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check port Konrado Yesterday at 05:19 AM

12:11:am :               @DEADP00L¦ !chk 80
12:11:am :               @CTRL¦ [IP] [PORT] 80 ON [DNS] ( google.com )

some code to check ip ports?
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Re: [7.64] Tip and CTRL+O - weird line Ook 23/01/21 09:42 PM
Confirmed on win7 here.
It's most noticeable when several lines of different lengths are displayed at the same time.
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Re: Toolbar Wims 23/01/21 01:59 PM
Use /toolbar -a sheep "Mäh Mäh!" Schaf.bmp sheepclick @Mäh
with this in remote:

alias sheeclick {
echo I am a sheep, hear my mow!"
menu @Mäh {
Some rclick item : echo bêêêêê
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Re: Closing Link - try next server in group maroon 21/01/21 04:37 PM
A suggestion that you add a little bit of verification to this, to avoid or lessen the possibility that you don't end up connecting to a rogue server. Usually this isn't a problem, but someone could try to mess up your client by SAJOIN'ing you to hundreds of channels or doing something else to make your client slow way down.

This ERROR event isn't a standard message, so it's possible for this to change in the future. If you manually used the /server command to join that server, then $network will be null because the connection hasn't gotten far enough to see how the network identifies itself. If that first server was in your servers list, then it returns the name of the serverlist "group", which is why it's a good idea to always have your groups be named the same way as the network identifies itself. If you ever see $network being "Freenode instead of "freenode", that's because it's using the group name from:

//echo -a $server(chat.freenode.net).group

Perhaps you can add a verification that the server you're being sent to is somewhere in your serverlist. $server($15) will be null if that string isn't in your serverlist.
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Re: find count and show character in text maroon 21/01/21 11:01 AM
to do what? i still have no clue what criteria is used to decide who to kick, and how to decide which string to be compared against their nick
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Re: Mirc ignores $chr(9) maroon 20/01/21 07:42 PM
Your example depends on people knowing how long something like that used to be, compared to its current length. My example in versions prior to 764 shows like "!!!", while the current version has the appearance of multiple spaces between each "!". It appears this has been an intentional departure from backwards compatibility, and is caused by this item in change log:

34.Extended tab character support to all windows.
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Re: there is a translate script or bot? supmyhava 19/01/21 05:40 PM
i have this one but its not working http://hawkee.com/snippet/6925/
some one please?
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Re: Full match of a regex DooMaster 19/01/21 03:01 PM
I was looking for the same thing, and wondering why not mIRC doesn't already include $regexm() identifier.

It's pretty useful if it can be included in the next version.
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Re: mirc 7.64 /j bug maroon 19/01/21 02:24 AM
//timer 1 1 join $unsafe( $eval(#$C=mS^3$,0) )
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Re: win 10 update disabled Mirc maroon 19/01/21 02:21 AM
As I said, the reason for notepad behaving that way is that a program running in admin mode by default always launches other programs in admin mode too. Also as I said, you should google those key words I showed, as there are several different explanations for why your mirc (and possibly other programs too) is running in admin mode.
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Re: Add/Remove Favorites by /command maroon 17/01/21 08:10 PM
Some things which would make the favorites list more useful:

Have the Alt+J window look more like the Alt+E window. Channels being grouped by network is more useful than an alphabetical list which ignores the network. It's more useful for the network groups to be an expanded display, so people don't need to double-click on the network name to see their channels.

Have the default be to require a network, as most people aren't in the business of opening a specific channel name at each network they join.

Have a 3rd checkbox in the Alt+J window to choose whether or not to keep sorting the channel list alphabetically. If I want ##mirc to be $chan(1) but it's the next to last of that network's channels in alphabetic order, that means the favorites list can't be used at that network.

Just like the delay before joining channels to ensure nickserv sees your password before you try to join a +R channel, people joining a large number of channels would want a delay between channels to lessen the chance of flooding due to the NAMES keyword and the "/who #channel" replies.

Just has /ignore has $ignore() to return info about the ignore list, /favorites should have $favorites() to return info about that list.

