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Nicks in bold (from alt-b settings) eahm Yesterday at 09:05 PM
Hi Khaled, can you please add an option in the attached screenshot/settings to show nicks in bold in messages?

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

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Re: Use the "#" symbol for explanatory comments maroon Yesterday at 04:14 PM
Epic, I was not giving a method to implement # as a comment character. I was showing how using it as a comment character shouldn't interfere with typical usage, unless someone somehow needed to have an alias named #mirc that works only in all channels but can't be used in @window or status window editboxes. The only way to reliably call the alias named # is to call it like the alias $chr(35) or as the identifier $#, and even if someone did have a custom alias named #, they would not be trying to invoke it by having #<space> be at the beginning of a line.

The closest you could currently get mIRC to implementing # as a comment would be to have it behave like /noop which would still have its command line be evaluated. Doing that would require an ON JOIN event which creates a dummy alias named after that channel each time you join a channel.

edit: actually the # as a comment couldn't be faked using an alias matching the name of each channel you're in, because when invoked in a context where $chan is $null, the 1st word following the # would still be seen as if it's an alias name.
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mIRC beta Khaled Yesterday at 12:14 PM
The latest beta is v7.64.6635. It can be downloaded here and includes the following changes:

Beta v7.64.6635 changes:
1.Item 18, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268624

Beta v7.64.6628 changes:
1.Item 13 and 14, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268651
Fixed multi-line comment bug.
2.Item 9, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268622
Reverted some changes to work like earlier beta that should
cause less interference with other Windows behaviours.
3.Item 23, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268667

Beta v7.64.6394 changes:
1.Item 7, updated.
2.Item 9, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268622
I was not able to reproduce this issue, however I have added
extra checks in a number of places.

Beta v7.64.6125 changes:
1.Item 21, fixed.
2.Item 22, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268598

Beta v7.64.6087 changes:
1.Changed /fupdate setting location in INI file so that it
defaults to 95 for both new and existing users.
2.Item 19, changed.
3.Item 20, changed.
4.Item 9, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268575

Beta v7.64.5829 changes:
1.Item 16, updated.
2.Fixed https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268507
This was due to removing the internal border in the MDI
area. There was very old code that had hard-coded support
for this.
3.Item 15, added alternative method for use on Wine.
4.Changed /fupdate to default to 95 for new installs. The reason
for using 95 is that an even number usually leads to less
visual feedback in some situations. Also added a $fupdate
identifier. Note that these are not documented.
5.Items 17 and 18, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268501
These changes needed more work than expected and required
changes to the tab completion routine. Needs testing.

If you tab complete a % prefix, it will cycle through %halfops
if any exist. It will only evaluate a %var if you enter the
full %var name and only if you are not currently cycling through

Beta v7.64.5513 changes:
1.Item 9, fixed/optimized a number of issues.
2.Item 10, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268466
3.Item 11, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268487
4.Item 12, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268483
I've had to write my own tiling code as WM_MDITILE will not fit
windows to the edge of the MDI area. My code tries to mimick
WM_MDITILE as closely as possible.
5.Item 13, changed.
6.Item 14, added. This tries to parse and sort items in a way
that groups similar items together.
7.Item 15, added. Using an undocumented method for scrolling in
menus. It works all the way back to Windows XP, so seems

Beta v7.64.4889 changes:
1.Item 1, added.
2.Item 2, reverted.
3.Item 3, updated. Also removed error codes from the messages in
resources as we already know them. I would have preferred to use
FormatMessage() as it returns error messages in the system
language but its messages are long and descriptive as opposed
to mIRC's short, compact messages.
4.Item 4, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/232845
5.Item 5, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268311
6.Item 6, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268415
7.Item 7, udpated.
8.Item 8, updated.
9.Item 9, needs testing.

MDI windows in Windows 10 currently use the Windows 7 theme due
to Microsoft deprecating support of MDI windows. This beta adds
Windows 10 Aero theme support to MDI windows. This is enabled
only for MDI windows and only when the Windows 10 Aero theme is
in use.

