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Massvoice To Registered nicks Only legend Yesterday at 09:01 PM
i want mirc script which will massvoice to only registered nicks on hitting a defined alias and can devoice those registered nicks also
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Re: Ident userid limited to 10 chars Khaled 17/01/20 07:03 PM
For example, would it be possible to allow unlimited characters, but if the user has used more than 10 characters then to watch for the error message that happens if the server doesn't support this and provide additional error message text advising that the probable cause is that the server only allows 10-characters?

I looked into this many years ago. There is a commented out section in the ERROR handling code that processes the "Closing Link" disconnect message from a server and tries to connect to the server again with a generic "user" userid. It does this if it sees an error message that matches "bad user info", "bad username", "invalid username", "not authorized", and "banned", which presumably were some of the errors returned by servers for invalid userids at the time this was tested. I am guessing I decided against using this method.

I just performed a quick test and saw the following for invalid userids:

Most networks disconnect you with an "ERROR Closing Link" message with "invalid username" as the error.

Some networks reply with "USER :Your username is not valid", giving the client a chance to send "USER" again to continue the logon.

Some networks chop userids and remove/replace invalid characters automatically allowing the logon to succeed.

Some networks handle invalid userids in USER and in identd differently/separately, ie. some networks will disconnect you if your identd userid is invalid, most will simply fix it. But most networks will disconnect you if your USER userid is invalid, and some will simply fix it.

If this change is made:

If a user uses a userid considered invalid by a network, the odds are that they will be disconnected. mIRC will then have to check the ERROR reply to see if it matches words related to invalid userids and then try to reconnect with a fixed userid. For these users, mIRC will have to connect to a server at least twice, in addition to the usual connection issues.

As every network has its own interpretation of what an invalid userid is, your userid may be different on every network. It's difficult to know whether this matters. The method mIRC has used for a long time means that users have had a consistent userid across all of the networks they use.

If a user currently has any scripts, settings, logon/connect/auth details, etc. that depend on their userid, they will be affected. If other users that you chat with in private, on channels, etc. have stored your address for use in different features, eg. highlight, op/ignore/voice/protect, notify, other types of authentication, etc., they will be affected.

mIRC will have to depend on seeing a specific combination of words in a specific language in the ERROR message to handle this, something that, as many of you know, I have been trying to avoid.

An IRCv3 CAP token could help, eg."username=options", where options describes maximum username length, the set of allowed characters, etc. or perhaps something even simpler, such as "username=safe" which means the server will accept any username format and will automatically fix it, so the client doesn't have to fix it itself. If a server doesn't list the token, the client will use a maximum length of 10 characters and a-zA-Z0-9._- which are acceptable on all networks.

If IRC servers simply replied with the USER error, that would resolve the USER invalid username issue.

However, neither of the above solutions will help if an identd request is sent before a client logs on (as some networks disconnect you for invalid identd userids).
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Re: script error popup on start kap 16/01/20 11:40 AM
Do you have a screenshot of that pop-up/error?
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Re: Popup help Starsplash 15/01/20 07:19 PM
made it work like this : if ( $left($1,4) != mib_ ) { /msg #staff !u $1 }
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Re: ZombieHunter GUI Conan0815 13/01/20 08:05 PM
The Zombie Channel is the best in the world.
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Re: More descriptive -s for /hadd /hinc /hdec Wims 13/01/20 07:45 PM
I'd like to see this added as well, but I always thought there would be script relying on the current format, somehow.
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Re: Hashtable item names with spaces Wims 13/01/20 07:42 PM
I like the idea of a new switch on /hadd /hdel /hinc /hdel to indicate the item name is quoted.

The fact that mIRC doesn't load the last line with odd numbered line number should be a seperate report imo, it has nothing to do with quoted item name, if you make this same switch 'fix' the way mIRC handle this last line situation, it's then not possible to get that behavior only as well with the current hash table behaviors.
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Re: $lines != linecount Khaled 13/01/20 09:19 AM
Thanks for your bug report.