It would need to be clarified whether -a should be used to edit an existing channel, or whether there should be a -e switch. For example, if the only thing that's needed is to change the channel key for an existing entry, without adding the channel if it's not already in the list.
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Re: //g and empty substring matches Wims 17/01/21 07:35 PM
maroon just pointed this out: mIRC is correct on /a??/g there, it's jaytea's alias that is broken and incorrectly reporting the matches, adding a capture around a?? shows the correct content for mIRC.
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SysOP IRC Channel Services Borderlad 16/01/21 04:39 PM
Hello mIRC community and thank you for having me as a new member!

I hope this message finds you all safe, well & healthy during this Covid-19 pandemic....

It's been 12 years since i was messing about with IRC and hosted my own network and created my first IRC channel and network services robot using mIRC connecting to the IRCD via sockets etc as a service rather than a client.
As i find myself with lots of spare time at home at the moment i decided to get the network up and running again, hopefully meet some new faces with the same old skool interests like myself. I have dusted off the cobwebs for my "SysOP Channel Services" script and decided to convert all data it used and commands into mySQL and web driven, so we can control the mIRC service via the web or any device really.

SysOP like traditional services offers all the same features as NickServ, AuthServ, ChanServ, Global services for nickname and channel protection.

SysOP has in depth HELP menus for all commands and detailed information. Each command is also protected by user level either at a channel level or network admin, operator levels etc.
[Linked Image from btctech.co.uk]

SysOP can also have unlimited commands using the aliases.db we can create a command alias and forward arguments etc for example to give a user @ (operator) status in a #Channel we might use .op Borderlad
but we could create an alias call .borderlad /msg SysOp BORDERLAD which would perform the same as .op Borderlad and so on....

arg=Borderlad rules and we should respect his authority...

The command above will have SysOp say "Borderlad rules and we should respect his authority.." in the #Channel it was performed by typing .borderlad

There are many more features from account and channel settings to global network settings, juping "creating dummy users/networks" adding autoop to users in channel when they login and much more.

Wide range of admin settings and features -
[Linked Image from btctech.co.uk]

Various Channel Settings & Statistics-
[Linked Image from btctech.co.uk]

I wanted to share the script with everyone and allow anyone who wants to try it out a shot at running it while im around to help out.

I am starting to create mySQL settings so you can connect it to your own SQL databases and link it into its own webportal so you can also run and monitor the service for smart devices.

Feel free to see the service in action for yourself at irc.btctech.co.uk:6667 or contact me if you would like me to package it up for you to give a try for yourself.

I look forward to hearing from you and your ideas and suggestions are more than welcome new features would be great.
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Re: mirc 7.64 'beeping' channel bug Rusteaux 16/01/21 04:21 PM
in process of resolving fail to open UI (went to tray which never happened before after windows update) updated to latest version of windows 20h2 and the beeping issue resolved. I was at bottom of buffer in live conversation.
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Re: Help Me please. Bot invite. maroon 15/01/21 10:57 AM
The script probably works better if all nicks joining #chanA are known by the bot in #chanB, and might even work better if the same bot is in both channels. For one thing, BotB needs to know which of the joined nicks is already in #chanB. If you're wanting to invite every 20th nick, you can have a counter (as a global variable or in a hashtable) which is incremented before each join to #chanA, then invites only when the counter is either 1 for the 1st of 20, or when the counter is at 20 for the last of 20. When the counter is above 20, it must be replaced by 1. You can also use "if ($rand(1,20) == 1)" to decide whether to invite each nick, but that will have random results, and after 20 joins to A could result in zero invites or 20 invites, though the most likely result is 1 join.

Things get a little more complicated if you need to resist "gaming the system", such as someone doing a /part-then-/join repeatedly until they win the invite lottery.

I'm curious how this actually works in practice, since the invite shows in status window unless you've checkboxed "options/irc/show-in-active=invite". Most people do not enable the "auto join channel on invite" option because it's not selective as to which joins are accepted, and people would rather auto-join nothing instead of finding themselves suddenly having a join window popping up for some unwanted channel.
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Read file with Command on TEXT Bes 12/01/21 10:56 PM
Hello all.

