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Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts Re: BlackJack Script Help by Degausser @ Yesterday at 07:58 PM
Edited after I realized your actual problem. You just need to keep track of the soft status as you loop. Use ace as 1 by default. $calcC(...) = hard total eg: 17 $calcC().soft = soft total eg: 7 $calcC().softReadable = for display eg: 7/17 Use hard
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts Re: Scripts don't work for me at all. by YoureNowOnTV @ Yesterday at 06:54 PM
Thank you for that link! Greatly appreciated.
Bug Reports
Jump to new posts /timername -e implementation by Wims @ Yesterday at 05:55 PM
/timername -e is executing the associated command of the timer by actually triggering the timer, changing the setting of the timer. It 'sets' the number of second left before the timer triggers to 0 which as a result decrease the number of repetition
Bug Reports
Jump to new posts Re: $timer(foo).secs bug by Khaled @ Yesterday at 11:48 AM
Thanks for your bug report. Zero is a valid .secs value, so it cannot be used as an indicator that the timer has ended. For example, you can use /timer N 0. The .secs property is not designed to indicate that the timer has ended. It is simply meant t
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Re: regex with binvar by rockcavera @ 20/11/17 08:43 PM
Thanks for correcting me, Wims. Actually I wanted to mention that $bfind does not work with regex. Disregard the final part "... since $bfind does not work with &binvar as input."
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts Re: Mark as read command? by Candent @ 19/11/17 04:00 PM
Thank you! It really works and is a great help for me.
Feature Suggestions Originally Posted By: RaccoonI guess the icon idea (triangle or green arrow) pointing at the 'Select' button isn't quite doing it for people. New suggestion: Frame the select button inside a red rectangle or 3d border's edge, and replace the icon w
Bug Reports What I'm describing is happening on Win7-32, testing with the latest 7.51 beta. The sound effect I hear for 'beep' from either the highlight or from 'beep on message' is whatever I set Windows to use for "Default Beep" then click 'apply'.
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Re: Exclude users from Text to Speech by Wims @ 18/11/17 05:54 PM
It rejoins the suggestion to exclude nicknames from triggering the highlight feature, /ignore should be extended to support both features.
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts $cb(N,[u],&binvar) by Wims @ 18/11/17 10:01 AM
There is currently no way to correctly handle the clipboard in mIRC. $cb and $cb(N) chops at 4150 characters. Recently, in similar situations, binvar support was added so I would like to see binvar support for $cb. Some suggestions come from https://
Bug Reports I run an older Dell pc. If I run with the on board video mirc wouldn't go to where I left it on a reboot. I watched it closely and it appeared to just start the main monitor first and when the second monitor was made active after a second or two it l
Feature Suggestions I'm sorry but no! According to MY logs the time should be 8 minutes and 46 seconds. This is precisely what the scripting engine is meant for. Ability to cater specific needs of an user via flexible scripting language. And in your opening post you al
Bug Reports
Jump to new posts Re: .!command inside while() or if()else by Khaled @ 16/11/17 10:09 AM
Thanks for your bug report. The reason for this is that the prefixes need to be specified in the order /!.command. The reason it works in the first command is due to how the scripting language was originally designed and cannot be changed without bre
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts [Twitch] New gift a sub update. by Predatorfusion @ 16/11/17 04:18 AM
Does any one have a updated version of the new subs/resubs scripts for the new gifted subs update that twitch did?
Feature Suggestions Dear Khaled, When working with sorting data in a custom @window, there's no real way to determine whether the text area is Sorted via /window -s flag, nor is there a way to toggle sorting on or off. There is no $window(@).sorting I would like to b