The first issue: it looks like the beta is returning the correct result. So this is essentially a backward compatibility issue for scripters who use $lines() on binary files that contain only 0x00 bytes to determine whether they are empty or not. Hmm.

The second issue: overflows are tricky because signed 32bit INTs are used in almost every feature. I might be able to check for this in the core line counting routine though.
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Re: Unable to connect to server (Connection timed out) Khaled 13/01/20 08:35 AM
It is common for anti-virus/security software to target the most widely used applications. In this case, the most widely used IRC client is mIRC. So Norton 360 is very likely specifically blocking mIRC. You will need to contact the authors of Norton 360 to ask them for help. Alternatively, you might find suggestions on the Norton 360 forums, as it looks like users there have discussed this issue before.
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Re: Timer and variable assignment TECO 12/01/20 09:43 PM
Originally Posted by Khaled
Thanks, I found an issue with how the variable parser handles /sockread parameters in the beta. I have released a new beta that reverts this change for now but will be fixing the /sockread issue and performing some more tests before including it again in the next beta.

It's ok
The beta released today normalized the /sockread command, when you release the new beta, I'll give you feedback wink
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Re: Possible to store a command in a variable? Wims 12/01/20 07:38 PM
It should work.
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Re: mirc and znc... speed up beer 12/01/20 06:56 PM
Whenever I start mirc, I connect to about 8 servers all through znc. First, it's slow to connect to all the servers. It connects 1 at a time instead of in parallel and that already causes a lot of lag. Then it's slow pasting the playback text into each channel window. The more playback there is, the longer it takes. This definitely has to do with something about mirc because I can use kvirc to do the exact same thing and all servers connect fast, playback is pasted into the channel windows fast, etc. In mirc the process from start to finish can take over a minute. In kvirc it takes about <10 seconds. It seems like this is a design problem in mirc, not a settings problem.
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Re: mIRC beta Khaled 12/01/20 01:53 PM
The latest beta is v7.58.1521 and can be downloaded here.

Beta v7.58.1521 Changes:
1.Reverted change to how /timer %vars are parsed, as this caused
backward compatibility issues.

Beta v7.58.1513 Changes:
1.Item 18, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/266478
2.Item 19, changed.
3.Item 6, fixed text in treebar being chopped by a few pixels.
4.Item 20, fixed.
5.Item 21, added.
6.Item 22, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/266576
7.Item 23, changed.
8.Item 24, changed.
9.Item 25, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/266592
This required a change to one of the core variable parsing
routines that affects all commands and identifiers and has the
potential to break all existing scripts. Needs testing to make
sure that %vars are working as before.
10.Item 26, this required changes to core file reading routines that
affect all features.

Beta v7.58.808 Changes:
1.Item 6, made changes to toolbar, switchbar, treebar, and servers and
favorites dialogs to handle different sized icons. If the Options/
Display/Buttons setting is changed, it is now applied to all of the
above features. Currently, the fixed internal icon size is 16x16, so
it is scaled up when the large setting is used, which means it will
be blurry. This change is for testing purposes and may not be in a
final release (until new icons are added in a future version).
2.Item 14, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/266438
Needs testing.
3.Item 15, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/266452
4.Item 16, added.
Needs testing.
5.Item 17, fixed.

Beta v7.58.241 Changes:
1.Item 1, changed.
2.Item 2, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/266360
3.Item 3, added.
4.Item 4, changed. If you have already saved SSL certificates to your
servers.ini file, they will be permitted. However, if it is a server
that mIRC has never seen before, and it has an invalid certificate,
mIRC will not connect to it unless the user manually changes the
default setting in the Options/Connect/SSL dialog.
5.Item 5, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/266384
This affects a number of features. The cause of the issue was a
generic routine that forms nick!user@host addresses, which was only
checking for . periods. It now checks for : colons as well.
6.Item 6, changed. Also required marking buttons as custom or default
and only updating icons that have not been changed with /toolbar.
7.Item 7, updated.
8.Item 8, fixed.
9.Item 9, changed.
10.Item 10, fixed.
11.Item 11, fixed.
12.Item 12, changed.
13.Item 13, changed.

