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Re: $read syntax problem maroon 30/06/20 03:38 PM
So is it working or not? You didn't give an example of something that isn't working. Assuming the folder you mentioned is the same folder where $mircini shows your mirc.ini is located, then the path isn't even needed at all. You can put the filename into %variable3 then confirm whether $isfile(%variable3) is $true or $false. You can also check the value of $readn to see if it's non-zero, because * $+ $null $+ * will match a blank line or even a line containing only spaces, and both will cause echo to fail.
There are another couple cases where the match would fail to return the right thing.
4. when your search string and the file string don't have a substring match due to extra spaces. If the file has 2 spaces between "the" and "house" but your search text only has 1 space, then no match.
5. There is no switch for a case-sensitive match, so if it's matching NICK when you want only a case-sensitive match with Nick, you'd need to use the regex switch r which defaults to case-sensitive, but that uses different syntax than wildcard.
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Re: mIRC In Dark Mode ? KindOne 29/06/20 03:23 PM
You can create your own dark mode in the color dialog.

View -> Colors...

You can create a new scheme or modify one of the existing ones.
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Re: Colours etc BaronSamedi 29/06/20 09:17 AM
Thank you kind Sir
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Re: save ident nick ip nexux 28/06/20 12:27 AM

on +1:text:*perro:#paraguay:{

write C:\Users\Yo\AppData\Roaming\mIRC\texto.txt $nick $address($nick,1) $address($nick,2) $address($nick,3) $1-
/mode #pruebapy +b $nick | /whois $nick | /kick #paraguay $nick Molestias continuas en la sala. Spam
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Re: Windows 10: SSL Error: SSL Not Available KindOne 27/06/20 12:12 PM
What version of mIRC are you running?

Only found one post with that same exact error message,

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Re: if statement parsing Khaled 25/06/20 07:42 PM
Also found that mIRC does not choke when the count of '(' and ')' becomes negative, which is really error prone:

Thanks, I have added this to my to-do list.
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