMessage() processing to use less memory.
8.Fixed SendMessage() gpf bug where recursive calls result in a stack
9.Updated several features to be DPI aware.
10.Fixed incorrect default location for alias, popup, and remote
scripts when no files are present.
11.Fixed /exit -nr not restarting mIRC.
12.Added /run -a switch to request running as administrator.
13.Fixed script editor bug that was wrapping excessively long lines,
resulting in script errors, instead of truncating them.
14.Fixed SendMesage() handling of negative indexes.
15.Fixed richedit control handling bug that may have caused some
editbox-related code to behave incorrectly if the richedit control
failed to load.
16.Fixed a number of issues identfied by CppCheck relating to range
checking, memory initializations, optimizations, portability, and
pointer dereferences.
17.Fixed script #group parsing bug for invalid group definitions.
18.Fixed $decode() gpf buf.
19.Updated more routines to use 32/64-bit compatible types as step in
preparing for a 64bit version of mIRC.
20.Fixed text file writing bug that could have caused the UTF-8 BOM to
be set incorrectly.
21.Fixed $url not working with newer versions of Chrome.
22.Changed /msg to no longer check for channel/nick prefixes due to some
networks using identical prefixes for both.
23.Changed all &binvar supporting features to allow single character &
as a binvar name for consistency.
24.Fixed $findfile() not freeing handles in some contexts. This also
affected other features that retrieve file lists.
25.Fixed /ignore/protect/aop/avoice gpf bugs.
26.Fixed 64bit time calculations in several features.
27.Fixed memory HDC allocation error check in line marker.
28.Fixed $did().csel potential gpf bug when freeing memory.
29.Changed compiler settings to disable string pooling and enable whole
program optimization.
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Re: /msg - bug Raccoon 09/09/19 10:31 PM
Originally Posted by rockcavera
I tested the previous versions, the error starts in version 7.53. That is, version 7.52 was the last one that the command worked on.

rockavera: Indeed. That's the version where all the messaging commands had a major overhaul and unification internally.

29/11/2018 - mIRC v7.53
20.Added /privmsg command.
21.Added support for CPRIVMSG and CNOTICE. If listed in numeric 005,
   PRIVMSG and NOTICE will be automatically upgraded for most
   outgoing messages if you are an op/voice on a channel and message
   a user on the same channel.
22.Added support for numeric 005 STATUSMSG=@+ and WALLVOICES and added
  commands /vmsg, /vnotice, and /wallvoices. If server does not support
  STATUSMSG, WALLCHOPS, or WALLVOICES, mIRC uses own method to send to
  multiple targets.
23.Changed line splitting method for long messages when:
   1) Sending message through editbox of a channel/query window.
   2) Using commands /ame /amsg /describe /me /msg /omsg /privmsg /qme
   /qmsg /query /sound /vmsg /wallchops.

   Note: when line splitting, the /sound command switches to an ACTION
   message for the second line onwards.

   Note: line splitting is not performed on NOTICEs, so is not applied
   to /notice /onotice /vnotice /wallvoices.

24.Changed multiple target handling in PRIVMSG and NOTICE so that if
   TARGMAX or MAXTARGETS are not specified in numeric 005, mIRC assumes
   the maximum is one target per message.
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List of mIRC Commands; If Aliased used Internally Raccoon 09/09/19 06:49 PM
Dear Khaled,

I am looking for a list of mIRC Commands that, if Aliased, mIRC will internally call the custom Alias as it goes about its business.


If a user scripts an alias for the command /join, which is an mIRC Command (not just an IRC Command), then mIRC will trigger that Alias whenever it wants to perform [any? most?] JOIN routines.
IE, whenever mIRC joins a channel due to Favorites or /server -j, it will call out to our new /join alias.

This effectively creates a "hook" in which the user can augment some of mIRC's internal behaviors.

Can we get an exhaustive list of these commands?

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Re: Need help with viewer list random user (Twitch) JohnEricNO 09/09/19 06:06 PM
If you only want to slap a random nick in the nicklist, use

on *:text:*!slap*:#troyl:{ .msg # slap $nick(#,$rand(1,$nick(#,0))) }
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Re: Dual trigger for script help Orobas 08/09/19 12:06 PM
Marking this one as closed... I have worked it out!
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Re: binvar named & maroon 08/09/19 05:15 AM
As I mentioned, I don't see a problem with forbidding the creation of a binvar named &, as that avoids needing to make several other commands support it, and avoids the problem where a script could use $bvar(parameter,0) to verify it exists only to have the script error when trying to do something with that binvar.

