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Re: Unable to connect to server (SSL wrong version num Khaled 4 hours ago
Yes looks like they're self-signed. Do they need to get a cert through letsencrypt or similar in order to prevent that?

Yes, they would. I believe one of the reasons that some networks are still using self-signed certificates and haven't moved to Let's Encrypt is that it takes a lot more work to get multiple, volunteer server hosts to synchronize their SSL certificates.
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Re: Unable to connect ot IRCHighway using SLL anymore maroon 16/01/22 05:58 PM
Looks like there's 2 problems, and they're both on irchighway's side. They have a server which times out the connection, and another server with an invalid certificate.

You can temporarily avoid the problem by setting mirc to 'display invalid cert for approval' and when you see the prompt, you can check the box at bottom to auto accept that cert in the future.

Unfortunately, you probably will continue having trouble connecting to +6697 SSL because their individual server names don't have a dns reply,

Also, once you check the box to accept a cert in the future, that adds an item to your servers.ini, so if you've done that in the past, there's the potential to have scads of certificate fingerprints that you've collected

edit: I took out the instructions on how to connect to server ip's directly since they dont want us to do that. So i guess hope that you can eventually connect to one of the servers in the round robin that will actually present the invalid cert for approval instead of just timing out like the others

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mIRC beta Khaled 16/01/22 02:03 PM
The latest beta v7.67.2836 can be downloaded here. It includes the following changes:

Beta v7.67.2836 changes:
1.Item 41, added.
2.Item 42, changed. Previously, this would fail as mIRC was checking
  if a certificate matched the private key. mIRC now checks to see
  if there is a certificate and only performs the validation in
  that case. Most openssl examples create PEM files that only
  contain a private key. The SSL certificate generator in mIRC
  creates a combined certificate/private key PEM file.
3.Item 32, changed SASL authentication message color to info2 to
  make it more visible on connect.
4.Item 32, optimized code + extra checks.
5.Item 43, fixed. Due to item 15 in v7.65. Added extra code that
  works in newer versions of Windows as well.
6.Item 44, extended. Experimental.

  Tested out several different ways of ordering/displaying current
  network-matching channels in the favorites dialog.

  One issue was whether to display only channels matching the current
  network in the treeview. I felt this took away context, so all channels
  are displayed but non-matching channels are grayed out.

  Another issue was how to order the channels. It feels more usable
  when network-matching channels are displayed at the top of the
  list, followed by channels with no network defined, followed by channels
  with other networks defined. The Favorites menu item in the menubar
  uses the same ordering, which I think works well as it prioritizes
  channels on the network you are on.

  Another issue was whether the treeview should auto-switch to network
  sort on connect, so all network-matching channels are grouped
  together. But this would override the user sort choice, so I opted
  not to do this. However, the default sort is currently network sort.

  Another issue was how to handle treeview folders, which can contain
  channels with several different networks defined. The folders have to
  be at the top of the list. There is no obvious way to handle this other
  than to treat folders as separate from the rest of the list.

  Another issue was how to handle channels that have multiple networks
  defined. These are sorted into the appropriate channel groups when
  a network is chosen in the network listbox.

  Considering the above issues, I think it has turned out well and is
  reasonably intuitive.

Beta v7.67.1910 changes:
1.Item 31, added.
2.Item 32, added. Tested on Libera.Chat and AlphaChat networks.
3.Item 33, removed. These options were added long ago in contexts
  that don't apply any more.
4.Item 34, added. Note that mIRC now displays "You have left
  #channel" in the channel window on parting.
5.Item 35, extended.
6.Item 36 and 37, changed. These behaviours seem to make more
7.Item 38, added.
8.Item 22, changed "key size" to "key type" that allows creating
  RSA or ECDSA keys.
9.Item 39, added.
10.Item 40, added.