I need help, for this code, maybe its not a dificult and for you its to easy but for me its not easy..

on *:TEXT:*!PROXY*:#kontrolli:{
  if ($nick ison #) && ($2 = $read(C:\telejuara.txt,w,$2)) && ($2) { msg #kontrolli 47I cant add this IP  - $+ $2 $+ - on SHUN because its in ALLOW list - telejuara.txt  halt }
  if ($nick ison #) && ($2 != $read(C:\telejuara.txt,s,$2)) && ($2) { msg #Kontrolli 4,1Proxy: 12I have make this IP in SHUN: 6 $2 | /shun $4 20s 47« Your system its not sure because You use Proxy or VPN..  » ( /Firewall Off ) halt }

I have created a file with txt to C:\ with the name telejuara.txt and I have put all IP what are all good from good company and when I make !Proxy read automatic this file and found thit IP in this File (C:\telejuara.txt) and make nothing, WHEN a IP its not in this File (C:\telejuara.txt) i have coded and make SHUN

Now what i want to help ME its:

i want to configure this code, when a make a IP in this File (C:\telejuara.txt) ---> 46.19.* <--- and than, when a make a full IP in my channel maybe !Proxy and make nothing because this IP its sure and its in this File (C:\telejuara.txt).

Thanka for help.

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Re: need help with this script dosn't Bes 09/01/21 06:29 PM
Hello New_One,

i have tested and function perfect.

[19:09:54] <AdmiraL> !h demi
[19:09:55] <Alb> Po përjetoni një fazë acarimi ndaj shumë njerëzve. Mundohuni të shtyni takimet për javën e ardhshme, projektet do të marrin hov. Së shpejti dashuria do ecë mirë. Nga 13 janari, Venusi i favorshëm do të sjellë lajme të këndshme.
[19:10:03] <AdmiraL> !h dashi
[19:10:04] <Alb> Nesër nuk do të jetë më e mira për ju, veçanërisht në lidhje me dashurinë, prandaj përpiquni të qëndroni larg polemikave. Mundohuni të bëni minimumin por mos u dekurajoni: lajmet e mira do të vijnë në punë nga 12 janari.
[19:10:45] <AdmiraL> !h gaforrja
[19:10:46] <Alb> Duhet të përpiqeni të kompensoni në dashuri kohën e humbur për të cilën po përpiqeni të organizoni një udhëtim ose një fundjavë romantike. Në punë, edhe nëse keni ide të mira, gjithmonë duhet të luftoni për t’u imponuar.

Here is Script :

on *:text:!h *:#egitim: {
  if ( $istok(Dashi Demi Binjaket Gaforrja Luani Virgjeresha Peshorja Akrepi Shigjetari Bricjapi Ujori Peshqit,$2,32) ) {
    set %shenja1 $2
    unset %terminal
    unset %mesazhihoroskopit*
    set %periudha.horoskopi Lindur me:
    set %kanalihoroskopit $chan
    set %fillohoroskopin <p>
    sockclose horoskopi
    sockopen -e horoskopi www.horoskopishqip.com 443

on *:sockopen:horoskopi: {
  sockwrite -n horoskopi GET /shenja/ $+ %shenja1 $+ / HTTP/1.0
  sockwrite -n horoskopi Host: $sock($sockname).addr
  sockwrite -n horoskopi Connection: close
  sockwrite -n horoskopi $crlf
on *:sockread:horoskopi: {
  sockread %horoskopi.temp
  if (%periudha.horoskopi isin %horoskopi.temp) { set %periudha $remove($gettok(%horoskopi.temp,3,62),</span) }
  if ((%fillohoroskopin isin %horoskopi.temp) && (!%terminal)) {
    set %horoskopi.frase %horoskopi.temp
    set %terminal !
    /set %mesazhihoroskopit $remove(%horoskopi.temp,</p>,<p>)
    if ( $len(%mesazhihoroskopit) > 0 ) {
      set %mesazhihoroskopit2 $+ $right(%mesazhihoroskopit,$calc($len(%mesazhihoroskopit) - 1800))
      set %mesazhihoroskopit $remove(%mesazhihoroskopit,$right(%mesazhihoroskopit,$calc($len(%mesazhihoroskopit) - 1800)))
      set %mesazhihoroskopit %mesazhihoroskopit $+
    /msg #egitim 10 %mesazhihoroskopit
    if ( %mesazhihoroskopit2 != $null ) { /msg #egitim 10 %mesazhihoroskopit2 }