1.Changed $disk().unc to use newer API.
2.Fixed channel mode parsing bug.
3.Added /cnick support for auto-color option by allowing * as color
number. Also added $cnick().auto property.
4.Changed SSL default setting to "Skip connections with invalid
certificates". This means that mIRC will, by default, not connect to
SSL servers with invalid SSL certificates.
5.Fixed how nick!user@host addresses are formed in $ulist() and other
features so that IPv6 addresses are handled correctly.
6.Changed toolbar display code to handle icons of different sizes for
default internal icons.
7.Updated CA root certificates cacert.pem file.
8.Fixed treeview display bug when scrolling new item into view.
9.Changed treeview sorting method that affects favorites and servers
10.Fixed favorites dialog join button not initiating a connection if
not currently connected.
11.Fixed $cnick() returning default values for non-existent items.
12.Changed how log filenames are renamed to use group/network names
during a connect/disconnect.
13.Changed quote "" parsing routines to use the same consistent method
for all commands/identifiers.
14.Extended $fline((@name,wildtext,N,T,S) to support S parameter for
search start position and $flinen that returns match position.
15.Fixed custom dialog controls not being updated immediately when /did
is used to change their contents.
16.Added /fseek -p switch that moves the file pointer backwards to the
start of the current line. If the file pointer is already at the
start of a line, it is moved to the start of the previous line.
17.Fixed $fread() not setting file pointer to start of next line if
line is longer than the maximum line length.
18.Fixed /halt not stopping $hfind() search and then allowing script to
continue running.
19.Changed how Port dialog bind adapter setting is saved in mirc.ini so
that both name and address are saved to [ports] section.
20.Fixed $bindip() bug when used with dual-stack network interface.
21.Added $caller tabcomp value for tab completion.
22.Fixed /if & bit comparison not using unsigned 32-bit integers.
23.Changed identd dialog so that userid entry is not changed when "Use
ID from email address" is checked.
24.Changed /if isnum to also support larger value as the first number.
25.Optimized file reading routines to improve processing speed for
contexts that affect /fseek -l, $read(), $lines(), and /loadbuf.
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Twitch Prime subscription script dah 11/01/20 08:22 PM
Does anybody know the script for twitch prime subscriptions finding it hard to find it online?
Please link or quote the code for me I'd love you forever.
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Re: Dealing with mibbit.com users host/ip Stephen 11/01/20 12:46 AM
Now one thing I have started to notice is that on the whois that it lists their hostname where the fullname should be.

The below are all mibbit.com addresses and you can see the host name listed where the Full name would be listed.

60ef4923@ * pool-96-239-73-35.nycmny.fios.verizon.net
4f40fcb6@ * 79-64-252-182.host.pobb.as13285.net
3252275b@ircip1.mibbit.com * 50-82-39-91.client.mchsi.com
a0037666@ircip1.mibbit.com * 160-3-118-102.cpe.sparklight.net

Is this something that could be used to create a real user@host?

Maybe using raw 311 would I be able to then replace the or ircip1.mibbit.com and have that actually work with events for $address and $wildsite? not sure if /guser levels would work with this?

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Need help with the script I'm using (for twitch) dah 10/01/20 11:44 PM
Hello there guys, I'm looking for people to help me out so when someone subscribes with Twitch Prime, Subs/Resubs it will post it in the chat saying the person has subscribed with Twitch Prime/tier 1,2 or 3.
What sort of subscription they paid for etc... if it comes down paying a person to make me a script for it sure I'll pay. Something like this I want to be done. https://i.imgur.com/0qUZHac.png

The script I got is this;

on *:CONNECT: {
raw CAP REQ :twitch.tv/membership
raw CAP REQ :twitch.tv/commands
raw CAP REQ :twitch.tv/tags twitch.tv/commands
raw CAP REQ :twitch.tv/tags