Beta v7.67.1163 changes:
1.Item 18, changed to handle Shift+F10 when navigating Windows
  taskbar/tray with keyboard.
2.Item 6, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/269719
3.Items 28,29,30 fixed https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/269602

Beta v7.67.845 changes:
1.Item 1, updated.
2.Item 2, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/269482
3.Item 3, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/269516
4.Item 4, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/269547
5.Item 5, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/269498
6.Item 6, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/269607
7.Item 7, added. There is currently no right way to do this, so
  mIRC is using the Windows build number.
8.Item 8, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/269642
9.Item 9, added.
10.Item 10, added.
11.Item 11, changed.
12.Item 12, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/269465
   The use case for this is very limited. For a discussion, see
13.Item 13, updated.
14.Item 14, updated.
15.Item 15, changed.
16.Item 16, added.
17.Item 17, changed.
18.Item 18, changed.
19.Item 19, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268994
20.Item 20, added, https://modern.ircdocs.horse/formatting.html
21.Item 21, added.
22.Item 22, added.
23.Item 23, added.
24.Item 24, extended.
25.Item 25, extended.
26.Item 26, added.
27.Item 27, updated based on discussion at:
28.Extended Aero theme to support rounded corners for MDI windows
   on Windows 11. This is disabled for now as it is not
   backward-compatible with DCX/MDX due to

1.Updated LibZip library to v1.8.0.
2.Fixed treebar icons not being updated immediately in some situations.
3.Fixed /did -a not scrolling to added line when editbox is not
4.Fixed /raw PRIVMSG not correctly appending specified @labels to
  outgoing messages.
5.Fixed /window -d desktop windows being minimized when opened in the
  context of a custom dialog.
6.Changed $bytes() to round using more significant digits and added
  petabytes support with 'p' switch.
7.Extended $os identifier to detect Windows 11.
8.Fixed nested while loops break/continue bug.
9.Added /sockopen -sdap switches to use with -e SSL switch, where:
    -s = skip invalid certificates
    -w = display warning dialog
    -a = accept invalid certificates
    -p = prevent certificate caching
10.Added /writeini -z switch to write empty value.
11.Changed window subclassing method to use newer, more robust
   subclassing API throughout the code.
12.Added a /socklisten and /sockudp -u switch to enable dual stack
   sockets. Note that this will only work in some contexts and on
   some addresses and may depend on your version of Windows.
13.Updated CA root certificates cacert.pem file.
14.Updated OpenSSL library to v1.1.1m.
15.Changed right-click tray menu to not activate mIRC window if
   it is open on the desktop.
16.Added Do Not Disturb menu item to tray menu for quick access.
17.Changed Confirm Exit dialog to open near tray menu if Exit mIRC
   was selected in the tray menu.
18.Changed tray menu to open dialogs aligned to mIRC tray icon.
19.Added /server -d switch that allows setting the current status
   window's connection details without connecting.
20.Added support for strikethrough text using character 0x1E (30)
   as supported by other clients. You can use Control+E to insert
   this code into text. This also affects the strip codes option
   in the IRC/Messages dialog, adds an 'e' switch to /strip and
   $strip(), and affects many other features that parse control
21.Added $sslhash(method,type) where method = sha1, sha256, sha512
   and type = p for private and s for server. Properties: .babble
   and .colons. $sslcertsha1 and $sslcertsha256 are still
   supported for backward compatibility.
22.Added key type option to SSL certificate generator.
23.Added Copy To Clipboard menu item to System Menu Buffer menu.
24.Extended Order dialog in Scripts Editor to include Top and Bottom
   buttons and to be resizable.
25.Extended More dialog in Scripts Editor to be resizable.
26.Added /topic -r switch to remove channel topic.
27.Updated list of default channels.
28.Fixed /writeini caching bug for item names that contain equal
   sign characters.
29.Fixed /writeini issue with ;comment equal sign separator.
30.Changed /writeini to prevent writing identical consecutive
31.Added $crc64() identifier and changed $crc() to use slightly
   faster implementation.
32.Added server login method options for ECDSA-NIST256P-CHALLENGE
   and SCRAM-SHA-256 authentications.
33.Removed List Channels dialog lock option as this has been
   superseded by the Lock feature in the Options dialog, and the
   hide non-text channels legacy option.
34.Added "Keep channels open on part" option to Options/IRC dialog.
   If you part a channel and its window is kept open, it will not
   be rejoined on connect.
35.Extended /join so that if it is typed in a channel window that
   has been parted/kicked, it will not require a channel parameter.
36.Changed tab key completion to place currently open channel windows
   at start of list.
37.Changed tab key completion to reset to start of list if non-tab
   key pressed.
38.Added ciphers list setting to Options/SSL dialog.
39.Added display of ECDSA compressed public key to SSL dialog to make
   it easier to use with nickserv if private key is ECDSA.
40.Extended $sslhash() to support "ecdsa" method to return compressed
   public key if private key is ECDSA.
41.Extended /server -l method to support "ecdsa" and "scram".
42.Changed SSL to allow private key/certificate PEM files that contain
   a private key without a certificate.
43.Fixed home/end key bug under Windows XP.
44.Extended Favorites dialog to include a channel/network/description
   header that can be sorted by type. On connect, it auto-selects the
   current network and scrolls to the first network-matching channel,
   followed by channels with no network defined, followed by other
   networks. All non-network-matching channels are grayed out. The
   same sort method is used for the Favorites menu in the menubar. The
   default sort method is by network.
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Re: /proxy off does not work Khaled 12/01/22 10:26 AM
Thanks for your bug report. The reason for this is that the on/off parameter originally only affected server connections, so this was left in place for backwards compatibility. To affect DCC connections, you would need to use the +/-d switch as well.
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Re: mention on text maroon 11/01/22 06:27 AM
I don't understand your question, because it looks like you're already doing a different behavior depending on whether the channel is named #debug or not.