I have had to make a number of design decisions regarding colors,
borders, button sizes, and so on, to approximate the look and
feel of the Aero theme. I am fairly happy with the result. It is
not an exact match to Aero but close enough, with the aim being
to make MDI windows look reasonably up-to-date.

1.Added flash option to ignore dialog options.
2.Reverted change to nick idle time so that it is updated per second
once again.
3.Updated some of the winsock error messages in resources to use more
up-to-date descriptions.
4.Fixed regex global matching bug with UTF-8 characters.
5.The styles dialog has been removed. The channel nicklist sizing
bar now uses a standard width. The editbox and nicklist borders now
use standard Windows colors. Windows no longer use an internal frame.
6.Fixed tray tips Control+O display bug.
7.Updated OpenSSL library to v1.1.1k.
8.Updated TagLib library to v1.12.
9.Added Windows 10 Aero theme support to MDI windows.
10.Changed the aliases list menu to use shorter, combined a-z menus,
with separators, and any left over items in a ? submenu.
11.Fixed URLs List SendTo menu item being disabled.
12.Fixed MDI tile feature not fitting the right/bottom-most windows
to the edge of the MDI area.
13.Changed scripts editor alias and popup menubars to use an "Index"
menu name to list aliases/popups.
14.Added scripts editor "Index" menu to remote menu bar that lists all
of the items defined in a script. It also includes partial lines
for some items to give context.
15.Added home/end/page up/down key support to popup menus to allow
for faster scrolling in long menus. These keys normally do nothing
in menus, however they will now scroll multiple lines per key press
and will stop once they reach the top/bottom of the menu.
16.Updated CA root certificates cacert.pem file.
17.Extended tab completion to allow using just a channel mode prefix
to begin cycling through all matching users with that mode.
18.Extended tab completion to support %halfops. If an existing %var
name is used, it is evaluated as in past versions, if you are not
currently cycling through %halfops.
19.Changed Window menu to not show windows hidden with /window -h
unless shift key is pressed when viewing menu.
20.Changed /window -h to not hide Status Windows in treebar,
switchbar, and window menu, as these are root windows for all
other windows on that connection.
21.Fixed bind to adapter/IP address bug that caused it to use wrong
adapter if adapter has two identically named IPv4 and IPv6 entries.
22.Fixed bind to adapter/IP address bug that caused it to block
connections in some contexts.
23.Fixed DCC get sometimes reporting that the transfer completed when
there was insufficient disk space.
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Re: MDI duplicate icons Khaled Yesterday at 12:13 PM
Thanks, I have seen this as well, although it happens so rarely that it has been impossible to reproduce. These buttons are drawn by the Windows MDI handler, so mIRC has no control over them. It looks like, in some situations, the MDI handler gets confused and ends up drawing two copies of the buttons in different themes. It may be that, in future, I will have to implement my own MDI handler if the Windows implementation stops working correctly due to Microsoft no longer updating it.
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Re: tab complete Khaled Yesterday at 12:01 PM
Thanks. It looks like this broke with the %halfop change in beta 5829. This has been fixed for the next beta.
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Re: DCC (in)complete Protopia 08/04/21 02:23 PM
Originally Posted by maroon
I'm guessing this technically is not a DCC problem, because technically the transfer is complete, it's just that the separate "save to disk" fails.