ON *:CONNECT: IF ($server == tmi.twitch.tv) CAP REQ :twitch.tv/commands twitch.tv/tags twitch.tv/membership

; LOOK FOR TRIGGER: your Twitch channel && are subscription related
IF (($msgtags(room-id).key == 101555534) && ($istok(sub resub subgift submysterygift, $msgtags(msg-id).key, 32))) {
VAR %name $IIF($regex($msgtags(display-name).key, /^[a-z\d_]+$/ig), $msgtags(display-name).key, $msgtags(login).key)
VAR %msg-id $msgtags(msg-id).key
VAR %msg-param-cumulative-months $msgtags(msg-param-cumulative-months).key
VAR %msg-param-months $msgtags(msg-param-months).key
VAR %msg-param-streak-months $msgtags(msg-param-streak-months).key
VAR %msg-param-sub-plan $IIF($msgtags(msg-param-sub-plan).key isnum, $calc($msgtags(msg-param-sub-plan).key / 1000), $msgtags(msg-param-sub-plan).key)
; MASS SUB GIFTER ALERT: thank the person who gifted the subs and prevent messages for each individual sub
IF (%msg-id == submysterygift) {
VAR %msg-param-mass-gift-count $msgtags(msg-param-mass-gift-count).key
INC %submysterygift. $+ %name %msg-param-mass-gift-count
MSG $1 HYPERS !!NEW SUB!! HYPERS %name just gifted %msg-param-mass-gift-count tier %msg-param-sub-plan ! Thanks for supporting the channel! tehranBoris tehranLove
ELSEIF (%msg-id == sub) {
IF (%msg-param-sub-plan isnum) MSG $1 HYPERS !!NEW SUB!! HYPERS %name just subscribed at tier %msg-param-sub-plan $+ ! tehranLove
ELSEIF (%msg-param-sub-plan == Prime) MSG $1 HYPERS !!PRIME SUB!! HYPERS %name just subscribed with Twitch Prime! imGlitch HolidayPresent
ELSEIF (%msg-id == resub) {
IF (%msg-param-sub-plan isnum) VAR %msg_resub HYPERS !! RE-SUB !! HYPERS %name just re-subscribed at tier %msg-param-sub-plan $+ $chr(44) tehranLove
ELSEIF (%msg-param-sub-plan == Prime) VAR %msg_resub HYPERS !! RE-SUB !! HYPERS %name just re-subscribed using Twitch Prime $+ $chr(44) imGlitch PartyPopper
IF (%msg-param-cumulative-months > 1) VAR HYPERS !! RE-SUB !! HYPERS %msg_resub %msg_resub and has been subscribed for a total of %msg-param-cumulative-months months $+ $chr(44) tehranBoris tehranLike
IF (%msg-param-streak-months > 1) VAR HYPERS !! RE-SUB !! HYPERS %msg_resub %msg_resub and is on a %msg-param-streak-months month sub streak $+ $chr(44) tehranBoris tehranLike tehranLove
MSG $1 $left(%msg_resub,-1) $+ !
ELSEIF (%msg-id == subgift) {
; IF the receiver of the Gifted Sub is the ONLY PERSON to be gifted a sub (ie it's NOT a Mass Sub Gift of two or more) then we WILL display a message in chat
IF (!$($+(%,submysterygift.,%name),2)) {
VAR %name_gifted_to $IIF($regex($msgtags(msg-param-recipient-display-name).key, /^[a-z\d_]+$/ig), $msgtags(msg-param-recipient-display-name).key, $msgtags(msg-param-recipient-user-name).key)
MSG $1 %name just GIFTED a tier %msg-param-sub-plan subscription to %name_gifted_to $+ ! $IIF(%msg-param-months > 1, It is their %msg-param-months month sub anniversary!, $null) PogU
; ELSE the receiver of the Gifted Sub is part of a Mass Sub Gift, therefor we display NOTHING in chat to prevent spam!
DEC %submysterygift. [ $+ [ %name ] ]
IF (!$($+(%,submysterygift.,%name),2)) UNSET %submysterygift. [ $+ [ %name ] ]

If anybody can rewrite the script out for me/or help me what I've done wrong as I only copied the script so it's not my work. I really want this script to work.
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Re: length of an mp4 file in seconds SykO 10/01/20 03:55 AM
You can use
which will return the length in milliseconds. You can use
to turn that into seconds. Finally, you can use
to return a more readable output.