Are you saying you want the code to be modified to call the not-being-used motor2 when the channel name is #debug, instead of doing the current echo?

Note that you don't need to use the global variable %menchan if you will always be using it from within the ON TEXT event where the alias can also see the $chan string.

Also, you should get into the habit of putting parenthesis around the terms of your if() condition, because when you do not do that, it gives you the $v1 and $v2 from the wrong evaluation, which is almost certainly what you do not want. Plus, it's easier to read the code when you do have the parenthesis. See the difference in the output when I do/don't use the parenthesis:

//if foo == bar noop | if string1 != string2 echo -a v1 $v1 and v2 $v2
result: v1 foo and v2 bar
//if foo == bar noop | if (string1 != string2) echo -a v1 $v1 and v2 $v2
result: v1 string1 and v2 string2
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Re: ipv6 socket server - accepting ipv4 Wims 11/01/22 02:11 AM
I was on vacations for a while, I just tested it locally, both tcp and udp, ipv6 server and connecting to resulted in $sock(name).ip being ::ffff: from the server's point of view.
For tcp, I'm not the one actually using the value since it's abstracted but it worked perfectly, I'm in charge of using the value for udp and it also worked perfectly without any modification.

Note that one absolutely needs a bind to an ipv6 address for dual socket to work.
If you do not use the -d switch to control the bind yourself on /socklisten and /sockudp, and depending on the mIRC options for binding at alt o > connect > options > port, the bind may not be ipv6 and a simple "/socklisten -u name port" would then not bind to an ipv6 address. This is important and it would be great if it were explained in the help file.

One should always control the bind with the -d switch because iirc, in some situations, the default bind for a socklisten is not according to the binding option. I need to check this more.
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Re: unable to join channel (not using secure connectio maroon 11/01/22 12:31 AM
The server lets channels know whether you connected with an SSL connection or not, and the channel has chosen to block people unless they do that.

Most networks have port 6667 as a regular non-secure connection.
When networks support a secure SSL connection, they usually tell the port numbers in the MOTD (message of the day) display you see at connection when you were connecting at 6667. The port number for that is often at 6697.

