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Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts Re: CAP REQ by Kex @ Today at 03:39 PM
Nope, all is correct, https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/irc/tags/, but privmsg not show for some reason. (Twitch IRC: Tags, Twitch IRC: Commands, Twitch IRC: Membership) all is loaded
Connection Issues
Jump to new posts Re: Intermittent DCC, behind NAT? by Raccoon @ Yesterday at 08:38 PM
I don't know. But I do know that you'll have a tough time at scanning your own ports, from the same location, in a meaningful way. What matters are outside scans from a remote terminal going into your home computer network. There are windows progra
Bug Reports
Jump to new posts $hfind leaks for a while by Wims @ Yesterday at 08:14 PM
Tested on a clean 7.52: Quote://bset &binvar $calc(100*2^20) 65 | breplace &binvar 0 66 | hadd -bm table item1 &binvar | hadd -bm table item2 &binvar | echo -na => $hfind(table, /./, 1, r).data | hfree tableThis makes mIRC jumps i
Bug Reports
Jump to new posts Re: Scroll Wheel doesn't trigger on $submenu() items by Khaled @ Yesterday at 08:03 PM
Thanks for your bug report. As far as I know, this is a Windows UI limitation. Mouse wheel scrolling does not work in popup menus. I am not aware of a way to get around that.
mIRC Help
Jump to new posts Re: /findtext v Ctrl-F pop-up by Erasimus @ Yesterday at 07:18 PM
Thanks I downloaded it and will have a look at it. I still think that it should be accessible from a script since it is already there as part of mIRC. Just for reference I tried a simple alias - Alias SearchText { /findtext $input(Text to search
Bug Reports
Jump to new posts Re: /hadd does not save items in correct order by maroon @ 15/10/18 09:24 PM
Thanks. FNV looks fast because it's so simplistic. Just 1 mul and 1 xor. CPU Multiply isn't as slow compared to Add/Shift as it used to be, so that helps FNV, compared to One-At-a-Time trying to avoid MUL by using Add/Shift instead. I would expect Je
mIRC Help
Jump to new posts Re: Admin command list error by JayG @ 15/10/18 05:34 PM
Uninstall/reinstall did the trick! Tks for the help :-)
Bug Reports
Jump to new posts Re: $hfind seek distance limited by Wims @ 15/10/18 02:43 PM
Yeah, I wasn't asking for a change, but I was wondering if that was the intended plan. As I explained it would make more sense for us scripters to be able to deal with such a long value. Quote:I think I have found a safe route through the regex code
Bug Reports
Jump to new posts Re: $hash() * Break: evaluation error by Khaled @ 15/10/18 10:03 AM
Thanks, this was due to a bug in how the hash identifier was being parsed. This issue has been fixed for the next version.
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts Re: Custom Window / Query by maroon @ 14/10/18 02:48 AM
It seems your question is unrelated to this thread. They are scripting to evade the behavior you're asking for, which should already be happening unless you've changed something. By default, mirc-options/display has the box checked for "flash i
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Re: New $regex() command parameter. by Wims @ 14/10/18 12:05 AM
Nice suggestion
Bug Reports The mIRC UI for trust (Options / DCC / Trusted) works just fine - as does $trust - it is just Auto-Get which seems to have had an issue.
mIRC Help
Jump to new posts Re: Close status window by Tiago @ 11/10/18 10:05 PM
Thank you westor
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts Re: simple text script help by maroon @ 11/10/18 08:32 AM
The first event handler creates a hashtable item that lives for 20 seconds, then dies. Then it finds how many hashtable items begin with flood, then does nothing if there's less than 5 of them. As for monitoring if the channel is idle enough: //ech
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Re: Logon / Quit notices in query windows by Protopia @ 09/10/18 09:18 PM
I guess it needs an option to enable / disable, but IMO it is more important to know that the nick has gone offline than to have large numbers of messages. Privacy - there are no greater or lesser privacy issues than: 1. Sending private messages be
Bug Reports
Jump to new posts Re: mIRC beta by Khaled @ 09/10/18 04:59 PM
The latest beta mIRC v7.52.1438 can be downloaded here. It includes the following changes: Quote:Beta v7.52.1438 changes: 1.Item 37, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/263859 2.Item 38, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/263887
Bug Reports Thanks for your bug report. The first part of your report, where mIRC does not change the SSL state of the status window, is intentional. Once a status window is opened with SSL enabled, this cannot be changed. This prevents users from susbequently
Feature Suggestions Very well, we will have to agree to disagree. Thanks for your comments everyone.
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts Re: Starting many timers hangs mIRC by maroon @ 07/10/18 07:48 PM
check out the /filter command. /filter -wfc @window filename.dat * sends the entire @window to disk, and can be restored the next time with /window -h @window | /filter -fwc filename.dat @window If you're just needing to store the data, you'll be a
Bug Reports
Jump to new posts Re: Invite message not able to be halted by pball @ 07/10/18 03:08 PM
Thanks, I'll give it a try when it's out.
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts Re: Regex: Invalid characters always match by Wims @ 06/10/18 06:32 PM
Actually I didn't think this one through, $regsubex can't be made to return the negative error value if there is one as that could be a valid result: $regsubex(@10,@,-). I don't even know where I got that $regsubex since the report isn't mentioning i
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts 64bit timer changes by maroon @ 05/10/18 09:57 PM
Based on https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/263068/Re:_64_bit_time_values#Post263068 In case /timer will eventually be on the list of having 64 bit values, it may be easier to make these related changes at the same time... 1. Increasing
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts Resubs, Subs and Bits by KillerDragonXL @ 05/10/18 03:42 AM
I'm trying to make a Script for when someone subscribes/resub, someone gifts a Sub and gives bits. I was wondering if I am doing it correctly. Code:ON *:CONNECT: { raw CAP REQ :twitch.tv/membership raw CAP REQ :twitch.tv/commands raw CAP
Bug Reports
Jump to new posts Re: on *:parseline:out:*: has trailing $lf by Raccoon @ 04/10/18 07:36 PM
For your notes, you will also have to make this consideration for your match-text parameter in PARSELINE events to handle the trailing LF in outbound messages, as well as any colons in either event. The convenient solution is the single character qu
mIRC Help
Jump to new posts Re: How do I change the colours of mIRC? by maroon @ 03/10/18 08:39 PM
You can change the colors of the messages displayed by various events, as well as changing the background color for channels or @listbox windows. Pressing Alt+K or clicking on the icon that looks like a row of crayons opens a dialog box for changing
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