Note: The $sound documentation says that the file should be mp3, ogg, or wma, but I have tested this with an mp4 and it has return the correct value. So, I would recommend looking up some dll or other alternatives, if this does not work for you.
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Re: responsive message when someone mentions me dah 10/01/20 02:10 AM
Originally Posted by Raccoon
That's a very basic newbie script. The first thing somebody writes a script for.

I will write it for you for $20

Hence why I made a topic as I'm learning script coding.
Not going to pay a random person $20. lol
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Re: Freenode SSL Raccoon 09/01/20 10:27 PM
So. What would you like to know?
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Separate log file containers per nickname Stephen 07/01/20 06:55 AM
I think the ability to have a separate folder per used nick name to store logs in for that nickname.
I am often multi server connected to even the same network and all logs just under the network but I would like to have them separately based upon my used nickname.
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Re: No practical way to process $urlget() without ... Raccoon 07/01/20 06:13 AM
Tedious. Impractical. Tomato. Potato.
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Re: $urlget() head request returns no target &binvar Raccoon 06/01/20 08:26 PM
Ok, so Inline Example:
echo -a $iif($bvar($urlget($1).target),$bvar($v1,1-).text)

Structured Example:
var %id = $1, %binvar = $urlget(%id).target, %target
if ($bvar(%binvar)) {
  var %target = $bvar(%binvar,1-).text
echo -a %target
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Re: $bvar(&nonexist,1-).text should return null string Khaled 06/01/20 06:31 PM
With that said, returning $null/an-empty string is more consistent with other identifiers than throwing an error; case in point: hashtables

Alas, this does vary across commands/identifiers, probably because every time I add a new feature, a different user is requesting it, and some users ask for an error to be reported in some situations, while others ask for a default value to be returned in place of an error, to make coding easier so that they do not have to check for errors.

In this case, the purpose of the error is to indicate to the scripter that they have typed a variable name incorrectly in their script. If an error wasn't reported, they may not notice it in a large script without a lot of debugging.

And we would then probably end up with the opposite bug report, ie. it should report an error.
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Help with old auto join/identify addon Darkmnm 06/01/20 01:46 AM
I am hoping I can get some help with this old auto join/identify addon that I found on Hawkee. For some reason the dialog buttons are FLAT but nowhere int he code do I see why. Next, on open it creates 4 files (AIC.hsh, AIC2.hsh, AJC.hsh, AJC2.hsh) in the main mirc directory. I would like to have these files created and stored in $mircdirscript/data/files folder and not in the root of mIRC mostly because of my OCD but it also just looks like trash having all these files piling up in the root directory.