on *:TEXT:!h:#egitim: {
  /msg #egitim 10 Perdorimi i Horoskopit: !h <shenja juaj> 
/msg #egitim 10 Opsionet: Dashi Demi Binjaket Gaforrja Luani Virgjeresha Peshorja Akrepi Shigjetari Bricjapi Ujori Peshqit $halt - }

on *:ACTION:!h:#egitim: {
  /msg #egitim 10 Perdorimi i Horoskopit: !h <shenja juaj> 
/msg #egitim 10 Opsionet: Dashi Demi Binjaket Gaforrja Luani Virgjeresha Peshorja Akrepi Shigjetari Bricjapi Ujori Peshqit $halt - }

When you have a question you can write to me smile or send me a PM
shkrujem prv..:)
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Installing And Configuring ZNC On A Raspberry Pi kap 09/01/21 12:30 PM
Connecting to an IRC server is one thing, staying connected another! For those that wish to use a IRC bounced network connection with mIRC, consider setting up znc on a raspberry pi! A raspberry pi is a cheap micro computer that consumes relatively little energy.(https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.c...y-does-the-raspberry-pi-consume-in-a-day)

znc keeps you in all your channels;
znc logs all traffic in your channels;
znc can be setup to authenticate with NickServ or SASL automatically;
znc can be setup to handle connections from multiple devices. So you can connect to it with your phone, mIRC on a windows computer, or another IRC client on another operating system.

Needs an always on computer such as a VPS (Virtual Private Server) that your rent or a raspberry pi at home.
Needs a bit of time installing and configuring

For those that are interested in trying znc out on a raspberry pi, I've written the following:

Installing And Configuring ZNC On A Raspberry Pi
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Re: Query issues with BNC tanar0 06/01/21 03:00 PM
...seems working flawlessly!

Thank you so much!
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Re: How to read .ini values with trailing spaces? Wims 06/01/21 12:11 PM
When you do "%var = value", it is an implicit /set, you must use the explicit syntax var or set -p %value = foo $+ $chr(32)
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Re: exctract text from line fractal 06/01/21 11:32 AM
worked like a charm with $gettok(%var1,1,47) and $gettok(var2,3,47)
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Re: Easier nick list size arrangement Khaled 05/01/21 01:57 PM
You can increase the width of the drag border by changing the Border Size in the Options/Display/Options/Styles dialog. I will be changing the "default" border size to a larger value in the next version to make it easier as the current value is probably too small, especially with higher resolution monitors.
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Re: if elseif else statement Wims 03/01/21 01:03 PM
You need space around { and } (though } don't need a space on it's right if it terminates the line/file)
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Re: Simple example(s) using $urlget kap 03/01/21 11:46 AM
Here's my €0,02:

alias getURL {
  if ($1) {
    if ($1 isnum) { 
      if ($urlget($1).state == fail) { echo -atic notice *** Are you connected to the internet? | halt }
      .run notepad.exe $qt($urlget($1).target)
    else {
      var %target getURL.txt
      write -c %target
      return $urlget($1,gf,%target,getURL)

/getURL https://www.mirc.com/versions.txt
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Re: Proxy list - Kline from blacklist.txt Bes 30/12/20 11:33 PM
thanks a lot.

[00:34:03] -chat.riniachat.net- *** HelpOp -- from AdmiraL (HelpOp): zline

I have proved with Kline and now worked perfect, with zline not worked i dont know who problem is aber with KLINE is perfekt.

[00:16] <Alb> CheckHostBL: Mibbit@ip-109-42-3-97.web.vodafone.de -> ip-109-42-3-97.web.vodafone.de -> (line 39165)  *.web.vodafone.de
[00:21] <Alb> CheckHostBL: Mibbit@ -> -> (line 16459)
[00:23] <Alb> CheckHostBL: Mibbit@ -> -> (line 16459)  217.138.194.*

thanks because you have help me to much..;)


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