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Re: Windows updated cant connect right kap Yesterday at 06:11 PM
You might have to create a firewall rule to allow outbound connections from mIRC.exe. What happens when you -temporarily- turn Norton firewall off? Is there anything that shows up in the Norton logs relating to mIRC.exe that shows it is being blocked?
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Re: how to convert this script to twitch? kap Yesterday at 06:00 PM
I have no experience with Twitch IRC servers, but I looked at the code of a friend of mine who does and I see - according to https://github.com/craze/TMI4mIRC/blob/db9fd4b92847d4aa6afd4f7232c51ed14fe0c68e/tmi4mirc.mrc#L338 - that to ban someone you use:

.privmsg $chan .ban $1

...where $1 is the nickname of the person to ban...

Also, I know SReject made a set of twitch scripts for mIRC and looking at https://github.com/SReject/mTwitch/blob/master/README.md I read that there's a #mirchelp channel where you might be able to ask for more information about mIRC + Twitch.

Hope this helps somewhat!
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Re: mIRC beta Khaled Yesterday at 11:11 AM
The latest beta is v7.58.241 and can be downloaded here.

Beta v7.58.241 Changes:
1.Item 1, changed.
2.Item 2, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/266360
3.Item 3, added.
4.Item 4, changed. If you have already saved SSL certificates to your
servers.ini file, they will be permitted. However, if it is a server
that mIRC has never seen before, and it has an invalid certificate,
mIRC will not connect to it unless the user manually changes the
default setting in the Options/Connect/SSL dialog.
5.Item 5, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/266384
This affects a number of features. The cause of the issue was a
generic routine that forms nick!user@host addresses, which was only
checking for . periods. It now checks for : colons as well.
6.Item 6, changed. Also required marking buttons as custom or default
and only updating icons that have not been changed with /toolbar.
7.Item 7, updated.
8.Item 8, fixed.
9.Item 9, changed.
10.Item 10, fixed.
11.Item 11, fixed.
12.Item 12, changed.
13.Item 13, changed.

1.Changed $disk().unc to use newer API.
2.Fixed channel mode parsing bug.
3.Added /cnick support for auto-color option by allowing * as color
number. Also added $cnick().auto property.
4.Changed SSL default setting to "Skip connections with invalid
5.Fixed how nick!user@host addresses are formed in $ulist() and other
features so that IPv6 addresses are handled correctly.
6.Changed toolbar display code to handle icons of different sizes for
default internal icons.
7.Updated CA root certificates cacert.pem file.
8.Fixed treeview display bug when scrolling new item into view.
9.Changed treeview sorting method that affects favorites and servers
10.Fixed favorites dialog join button not initiating a connection if
not currently connected.
11.Fixed $cnick() returning default values for non-existent items.
12.Changed how log filenames are renamed to use group/network names
during a connect/disconnect.
13.Changed quote "" parsing routines for commands/identifiers to
use the same consistent method.
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Re: Proxy for mIRC kap Yesterday at 10:02 AM
Home setup
You can host ZNC (free IRC bouncer/proxy software) on a always on computer (for example a raspberry pi), use free Letsencrypt SSL certificates and setup free DDNS (for example duckdns.org) and configure a port forward on your router so you can connect to your bouncer from mIRC from wherever you are in the world:

/server -m myname.duckdns.org +1337 znc/freenode:mypassword

- ‘myname’ is the name you register with duckdns.org
- ‘+1337’ denotes the port forward you opened on the public interface, use a + for ssl
- ‘znc’ denotes the username you configured in znc software
- ‘/freenode’ denotes the network you wish to connect to (but you have to set all that up in znc first)
- ‘:password’ is the password you configured for the ‘znc’ username

You can use palaver on IOS to connect to myname.duckdns.org like you connect with mIRC from your computer, to check up on your messages.
I’ve no experience with android apps in the matter, but someone else might know.

Free ZNC provider
Tools from LunarBNC has made https://lunarbnc.net, afaik is free and better than decent. (What you are looking for). You may wish to try it out!