When you edit the serverlist entry to connect using the secure protocol, you should precede the port number with the "+", so where it currently has 6667 you should put in +6697 instead of just 6697. If you don't have the + there, it tries a normal connection at the secure port, and big fail.
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Re: Keep channels open not working with ZNC detach eahm 08/01/22 07:30 PM
New beta works perfectly, thank you.
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Re: Need a very simple code Sleepyhead 07/01/22 02:34 AM

Thanks for your response,

Although, i agree to the points you guys are making out here but I am actually looking for an entire code as i dont know how to code.
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Re: /strip is broken when used on multiple controls. KindOne 04/01/22 06:59 AM
I did not even think about checking the Options/Messages dialog.

P.S.: Thanks for the strikethough.
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Re: server command antonstarlid 27/12/21 07:13 PM
I see that this was very bad written and that's not good...

Today you can add different serves in a group in mIRC, and then join servers in the group with "server -m group" and that works fine...

But what i was asking for was an way to identify the exact server in a specific group by doing "server -m group:description" to know that it's always connect to the same server instead of an random server in the group..

For me i have different servers in same group as i use "ZNC" and after a while with duplicate groups and it looks really ugly but currently the only way....
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Re: $readini vs /writeini Khaled 26/12/21 01:41 PM
Thanks for your post. The issues you mention are related to historical and Windows INI API backward-compatiblity.

For issues A and C: when the custom INI routines were implemented, I decided to make them as compatible as possible with the Windows INI APIs, to ensure that newer versions of mIRC would continue to work with previous INI files. This meant trying to mimick the same issues as the Windows INI APIs to avoid breaking scripts.

For issue B: $readini was originally a non-bracketed() identifier, so its parameters had to be enclosed in quotes. When $readini() was added, it shared the same core code as $readini, to make sure that they worked in the same way. Fixing this issue is not possible, as far as I can see, because the non-bracketed /writeini has to parse quotes across parameters whereas the bracketed $readini() does not.

As for comments: I could add a check to prevent duplicate comments in a section, which I believe would make it different from the Windows INI API. That said, it's possible that some scripts may try to write a comment, then an item, then another coment, then an item, and that some of the comments above each item might be the same. In which case, such a change would prevent this. So perhaps the change should prevent multiple *consecutive* identical comments.

As for equal signs in item names: the only workable solution to this is to prevent item names from containing equal signs, and reporting an error if a script tries to do this in either /writeini or $readini(), which would break all existing scripts where this currently works.

For the caching issue: this needs to be fixed and will be in the next beta. The fix means that if an item name begins with an equal sign, /writeini will have to report an error, since technically there will be no item name.
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Create xdcc auto entry by right clicking on a bot jei59 26/12/21 09:00 AM
Hello everyone and thank you for accepting me in the forum!

Years ago someone had prepared a three-line string for me to add to the mirc scripts editor: I went to popups after checking view nick list.

After adding those three strings I could, by right clicking on a bot of any irc channel, have three additional entries:
- xdcc auto (or similar) which allowed me to open the bot window and so I could write the number of the pack that I needed to take from the bot
- xdcc list
- xdcc remove

I made a txt file with the code ... unfortunately I lost this file ....

Thank you.
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Re: $bytes 't' switch Khaled 23/12/21 08:58 AM
Thanks for testing this. This issue has been fixed for the next beta.
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Re: Resizable for window "Scripts Editor/File/Order" Epic 22/12/21 11:30 AM
Khaled, thank you for doing this in the new beta "mIRC v7.67.845" a changes in items: 24,25 ➔ #Post265827

Merry to you Christmas and Happy New Year! [Linked Image from i.ibb.co][Linked Image from i.ibb.co]
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Re: Messages split too short Khaled 21/12/21 12:36 AM
Thanks for your bug report. This has indeed been discussed before. The current behaviour is by design and is necessarily conservative to take several factors into account regarding message length.
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