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Jump to new posts Re: v7.53 /onotice and /omsg Problem by HelpfulUser @ Today at 02:44 AM
Thanks Racoon - but I'm working with Khaled through email on this.
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Jump to new posts Re: Simple One Man Spam Prevention Bot by TroyL @ Yesterday at 10:56 PM
Thank you so much this works perfectly!
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Jump to new posts Re: My color schemes by eahm @ Yesterday at 07:02 PM
Are you asking me? I don't care about that at all or how people do it, I'm just having fun with colors, I barely use or used mIRC in the last 7-8 years anyway. It takes 2 seconds to copy all that and paste it in mirc.ini, this is all extra.
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Jump to new posts Re: /timer $+ $ctimer off by maroon @ 09/12/18 07:52 PM
Yes, this looks like it's largely about that issue in https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/261772/$timer()_returning_info_about_#Post261772 However at that time, I was not aware of the different behavior from deleting the timer as part of a
Scripts & Popups Thanks for your post. As you noted, this issue has been discussed before and the solution is to use {} brackets. This issue is already on my to-do list.
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Jump to new posts Re: $timer().pause + .secs by Wims @ 07/12/18 10:54 PM
Both switches seems to work as intended in my manual tests, -P being used in my script, I tested that and didn't see any problem. And yes -P is doing what I originally requested, a (real) pause of the timer. I would like to see the help file updated
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Jump to new posts Re: mIRC beta by Khaled @ 07/12/18 12:11 PM
The latest beta is mIRC v7.53.60 and it can be downloaded here. It includes the following changes: Quote:Beta v7.53.60 changes: 1.Item 1, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/264459 2.Item 2, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/
General Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Bad word in txt file by maroon @ 06/12/18 10:56 PM
You're doing things the hard way. If you're trying to have a text file containing a bad word list, then read 40 times from disk to check 40 bad words, that will be very slow because of disk access. You'd be much better off putting your bad words into
Bug Reports Thanks for your bug report and the test scripts showing the expected output. The issue was due to the initial shortening of the key if it was longer than the block size. The key was being shortened if it was larger than 64 bytes for all hashes, when
Bug Reports
Jump to new posts Re: Increased overhead time by Khaled @ 05/12/18 11:52 AM
I was able to track down why this was affecting if/while loops. The script parser was zeroing the entire string size of the comparison parameters at a specific point during repeated loops, which was not necessary. This was more noticable due to the i
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Jump to new posts Re: Auto enter text after set number of lines by Raccoon @ 05/12/18 07:45 AM
Can you give us a specific example and use-case? What purpose would this serve? We will not write scripts to help spammers harass channels.
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Jump to new posts Re: Twitch bot to announce gifted subs by TroyL @ 04/12/18 11:39 PM
So this is what I have so far, will this work? Also will this announce Prime with this work for prime --> Prime, $chr(36), $+ Twitch Prime Code: on *:LOGON:*:{ raw CAP REQ :twitch.tv/membership raw CAP REQ :twitch.tv/tags raw CAP REQ :tw
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Jump to new posts Re: raw embedded if ?! by hixxy @ 04/12/18 08:12 PM
Originally Posted By: AntiOriginally Posted By: KindOnehttps://en.wikichip.org/wiki/mirc/on_events/on_text https://en.wikichip.org/wiki/mirc/raw_events You cannot have one event inside of another event. I guess you want something like this: Co
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Jump to new posts Re: Having an issue with MIRC by paulgr @ 04/12/18 06:17 PM
yes that worked. it was the nick list as you said that was the issue. when i loaded that in the nick list it started right clicking with the menus again. Thank you so much Maroon.