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Re: Tiny mirc icons zapper 11 hours ago
Thanks for your answer/reply. I did reply further down the page as I did not see "this reply here" from you Khaled. I do hope this can be resolved soon with a newer version of mirc. Sad about the outlay/cost in this fix.
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Re: mIRC Servers list Khaled Yesterday at 08:24 PM
I have updated servers.ini to use Snoonet instead of OFTC as one of the default networks, as Snoonet is a more general network suitable for most users. Snoonet also uses valid SSL certificates, so it will default to port +6697.
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Re: sockopen -e not working without '46' Khaled Yesterday at 01:28 PM
Thanks for your bug report. Please include a short script that I can use to reproduce this issue.

Update: I just tried https://site.com:443 in Firefox and the connection keeps failing and timing out.
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Re: Wanting to add bot script for voiced users KindOne 15/11/19 04:39 PM
Your code has multiple issues.

If you only want this code to work for #lobby, you only need the channel name on the first line. Everywhere else it can be replaced with "$chan"

"$" cannot touch the actual nick or channel name.

; Anyone can run !foobar and see Nero is voice.
on *:text:!foobar:#lobby:{
  if (Nero isvoice $chan) {
    msg $chan Nero is voice in $chan 

If you only want Nero to be able to kick people, simple version would look like this:

; Syntax: !kick NICK message (message is optional)
; This will only kick normal and voice users. It will not kick ops.

on *:text:!kick *:#lobby:{
  ; Only kick people if Nero uses this command AND Nero is voice.
  if ($nick == Nero) && ($nick isvoice $chan) {
    ; Only kick voice and regular users. 
    if ($2 !isop $chan) { 
      kick $chan $2 $3-

[11:25:54] <@Bot> Hi.
[11:26:20] <+Nero> !kick Bot bye!
[11:26:37] <Dante> Nice try.
[11:26:44] <+Nero> !kick Dante bye!
[11:26:44] * Dante was kicked by Bot (bye!)

I was talking about access levels inside mIRC, not NickServ/ChanServ/Q/X/whatever services the network uses
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Re: $ctime(string) eval Protopia 14/11/19 08:10 AM
Ah - now if we are talking about testing...

What we really need is a community effort to build a comprehensive regression test script (on GitHub perhaps) that tries to test as many variants of each element of mSL as it can.
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