As for the [brackets], I'd noticed it was an exception to spaces buffer not being needed lots of places, like with:

//var %text string , %from i , %to o | echo -a $replace([ %text ],[ %from ],[ %to ])

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Re: Hide [join/kicks/part/quit] Khaled 07/09/19 01:04 PM
If you find a way to reproduce it, please let us know.
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Re: Multiple proxies for different server windows Wims 03/09/19 12:19 PM
Then you're in troubles.

Better handling for proxies per connection have been requested, over the years (in general, better handling of anything per connections has been asked here and there)

In this thread: https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/257652/ it has been pointed out that during disconnection it is indeed not going to work automatically, but it's all scriptable with /proxy and disconnect event using $cid, not so trivial but doable.
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Re: How to set google chrome to open IRC URL protocol RoCk 01/09/19 06:33 PM
I assume you're using Windows 10? You can change this in Settings > Apps > Default Apps > Default Apps By Protocol > IRC
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Re: Windows 10 calling mIRC a Trojan EmoHobo 28/08/19 10:16 PM
Thanks and since my virus scans came up blank and this is just a false positive I can keep using my favorite IRC program worry free.
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Re: Updated !uptime command for Twitch Ryntovy 28/08/19 05:55 PM
Got it, thank you! smile
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Favorites: Favorite Servers Raccoon 28/08/19 05:22 PM
I wonder about people's thoughts of a multi-server (auto-connect) feature presented under the Favorites dialog, separate from the mIRC Settings > Servers dialog.

The standard Servers dialog would be for configuring which servers mIRC knows about.

The Favorites dialog would establish which servers to automatically connect to, and well as which channels to automatically join.

This segues from my previous suggestion to enhance the Favorites dialog with a list of pre-defined channel suggestions, separated from a list of user-defined channel favorites.
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Re: Dcc send issue BMX50 27/08/19 01:55 AM
ok i have tried everything under the sun to get files to send get the box that it wants to send to someone but it never sends. try to chat to someone and they never respond. so sad when you want to send others will not help.
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Re: Passing arguments containing spaces to a command FraPooChino 25/08/19 11:04 AM
Sure, but if I’d like all my custom commands to have this nice feature, I’d have to come up with a common delimiter I could use in all of them. So I’d have to use a delimiter that wouldn’t appear in a regular string, in other words a character which doesn’t appear on a keyboard. Now, let’s say I choose `$chr(31)`. I can use `tokenize 31 $1-` and then I’ll get my parameters nicely numbered but I still need to format the parameters when calling my fancy aliases. So I’d have to add `$chr(31)` between each parameter and that’s why it doesn’t seem to be an elegant solution to me.
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Re: Separate windows help maroon 24/08/19 10:19 AM
The 3 icons at the upper-right corner of the main window. The right button closes the entire client, but the middle one toggles between normal window and maximized. Try clicking that middle button.

Also, while you're in not-maximized mode, you can click on the lower-right corner of each channel window and the server/status window and drag it to a smaller size and shape.
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New switches for $input: maroon 22/08/19 08:34 AM

1. Extend 'b' to 'b[N]' which allows optionally specifying the number of seconds to disable the buttons, with the default for 'b' remaining 1 second. A reasonable max seconds could be enforced if that would be appropriate. b0 would clear the keyboard input buffer as 'b' currently does, without any delay.

2. New switch 'F[N]' or similar which allows you to set Focus for which button activates when the spacebar or <enter> is pressed. 'F' or 'F0' would cause none of the buttons to have the focus, 'F1' and 'F2' would be 1st and 2nd buttons respectively. Any N greater than the number of visible buttons would be same as 'F0'. If is easier to have the N be required with 'F', that's fine.

These would allow making sure the user has more than 1 second to read an important prompt message before responding.
Also allows changing the default action away from the 1st button
Also allows requires something more than spacebar or <enter> to trigger a reply
Also allows ignoring the existing contents of the keyboard input buffer without a delay.

sendkeys shows that in the absence of the 'b' switch, $input currently behaves like clicking on YES when there's a spacebar or <enter> already in the keyboard buffer.

//sendkeys $({,0) $(},0) | echo -a noop $input(test1,y) | echo -a noop $input(test2,y)
//sendkeys ~             | echo -a noop $input(test1,y) | echo -a noop $input(test2,y)

'b5' would allow 5 seconds for reading the prompt before accepting keyboard or mouse input. 'F0' would move the focus away from any of the buttons, requiring a <tab> before the spacebar or <enter> would activate a button.
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