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Jump to new posts Delay script by camckee316 @ Today at 05:19 AM
is there a better way to write this script. the delay is to prevent spamming of command. Code:on !1:TEXT:*karp*:#:{ if (!%comwait) { set -u60 %comwait 1 describe $chan steals the karp and brings it to PP! } else echo karp thief c
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Jump to new posts Re: need help or advice on this script by Wims @ 22/04/18 08:39 PM
Nice, but you want to watch out for exploit. The code you pasted can be exploited, /timer is by design double evaluating the command parameter, here you are using $active, which is an unknown value and refers to a channel Channel's names can unfortu
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Re: mIRC [Treebar] by Wims @ 22/04/18 06:51 PM
The option I'm talking about would do just that
Jump to new posts Re: BomberMan made with mirc scripting (no DLLs) by SteveNunes @ 22/04/18 03:27 AM
Hi guys! Im back after few montos to say that I have added a LOT of features like bosses, basically all maps and monsters from Super BomberMan 1, 2, 4 (now working on SBM3 maps)... Check the lastest videos here on my playlist where I post everytime I
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Jump to new posts Re: better /onpolytest by Khaled @ 20/04/18 07:10 PM
Quote:Did you read my comment about missing a = sign in my method? Thanks, yes, my implementation included the correct comparisons from the start. I have compared/verified it with other implentations on the net. It is odd that the Windows regions im
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Jump to new posts Re: Need help with script pls help me by raycomp @ 20/04/18 08:54 AM
I use ths simple script. Maybe you can use some of it? Quote:alias -l swear.words { return word1.word2.word3.word4 } on @*:text:*:#: { if ($nick isop #) return var %x $strip($1-) , %i $numtok($swear.words,46) while (%i) { if ($istok(%x,$g
mIRC Help mIRC is using AppData\Roaming\mIRC\, and that's the folder where mirc.ini should be located. If you use notepad to view the contents, you'll see that the filenames you described as being in AppData\Roaming\mIRC\scripts\ are mentioned there, having a
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Jump to new posts Re: Finding Karaoke Channel by maroon @ 19/04/18 04:34 PM
I assume you found this thread by searching for the karaoke keyword, as you replied to a 9 year old thread, and he no longer posts, and probably no longer visits. The link he showed lets you search for the karaoke keyword, but I assume it only searc