Paid BNC provider
I’m now using irccloud.com. I pay a few euro’s/month for a very stable connection. Also, it comes with android and iPhone apps, so you can check your messages when away from your computer. You can use a webbrowser as an interface to your IRC network connections (and what a nice interface it is!) or configure it so that you can use any other irc client. (It will act as a bouncer/proxy)

Paid VPS (Virtual Private Server)
I have experience with Strato and have rented a few servers in the past for as little as €9,-/month. Connect to it with putty on windows or your favourite ssh client and configure the VPS as explained in the home setup. Obviously you can skip the duckdns.org part! (For as little as 4€/year you register your domain name)
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Revert URL colt45 04/12/19 07:05 PM
I'm not sure if this is possible, but every now and then, someone has been posting links using TinyURL.

I'd like to convert that TinyURL back into the original link.


<moviebot> The Lion King (Animation, Adventure, Drama) - https://tinyurl.com/t46gles - Official Site Link: https://tinyurl.com/y33vwqh9 - Blu-ray due out on or around 22nd Oct 2019

Auto convert to this

<moviebot> The Lion King (Animation, Adventure, Drama) - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6105098 - Official Site Link: https://movies.disney.com/the-lion-king-2019 - Blu-ray due out on or around 22nd Oct 2019

The reason is, I just don't like the idea of having TinyURL - i.e. if they're down, dead link, or not a trust link which may lead to a spam site, etc.. - So I'd like all to be in original links.

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Help word filter cookiemac 04/12/19 02:00 PM
*bad english*

I wanted the banned word to be detected in any situation

i like -wordbanned- ... /wordbanned/ you... "wordbanned" u...

on *:text:*:#: {
if ($nick == jovirone_so_que_pobre) {
if ($strip($1) == !filter) {
if ($strip($2) == on) {
if (%filter == on) { msg $chan Filter Is Already On }
elseif (%filter == off) { set %filter on | msg $chan Filter Is Now %filter }
elseif (!%filter) { set %filter on | msg $chan FIlter is Now %filter }
elseif ($strip($2) == off) {
if (%filter == off) { msg $chan Filter Is Already Off }
elseif (%filter == on) { set %filter off | msg $chan Filter Is Now %filter }
elseif (!%filter) { set %filter off | msg $chan Filter Is Now %filter }
if ($strip($1) == !filteradd) {
var %p = 1
while (%p <= $lines(badwords.txt)) {
if ($gettok($read(badwords.txt, %p),1,126) == $gettok($strip($2-),1,126)) {
set %rmatch 1
msg $chan $gettok($strip($2-),1,126) Is Already In Filter List
if (%p == $lines(badwords.txt)) {
if (!%rmatch) { write badwords.txt $strip($2-) }
inc %p
if ($strip($1) == !filterrem) {
var %o = 1
while (%o <= $lines(badwords.txt)) {
if ($gettok($read(badwords.txt, %o),1,126) == $strip($2-)) {
write $+(-dl,%o) badwords.txt
inc %o
if (%filter) {
var %x = 1
while (%x <= $numtok($strip($1-),32)) {
var %b = 1
var %y = $gettok($strip($1-),%x,32)
while (%b <= $lines(badwords.txt)) {
var %c = $gettok($read(badwords.txt, %b),1,126)
if (%y == %c) || ($gettok($strip($1-),$+(%x,-,$numtok($gettok($read(badwords.txt, %b),1,126),32)),32) == $gettok($read(badwords.txt, %b),1,126)) {
msg $chan .timeout $nick $gettok($read(badwords.txt, %b),2,126)
inc %b
inc %x
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Change the format of IDLE time in /UWHO _entropy 04/12/19 04:43 AM
Currently, the /UWHO dialog "Idle Time" is set for hours only (default).