alias _ident { dodialog ajc }

dialog ajc {
title "Auto Join & Identify"
size -1 -1 207 180
option dbu
tab "Auto Join", 9, 4 2 199 171
box "", 1, 9 17 187 75, tab 9
text "Server:", 2, 14 26 19 8, tab 9
text "Network:", 3, 14 38 22 8, tab 9
edit "", 4, 37 25 60 10, tab 9 autohs
edit "", 5, 37 37 60 10, tab 9 autohs
button "Add", 6, 104 25 40 10, tab 9
button "Delete", 7, 150 25 40 10, tab 9
list 8, 14 50 177 37, tab 9 size hsbar
box "", 100, 9 94 187 63, tab 9
text "Channel:", 101, 14 103 22 8, tab 9
edit "", 102, 37 102 60 10, tab 9 autohs
button "Add", 103, 102 102 42 10, tab 9
button "Delete", 104, 148 102 42 10, tab 9
list 105, 14 115 177 37, tab 9 size hsbar
tab "Auto Identify", 10
box "", 11, 9 17 187 75, tab 10
text "Nickname:", 12, 14 26 25 8, tab 10
text "Password:", 13, 14 38 25 8, tab 10
text "Network:", 14, 108 26 24 8, tab 10
edit "", 15, 40 25 60 10, tab 10 autohs
edit "", 16, 40 37 60 10, tab 10 autohs
edit "", 17, 131 25 60 10, tab 10 autohs
button "Add", 18, 108 37 40 10, tab 10
button "Delete", 19, 151 37 40 10, tab 10
list 20, 14 50 177 37, tab 10 size hsbar
box "", 21, 9 94 187 75, tab 10
text "Channel:", 22, 14 103 22 8, tab 10
text "Password:", 23, 14 115 25 8, tab 10
text "Network:", 24, 108 104 24 8, tab 10
edit "", 25, 40 102 60 10, tab 10 autohs
edit "", 26, 40 114 60 10, tab 10 autohs
edit "", 27, 131 102 60 10, tab 10 autohs
button "Add", 28, 108 115 40 10, tab 10
button "Delete", 29, 151 115 40 10, tab 10
list 30, 14 128 177 37, tab 10 size hsbar
on *:dialog:ajc:*:*: {
var %a = $dname, %b = $devent, %c = $did
if (%b == init) { fillajc1 | fillajc2 | fillaic1 | fillaic2 }
if (%b == sclick) {
if (%c == 6) {
if (!$did(ajc,4).edited) { .echo -a ***** Please specify a Server to add. }
elseif (!$did(ajc,5).edited) { .echo -a ***** Please specify the Network name to add. }
elseif ($did(ajc,4).edited) && ($did(ajc,5).edited) { hadd -m AJC $did(ajc,5) $+($did(ajc,4),$chr(124),$did(ajc,5)) | echo -a ***** Added: Server: $did(ajc,4) Network: $did(ajc,5) | did -r ajc 4,5,8 | fillajc1 }
if (%c == 7) {
if (!$did(ajc,8).sel) { .echo -a ***** Please select a Server/Network from the list to del. }
else { echo -a ***** Deleted: Server: $remove($gettok($did(ajc,8).seltext,2,32),$chr(40),$chr(41)) Network: $remove($gettok($did(ajc,8).seltext,4,32),$chr(40),$chr(41)) | hdel -m AJC $remove($gettok($did(ajc,8).seltext,4,32),$chr(40),$chr(41)) | did -r ajc 4,5,8 | fillajc1 }
if (%c = 103) {
if (!$did(ajc,102).edited) { .echo -a ***** Please specify a Channel to add. }
elseif (!$did(ajc,8).sel) { .echo -a ***** Please select a Server/Network from the list, to add the autojoin channel to. }
elseif ($did(ajc,102).edited) && ($did(ajc,8).sel) { echo -a ***** Added: Channel: $did(ajc,102) To Network: $remove($gettok($did(ajc,8).seltext,4,32),$chr(40),$chr(41)) | hadd -m AJC2 $remove($gettok($did(ajc,8).seltext,4,32),$chr(40),$chr(41)) $+($hget(AJC2,$remove($gettok($did(ajc,8).seltext,4,32),$chr(40),$chr(41))),$did(ajc,102),$chr(44)) | did -r ajc 102,105 | fillajc2 }
if (%c == 104) {
if (!$did(ajc,102).edited) { .echo -a ***** Please specify a Channel to del. }