I have nothing extra to add about the reported issue, but I would like to opine that file receiving is a combination of the DCC protocol completing correctly and the file being written to disk correctly - and either both succeed or the transfer was a failure.
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Re: Multiple trigger Raccoon 06/04/21 06:13 PM
On $*:TEXT:^(\.c|!c|\.command|!command)$:#help: {
(or) On $*:TEXT:^([.]c|!c|[.]command|!command)$:#help: {
(or) On $*:TEXT:^([.!]c|[.!]command)$:#help: {
(or) On $*:TEXT:^([.!](?:c|command))$:#help: {
  echo -a The command $regml(1) was typed.
  ; note that '.' is a special wildcard character in regex, so it
  ; must be escaped with '\' or presented inside a character class '[]'
  ; see how alternation works with pipe '|'
  ; see how grouping_with_backreference works with '()'
  ; see how grouping_without_backreference works with '(?:)'
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Re: MDI Aero theme buttons TECO 05/04/21 05:45 PM
Hi Khaled,

I haven't detected any problems with the buttons yet, but I will continue to test and check if the problem happens again.
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Re: Add/Remove Favorites by /command maroon 04/04/21 12:05 PM
Here's a quick hack that's nowhere near acceptable for the long term. All it does is:

(1) /hload the chanfolder section of mirc.ini into a hashtable
(2) create a new item for the active channel at the active network, with the setting for autojoin-on-connect being checkboxed
(3) /hsave the hashtable back to mirc.ini as a replacement chanfolder section

It doesn't check to see if you already have it there, so if you end up with duplicates you'll need to kill the extras. Even though the items are saved in random order, the Alt+J window always shows them in alphabetical order

To create this,
((AA)) save a backup copy of mirc.ini in case you mess things up. If it doesn't have a new timestamp you found the wrong one. It will be the one you see in this command: //echo -a $mircini
(A) press Alt+P to open the popups that control the right-click menu
(B) If it's not already there, use the 'view' dropdown menu for the popups editor to show the menu for things to do when you right-click in channel. If you've done nothing to it yet, the default popup should already have a line like: Channel Modes:/channel
(C) CopyPaste the new commands onto blank lines below the existing line(s)

Add 2 Favs:{
  hfree -w foobar
  hload -im foobar $qt($mircini) chanfolder
  hadd foobar new $+($chan,$chr(44),$chr(44),$chr(44),$qt($network),$chr(44),1)
  hsave -sin foobar $qt($mircini) chanfolder
  echo -a open alt+J window and see $chan @ $network added to your Fav List even if it already exists

(D) When you right-click in any channel, you'll now see a new menu item named "Add 2 Favs"
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Re: Alt+D alias list jump glitch maroon 04/04/21 06:26 AM
The beta now having the alias index for $script files caused some changes for aliases files which may not be intentional.

The aliases.ini shows the alias grouped with the 1st letter only if it doesnt have a prefix in front of it. That means the 'foo1' alias shows in the sorted list under the letter 'f', while 'foo2' 'foo3' and 'double_slash' are sorted by their prefix within the "?" menu item, along with all the other sample aliases like /j /op etc. Formerly, foo1 and foo2 would both be listed in the f's.

foo1 echo -ag test1
/foo2 echo -ag test2
!foo3 echo -ag test3
&binvar echo -ag alias &binvar is listed with the 'b' underlined
upper&lower1 echo -ag upper: $upper($1-) lower: $lower($1-)
upper&&lower2 echo -ag upper: $upper($1-) lower: $lower($1-)
//double_slash { echo -ag doubleslash }

Also, if the /* beginning a multi-line comment is located on line 1 of aliases.ini or a $script file, a phantom /* entry appears in the "?" index. But if that comment starts at line 2 it doesn't appear in the list.

Also, something that previously existed but I didn't report previously, that's due to the normal way that menu{} and dialog controls handle the & char. Both aliases containing the single & are instead shown with the following letter underlined, and the alias containing a double & shows only 1 of them without any underlining. Same thing has always happened in other places, like the way "/window @test&test" appears in the window dropdown menu. For dialogs, we sanitize the dialogcontrol's text like $replace(string,&,&&).
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script file indenting maroon 04/04/21 06:20 AM
An unmatched curly brace within a /* */ block causes all lines beneath the comment to be indented in the physical disk file, though you can't see it from the display in the scripts editor. This happens in both alt+D aliases and alt+R script files. It appears that the only way this doesn't happen is if you perform a bracket-check immediately prior saving changes to disk. If you do something between the bracket-check and the save, it's as if you didn't do the bracket check.