Example: 24hrs

Should be: 1day

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Re: Auto connect and join channels TimeRider 03/12/19 07:23 PM
Okay, I have this for more networks. If you want auto nickserv and oper password to be automatic, this works well!

on *:CONNECT:{
if ($network == Network1) {
nickserv identify password
oper username password
join #chan1,#chan2,#chan3

elseif ($network == Network2) {
nickserv identify ...
join #chan,#chan2,#chan3,...
;and so on
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Re: Capture the 1st link in line... FroggieDaFrog 01/12/19 05:49 AM
you could use regex:

on *:TEXT:*:#:{

  ; matches: name (genres) - http...
  var %pattern = /^.+? \([^()]+\) - (https?:\/\/\S+)/S

  if ($regex($1-, %pattern)) {
    var %name = $regml(1)
    var %link = $regml(2)

    ; do stuff 
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$hfindn $hfindr maroon 29/11/19 11:17 PM
I assume these variables are already available internally, so this would simply be a way to report them externally. Something for $hfind similar to the way $findfilen works for $findfile's command parm. For example:

//noop $hfind(table,*,0,w,echo -a the $ord($hfindn) match is $1)

Since interpreting regex macros would probably cause someone backwards compatibility problems if used in the command parm as an \escape sequence, perhaps something which holds the regex symbols being replaced by their equivalents, similar to their usage in the replacement parm of $regsubex. i.e. when regex search string is something like \(.)test(.)\g

\n -> $hfindr(\n) (this would be equivalent to $hfindr except is regex-only)
\t -> $hfindr(\t)
\2 -> $hfindr(\2) (this is the 2nd capture group not the 2nd item match)
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Re: .write small issue maroon 29/11/19 06:35 AM
In addition to another script halting the text event, there can only be 1 of these text events matching each message, so if you have another text event in the same script having a wildcard-match which matches this event, whichever one is on the higher line is the one which gets triggered.

Also, just to be clear, the text event triggers on channel messages only when it's from another nick. You can't test your own messages in the text event without running 2 clients in the same channel so that one can trigger the other's text event.

For more info that might help -> https://en.wikichip.org/wiki/mirc/on_events/on_text
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Re: Curate a mIRC resource list (GitHub gist?) eahm 28/11/19 06:45 PM
Maniac! smile

Originally Posted by kap
Eahm, are you happy with your current configuration or are you still looking to perfect it? If the latter, what would make your config even better?

It's perfect for what I need for now.
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$mapw $maph Dazuz 28/11/19 04:08 PM
Could we get map versions of $dbuw and $dbuh?

And while we're at it, how legit is the map option? Is there a reason why it's still undocumented?
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Re: Find & Search Not working TechChaos 28/11/19 06:59 AM
This was an upgrade of mIRC only. All scripts was already in use prior to upgrading mIRC. /Remotes are on, Remote isn't blank.
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what happened to (dns pool) at connect? william 27/11/19 01:28 AM
For a long time, my typical connection process went: try a default server, time out on that effort, try (what I interpreted as) dns pool, connect successfully every time. I assumed this meant that there was a server pool and if you connected there, you got whatever in the pool was available. Today, I timed out on 4 successive servers and then the effort was automatically cancelled. I just installed v58, but it did not help to re-install earlier versions. This continues to happen.

Any suggestions? Thanks
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Re: $ulist() issue Khaled 26/11/19 08:04 PM
Thanks for your bug report. This issue has been fixed for the next version.
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Re: Reading from text file help raycomp 26/11/19 05:19 PM
Thank you maroon works perfectly
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Re: "pick" script hixxy 25/11/19 08:21 PM

I think you pretty much got it already but just to clarify:

$eval(..., N) allows you to evaluate "..." N times.

So $eval($ $+ $rand(1,$0),1) would only evaluate it once. That means it would return the literal text "$1" (assuming the $rand returned 1)

If you evaluate it a second time then it passes through a second time and returns whatever the $1 token is.

