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Jump to new posts Re: What does "address is banned" mean? by maroon @ 15 minutes 12 seconds ago
it means one of the OPs in the channel, those with @ next to their nick, has set a ban mask for that channel. It could either be specifically aimed at you, or it could be a wildcard which happened to match your address in addition to the intended tar
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Jump to new posts Re: $longipv6() by westor @ Yesterday at 08:43 PM
+1 It is very useful for validation as $longip() is for IPV4.
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Jump to new posts Re: MOTD ascii visualization error by westor @ Yesterday at 06:39 PM
Follow this video: http://j.mp/2w3MrX9
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Jump to new posts Re: Adjusting nick tracker display by KindOne @ 20/08/18 01:57 AM
You can replace the "echo -a" with "echo -s" so it shows in the status window. -a is for active window -s is for status window https://en.wikichip.org/wiki/mirc/commands/echo
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Jump to new posts Re: $homeip/$lanip/$localip by BhaaL @ 19/08/18 01:22 PM
Not sure, but DHCPServer sounds wrong in the if-part.
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Jump to new posts Re: reading data from an SQL database by westor @ 19/08/18 12:32 AM
There is an MySQL and MSQlite mirc addons (years outdated) i don't know if these are gonna work in new mirc versions, but as mIRC dev keeps backward compatibility then it should, give a try.. http://reko.tiira.net/mmysql/ http://reko.tiira.net/msql
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Jump to new posts Re: Colortext in on Text Event by maroon @ 16/08/18 10:32 AM
I'm not sure what you changed to make it work, if spelling strip correctly didn't solve it, because mIRC defaults to matching upper and lower case versions of the same word. It's possible the %enemy just *looks* empty because $1 may have been only a
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Jump to new posts Re: Sudden Persistent MIRC Disconnect Issue by Khaled @ 15/08/18 10:26 AM
Thanks for letting us know. This sounds similar to connection-related issues that some users have reported in the past. For some users, this was due to the ISP disconnecting IRC connections but we never considered that for others it could have been a
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Jump to new posts Re: Possible weird mysterious disconnect bug by Protopia @ 15/08/18 09:57 AM
My suggestion would be to open a debug window with: Code:/debug -n @debug and then you can see the communications just before the disconnect happened - which might help us work out what is happening.
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Jump to new posts Re: Script Response time by KeviSkillz @ 15/08/18 06:17 AM
I might be pulling my hair out right now, you dont even want to know how long i spent scanning my code and it was something that simple the whole time :x thanks so much for the help wims <3