Below is a sample script which does not have the EVENT or any of the aliases indented as far as viewing in the scripts editor's view is concerned, but in the physical disk file.mrc every non-blank line beneath the comment section is indented with 2 extra spaces than appear in the scripts editor. The example's 1st alias should be able to see all aliases by looking for lines where the first word is the not-indented word 'alias' (with false positive possible within a /**/ block), but the indent glitch causes the rest of the aliases to not be reported.

However if you make any edit followed by performing the Ctrl+H bracket check then saving immediately, then the script is saved to disk without the extra indents. But if you then edit the file by inserting a space in front of one of the echoes without doing the bracket-check again, the extra spaces are all back again.

alias list_aliases_in_scriptfile {
  if ($1 != $null) {
    if ($isfile($1-)) var %file $1-
  else var %file $script
  filter -fwg $qt(%file) $active /^(n\d+\=)?alias /

  comment section indented by using open bracket
  but closing bracket is not needed
  however this causes the remainder of the file to be indented

  alias view_this_script_in_notepad {
    run $qt($script)

  on $^*:TEXT:/^(@|!)triggername( +[^ ]+$|$)/i:#:{
    echo -g # $chr(22) $scriptline debug: ($1-) $1- regml1: $qt($regml(1)) regml2: $qt($regml(2)) | halt

  alias alias_that_should_not_be_indented {
    echo -ag $script $scriptline
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Re: Raw 005 not picking up WHOX RoCk 02/04/21 12:29 AM
Try $istok($2-,WHOX,32)
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Re: Connecting to Twitch DragonR 01/04/21 10:02 PM
the linked thread did the trick, thank you
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Greetings JedStar 01/04/21 07:34 AM
Howdy fellow IRC life travellers.... Firstly I just wanna say how awesome IRC is and that I've been using mIRC off and on since 1996... I've seen plenty of awesome stuff on IRC and am hoping to see so much more....

I've basically been re-active around IRC Networks since 2014 again after a short break and I am grateful that I am able to run a small-medium IRC Network which now has been operating for 5 years now at least...

Apart from the obvious of registering your network on sites suck as netsplit.de .... Are there any other sites like Netsplit where you can register your network details????

Also I have had a thought for a while now of creating a website about everything about IRC from IRC Clients, Servers etc etc and having some really good details about different IRC related things... Like a one stop site for all your IRC needs, knowledge etc etc... Are there any sites like that around???

I look forward to seeing you all around the IRC Networks


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Re: Cosmetic change Seraphin 31/03/21 08:52 PM
Thanks a lot !
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Re: variable file, dialog line maroon 31/03/21 02:32 PM
perhaps you can keep your variables in a hashtable which only requires the disk read when loading them at START, then again each time the dialog is closed if they need to be re-saved. Barring that, a better example of what you're doing could make it easier for someone to advise of optimizations, such as storing several variables in 1 string then performing fewer disk reads to load them all.

As for the 'order' of variables, if it's faster to read from [section1] that's at the front of the readme.ini than to read from [section99] toward the end, you can use notepad to cutpaste the heavily trafficked section to the front. I've never observed writeini rearranging the location of these [sections].