Your script contains an exploit as /timer evaluates everything twice. You should never pass unknown content to /timer without wrapping it in $unsafe() :

 on *:text:!pick *:#:{
  var %tokens = $2-, %randomnumber = $rand(1,$numtok(%tokens,44)), %randomtoken = $gettok(%tokens,%randomnumber,44)
  var %randomintro $rand(1,4) 
  if (%randomintro == 1) { /timer 1 1 /msg # Definitely $unsafe(%randomtoken) } 
  if (%randomintro == 2) { /timer 1 1 /msg # Those are terrible choices, but go with $unsafe(%randomtoken) } 
  if (%randomintro == 3) { /timer 1 1 /msg # Yeah, sorry, I can't condone any of those. Try something else later. } 
  if (%randomintro == 4) { /timer 1 1 /msg # Ehhhh. I guess $unsafe(%randomtoken) } 


If you leave it as is then people will be execute commands remotely on your machine or try and read sensitive variables and identifiers.
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Re: DOT/stroke in the end of every line DoofyMC 25/11/19 03:23 PM
Originally Posted by maroon
Yes, that sounds like the 'crypt mark' which alerts you to the fact that this is the decryption of and encrypted message. Somewhere in the FiSH menu is a place to change or disable that. It should be a right-click menu in channel and/or query window. If you can't figure it out, ask in the fish channel

That is the solution! Thanks a lot.
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Re: !Spin the Bottle Script - Need Help. maroon 25/11/19 01:22 AM
I wasn't expecting you to put the echo there, I was just using that to show the numbers it returns, if there's a channel with 7 voices and 23 not-status, those identifiers would return the 7 and 23, which you could use to choose someone like $rand(1,7) or $rand(1,23). I thought you were wanting a push in the right direction, not for someone to rewrite your script.

Are you making the assumption that 100% of the people in the channel are playing? Because if so, that looks like it removed 90% of what the script is doing, because that way there's no need to build a list by !add'ing people then keeping track when people /part or /quit. If you want it to exclude the nick running the script, that adds a little bit of complexity, but if you want to support widescale opt-out, then it might simply have the script tweaked so that when people want to add themselves to the list, it would use the identifiers in my echo command to identify which team to add them to.
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Re: Bot crash notification kap 24/11/19 11:13 AM
Just so that I understand:

1. Is the bot written in mIRC Scripting Language?
2. Are you running mIRC and if so, are you in the same channel as the bot?
3. Is it possible to code the bot so that when it restarts it uses the right nickname?

I know there's 18 year old code in Peace and Protection that uses sockets to send email you could look at. Then again email servers have advanced, so this might not work for example if the mail server uses grey listing. Also, a quick google shows you could -very likely- use this website with the new $urlget identifier to send yourself an sms: https://www.clockworksms.com/doc/easy-stuff/http-interface/send-sms/

I hope someone else can jump in to help you out. I don't have any ready made scripts available to help you, sorry.
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Re: Help with clearing text file at month end raycomp 24/11/19 10:57 AM
Racoon that wont help as users can check their own stats with a command that read from the chanstat.txt
Your idea will result in a new text file every month
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Re: Hello i need script change my name after I ban som maroon 23/11/19 07:39 PM
You want a script that will ban someone and then immediately change your nick so your victim can't find you?
Or you mean the "real name" that shows when someone does a /whois on you?
Or you want a script that will detect that you have banned someone, then it changes your nick?
You didn't say what you wanted to change to - to a specific 'name' or to a random one?
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Re: Mouse issues maroon 22/11/19 05:20 PM
The action when double-clicking on the nicklist etc is list in Options then stored in mirc.ini so it's possible that mirc.ini was damaged and rebuilt incorrectly. If you look at options and find the row labeled "mouse", there are 6 rows there for 6 different locations. The 6 default values from top to bottom are:

/whois $$1
/query $$1
/whois $$1
/whois $$1

If any of those are blank, you can restore the default action by pasting the item from the above list.
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Re: Stored mode value(s) getting overwritten Khaled 22/11/19 01:55 PM
Thanks this issue has been fixed for the next beta.
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