elseif (!$did(ajc,8).sel) { .echo -a ***** Please select a Server/Network from the list, to del the autojoin channel from. }
elseif ($did(ajc,102).edited) && ($did(ajc,8).sel) { echo -a ***** Deleted: Channel: $did(ajc,102) From Network: $remove($gettok($did(ajc,8).seltext,4,32),$chr(40),$chr(41)) | hadd -m AJC2 $remove($gettok($did(ajc,8).seltext,4,32),$chr(40),$chr(41)) $remove($+($hget(AJC2,$remove($gettok($did(ajc,8).seltext,4,32),$chr(40),$chr(41)))),$+($did(ajc,102),$chr(44))) | did -r ajc 102,105 | fillajc2 }
if (%c == 18) {
if (!$did(ajc,15).edited) { .echo -a ***** Please specify a Nick to add. }
elseif (!$did(ajc,16).edited) { .echo -a ***** Please specify a Password to add. }
elseif (!$did(ajc,17).edited) { .echo -a ***** Please specify a Network to add. }
elseif ($did(ajc,15).edited) && ($did(ajc,16).edited) && ($did(ajc,17).edited) { echo -a ***** Added Network: $did(ajc,17) Nick: $did(ajc,15) Password: $did(ajc,16) | hadd -m AIC $+($did(ajc,17),ni) $+($did(ajc,15),$chr(124),$did(ajc,16),$chr(124),$did(ajc,17)) | did -r ajc 15,16,17,20 | fillaic1 }
if (%c == 19) {
if (!$did(ajc,17).edited) { .echo -a ***** Please specify a Network to del. }
elseif ($did(ajc,17).edited) { echo -a ***** Deleted Network: $did(ajc,17) $+ , auto ident to NickServ. | hdel -sw AIC $+($did(ajc,17),ni) | did -r ajc 27,30 | fillaic2 }
if (%c == 28) {
if (!$did(ajc,25).edited) { .echo -a ***** Please specify a Channel to add. }
elseif (!$did(ajc,26).edited) { .echo -a ***** Please specify a Password to add. }
elseif (!$did(ajc,27).edited) { .echo -a ***** Please specify a Network to add. }
elseif ($did(ajc,25).edited) && ($did(ajc,26).edited) && ($did(ajc,27).edited) { echo -a ***** Added Channel: $did(ajc,27) Nick: $did(ajc,25) Password: $did(ajc,26) | hadd -m AIC2 $+($did(ajc,27),ci) $+($did(ajc,25),$chr(124),$did(ajc,26),$chr(124),$did(ajc,27)) | did -r ajc 25,26,27,30 | fillaic2 }
if (%c == 29) {
if (!$did(ajc,27).edited) { .echo -a ***** Please specify a Network to del. }
elseif ($did(ajc,27).edited) { echo -a ***** Deleted Network: $did(ajc,27) Channel: $did(ajc,25).edited) $+ , auto ident to ChanServ. | hdel -sw AIC2 $+($did(ajc,27),ci) $did(ajc,25).edited) | did -r ajc 17,20 | fillaic2 }
alias fillajc1 {
var %a = $hget(AJC,0).item
if (%a == 0) { did -ra ajc 8 You can start by adding some servers to autojoin. | did -a ajc 8 Remember to specify the Network name, this can be found by typing: | did -a ajc 8 //echo -a $ $+ network | did -a ajc 8 On the network you wish to add. }
while (%a) { did -a ajc 8 Server: $+($chr(40),$gettok($hget(AJC,%a).data,1,124),$chr(41)) Network: $+($chr(40),$gettok($hget(AJC, %a).data,2,124),$chr(41)) | did -z ajc 8 $len(Server: $+($chr(40),$gettok($hget(AJC,%a).data,1,124),$chr(41)) Network: $+($chr(40),$gettok($hget(AJC, %a).data,2,124),$chr(41))) | dec %a }
alias fillajc2 {
var %a = $hget(AJC2,0).item
if (%a == 0) { did -ra ajc 105 You can start by adding some channels to the servers you have added. }