As for your problem with filling the editbox like that, the problem is not whether it's $custom or $built-in, the problem is whether the call contains commas. You'll find that $version and $sha1(abc) work just fine, but using instead $sha1(abc,0) fails. Probably because a simplistic parser is counting commas without consideration of whether they're inside the identifier call. The parser seems to only allow the comma when it's inside doublequotes, however nothing inside the doublequotes gets evaluated, even when you do something like " [ $sha1(abc,0) ] "
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Re: Youtube video information turbosmurfen 30/03/21 12:57 AM
Originally Posted by Loki12583
/sockopen -e should be used with port 443

Thanks. I also found out that I have been using the apikey as set %apikey = key.
I guess I used another language than MSL. Changed to %apikey apikey, worked lol.
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Re: Disable channel names turning red with activity maroon 28/03/21 09:25 PM
Or, if they only care about the red color from the message highlight, after ignoring the "important" channels, the event could send that hack just 1 time for each message. It would blink each channel for just a split second

on ^*:TEXT:*:#:{
  if (!$istok(#unimportantchannel1 #unimportantchannel2 ##maroon3,$chan,32)) return
  timer 1 0 window -g0 $chan
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Re: SSL dll confusion beer 26/03/21 08:27 PM
Got it sorted now, thank you maroon!
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Re: Help me this code please, thanks all New_One 25/03/21 10:13 AM
i was saying that if you wont the bot to execute comands from specific user on some specific channel or one chanel exp #mainchannel , #mainchannel2 etc , than you can open a second channel #bothelp , make channel restricted than only user that have access can join that channel , and the bot with execute commands only from the user that are in #bothelp , so you dont need to make list.txt check etc , its more simple i think , but the important is to do the job that you want smile
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Re: Spotify now-playing for mIRC turbosmurfen 23/03/21 06:57 PM
Just to notice people that don't follow me on GitHub.
I have released version 1.0.4 which works best when advertisement comes up.
This also means that you need to update the script you use.
Empty title is now a part in advertisement detection's. Which is message "2", "3" doesn't exist anymore.

There is some more features I'm still working on.
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Re: Bind option bug Khaled 21/03/21 12:02 PM
When the bind checkbox is unchecked, but an adapter name is still in the combo box, and that adapter has been disabled through Windows network connection settings, is mIRC having a hiccup because the adapter can't be seen?

Thanks, that was it. It wasn't finding the adapter in the first place, and combined with other settings, that was causing it to block further connections. This should be fixed in the next beta.
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Re: Using several events in a single script maroon 21/03/21 03:03 AM
It is comparing $network with network1, so you need to change network1 to whatever the $network string shows: //echo -a $network

The $unsafe() prevents the /scon command, or a timer, from causing any string within $1- to be evaluated. Otherwise, any word beginning with $ could be executed simply by being in the /scon or /timer command line, or the word beginning with % could reveal the content of any of your global variables. It prevents these evaluates by mime-encoding the string before placing it into the timer's command line, but then decoding the string after it gets there. This next example shows that the timer contains a word beginning with a dollar which gets evaluated into the result. However using $unsafe() prevents the word from being changed. The same thing would happen by placing the ON TEXT's $1- into the /scon command line

//tokenize 32 foo $ $+ version bar | echo 4 -a $ $+ 1- is: $1- | .timerfoo1 1 1 echo -a literal $1- | .timerfoo2 1 1 echo -a unsafed: $unsafe($1-) | timerfoo?

edit: the $network will of course be different on each network, so the network1 is the value of $network on the network where the ON TEXT triggers.
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Re: Port +6697 maroon 19/03/21 09:01 PM
What is the server address? It's possible you are connecting to a "round robin" network where 1 of several is not accepted. Or, it could be that the server's certificate is now expired. In options/connect/options/ssl see if it helps to change from "skip" to "display invalid for approval". Unfortunately there's not a way to have the auto-accept be on a per-network basis. If you do make it "auto-accept" in order to connect, you can click on the "certificate" choice in status window to show what it looks like, to see what's going on. Note that it doesn't tell what type of underlying cipher is being used in the connect with the server.
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Re: Where is the highlight option? Epic 19/03/21 10:21 AM

This is now configurable via the "Address Book".

You can click on the corresponding button with this name on the top panel, or press the key combination "ALT+B" and then go to the "Highlight" tab, or simply enter the command "/abook -h".

For more details read here: https://www.mirc.com/help/html/index.html?address_book.html

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