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Jump to new posts Re: $$local_identifier within :EVENT: handlers by Raccoon @ Yesterday at 09:09 PM
Raccoon approves these changes. The proposed context seems to be the intuitive one. I think it was just never discovered because the $$ prefix isn't that widely used outside of one-line aliases and popups, except by some of us more advanced folk wh
Scripts & Popups I've not tried to run your script, but from looking at your code: 1. //echo -a $mircdir $+ \scripts results in a double backslash. $mircdir is one of the few aliases which allows text to be attached to it, so you can also do: //echo -a $mircdirscri
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Jump to new posts Re: Twitch Subscriber Notification Script by Greeple @ 22/05/19 11:25 AM
that is, I can from on TEXT get $msgtags? I thought they only work in RAW, sorry and good luck to you
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Jump to new posts Re: mIRC beta by Khaled @ 22/05/19 09:52 AM
The latest beta is mIRC v7.55.2030 and can be downloaded here. It includes the following changes: Quote:Beta v7.55.2030 changes: 1.Item 4, recompiled OpenSSL 1.1.x library to work with Windows XP/Vista. 2.Item 1, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads
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Jump to new posts Re: alias call order in $urlget by Raccoon @ 21/05/19 05:59 AM
If you wrote a program, you would know that asymetric callbacks are messages that arrive in a message queue like an external email, and you have to process who the sender was and all contexts. There's a lot that goes into writing a scripting engine.
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Jump to new posts Chrome DLL for mIRC by NrWarren @ 21/05/19 12:24 AM
Github for Chromium DLL for mIRC Here i compiled the Chromium CEF browser that was designed as a DLL to work with mIRC. the original project was hosted on sourceforge, by the looks of it, it was by the original creators of DCX (ie twig and
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Jump to new posts Re: Consider updating OpenSSL to 1.1.x by miwob @ 19/05/19 11:22 AM
Looking good so far: Code: *** Connected securely via TLSv1.3-TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384-256
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Jump to new posts Re: [7.55] /list saving to a txt file by Khaled @ 18/05/19 08:37 AM
Thanks for your bug report. This is by design. The /list command and channels list dialog are integrated, are essentially the same, and use the same settings. They have worked this way for about twenty years :-)
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Jump to new posts Re: * [10053] Software caused connection abort by Raccoon @ 17/05/19 11:14 PM
Unfortunately 10053 is just a generic winsock connection error, so it becomes very difficult to track down. Some of the things that can help: * Connect via SSL (use ports +6697 or +7000 or whatever for that particular server -- you must include the
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Jump to new posts Re: How to randomize sequential responses....? by Raccoon @ 17/05/19 07:11 PM
Alternatively: Code: var %r = $rand(1,3) if (%r == 1) var %msg = Message one. if (%r == 2) var %msg = Message two. if (%r == 3) var %msg = Message three. or Code: var %msg = $gettok( $& Message one.@ $& Message two.@ $&am
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Jump to new posts Re: $encode $decode padding switches by Khaled @ 16/05/19 09:57 AM
Quote:1. $encode is allowing multiple padding switches to be specified The latest beta now reports an error if more than one padding switch is specified.
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Jump to new posts Re: TLSv1.3 - $urlget by Khaled @ 16/05/19 09:08 AM
The $urlget() feature depends entirely on the Windows API. Windows does not currently support TLSv1.3.
Feature Suggestions Thanks for the tip
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Allow users to create nick per server in setting by roboirc @ 16/05/19 06:49 AM
Please allow users to be able to choose a server specific nickname in settings otherwise its a pain. This way you can create a server connection with a different nick than one in main easily. Thanks
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Jump to new posts Re: Script Editor: Collapsible Code Sections by Loki12583 @ 16/05/19 12:29 AM
The VS Code mIRC extension supports collapsing and has been updated to all keywords as of 2017, it's on github so you can fork as needed. https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=lol2k.mirc https://github.com/lol2k/vscode-mirc
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Jump to new posts Re: Am I scripting IGNORE function correctly...? by Dan2019 @ 15/05/19 06:34 PM
Thanks for your reply I should mention that the script is to be used with Bitlbee - The Multi Protocol Chat Gateway Linux program. I run bots for different niches and blogs etc for advice/sales etc, but the one thing I want to do for some niches is
Scripts & Popups I checked the official Twitch documentation. Twitch added a number of new message tags to look out for. It appears that msg-param-months is only sent on subgift and anonsubgift. Whereas the newer tag msg-param-cumulative-months is sent on sub and res
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Jump to new posts Re: /server -l nickserv and disconnection by Khaled @ 02/05/19 09:42 AM
The latest beta includes a few seconds extra delay after the last nickserv notice is received. The method is still dependent on how fast nickserv process the logon, so it is still possible that it may not always work. However, since you were seeing t
Feature Suggestions Would love to see OOP features in mirc in the future like in other programming languages like C++, Python etc. Would save on requiring tedious coding lines. Also would love to have for loops in mirc also in the future! Thanks!
Bug Reports Thanks, did you only fix one specific case? Like the thread I referenced only got one specific case fixed, or did you try to fix all similar issues? I'll wait for a new version and see. Btw this specific case/issue is related to $scriptline being in
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Jump to new posts Re: Apprecation for Khaled by Khaled @ 27/04/19 01:53 PM
Thanks, glad you've found it useful :-)
Bug Reports Thanks these checks have been added to the next version.
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Jump to new posts Re: mirc / inspirircd command conflict by goblin58 @ 27/04/19 05:38 AM