while (%a) { did -a ajc 105 Network: $+($chr(40),$hget(AJC2,%a).item,$chr(41)) Channels: $+($chr(40),$hget(AJC2,%a).data,$chr(41)) | did -z ajc 105 $len(Network: $+($chr(40),$hget(AJC2,%a).item,$chr(41)) Channels: $+($chr(40),$hget(AJC2,%a).data,$chr(41))) | dec %a }
alias fillaic1 {
var %a = $hget(AIC,0).item
if (%a == 0) { did -ra ajc 20 You can start by adding a Nick/Password/Network | did -a ajc 20 for auto identifying your nick. | did -a ajc 20 (Currently is only compatable with servers using NickServ.) }
while (%a) { did -a ajc 20 Network: $+($chr(40),$gettok($hget(AIC,%a).data,3,124),$chr(41)) Nick: $+($chr(40),$gettok($hget(AIC,%a).data,1,124),$chr(41)) Password: $+($chr(40),$gettok($hget(AIC,%a).data,2,124),$chr(41)) | did -z ajc 20 $len(Network: $+($chr(40),$gettok($hget(AIC,%a).data,3,124),$chr(41)) Nick: $+($chr(40),$gettok($hget(AIC,%a).data,1,124),$chr(41)) Password: $+($chr(40),$gettok($hget(AIC,%a).data,2,124),$chr(41))) | dec %a }
alias fillaic2 {
var %a = $hget(AIC2,0).item
if (%a == 0) { did -ra ajc 30 You can start by adding a Channel/Password/Network | did -a ajc 30 for auto identifying to your channel. | did -a ajc 30 (Currently is only compatable with servers using ChanServ.) }
while (%a) { did -a ajc 30 Network: $+($chr(40),$gettok($hget(AIC2,%a).data,3,124),$chr(41)) Channel: $+($chr(40),$gettok($hget(AIC2,%a).data,1,124),$chr(41)) Password: $+($chr(40),$gettok($hget(AIC2,%a).data,2,124),$chr(41)) | did -z ajc 30 $len(Network: $+($chr(40),$gettok($hget(AIC2,%a).data,3,124),$chr(41)) Channel: $+($chr(40),$gettok($hget(AIC2,%a).data,1,124),$chr(41)) Password: $+($chr(40),$gettok($hget(AIC2,%a).data,2,124),$chr(41))) | dec %a }
on *:start: {
if (!$hget(AIC)) { hmake AIC 20 }
if ($exists(AIC.hsh)) { hload AIC AIC.hsh }
if (!$hget(AIC2)) { hmake AIC2 20 }
if ($exists(AIC2.hsh)) { hload AIC2 AIC2.hsh }
if (!$hget(AJC)) { hmake AJC 20 }
if ($exists(AJC.hsh)) { hload AJC AJC.hsh }
if (!$hget(AJC2)) { hmake AJC2 20 }
if ($exists(AJC2.hsh)) { hload AJC2 AJC2.hsh }
var %a = 1, %b = $hget(AJC,0).item
while %a <= %b {
if (%a == 1) { server $gettok($hget(AJC, %a).data,1,124) | inc %a }
else { server -m $gettok($hget(AJC, %a).data,1,124) | inc %a }
on *:connect: {
if ($hget(AIC,$+($network,ni))) { nick $gettok($+($hget(AIC,$+($network,ni))),1,124)) | identify $gettok($+($hget(AIC,$+($network,ni))),2,124)) }
if ($hget(AJC2,$network)) { join $hget(AJC2,$network) }
on *:join:#: {
if ($nick == $me) {
if ($+($hget(AIC2,$+($network,ci)))) && ($chan == $gettok($+($hget(AIC2,$+($network,ci))),1,124)) { msg chanserv identify $chan $gettok($+($hget(AIC2,$+($network,ci))),2,124) }
on *:exit: {
if ($hget(AIC)) { hsave -o AIC AIC.hsh }
if ($hget(AIC2)) { hsave -o AIC2 AIC2.hsh }
if ($hget(AJC)) { hsave -o AJC AJC.hsh }
if ($hget(AJC2)) { hsave -o AJC2 AJC2.hsh }
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Re: Twitch Help: mods not being recognized by mIRC FroggieDaFrog 05/01/20 01:10 AM
This is twitch being weird.

use $msgtags

on *:TEXT:!modcheck:#:{
  if (moderator isin $msgtags(badges).key) {
    msg $chan /me  you are a moderator.
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