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Bug Reports
Jump to new posts /timername -e implementation by Wims @ Yesterday at 05:55 PM
/timername -e is executing the associated command of the timer by actually triggering the timer, changing the setting of the timer. It 'sets' the number of second left before the timer triggers to 0 which as a result decrease the number of repetition
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts $cb(N,[u],&binvar) by Wims @ 18/11/17 10:01 AM
There is currently no way to correctly handle the clipboard in mIRC. $cb and $cb(N) chops at 4150 characters. Recently, in similar situations, binvar support was added so I would like to see binvar support for $cb. Some suggestions come from https://
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts [Twitch] New gift a sub update. by Predatorfusion @ 16/11/17 04:18 AM
Does any one have a updated version of the new subs/resubs scripts for the new gifted subs update that twitch did?
Feature Suggestions Dear Khaled, When working with sorting data in a custom @window, there's no real way to determine whether the text area is Sorted via /window -s flag, nor is there a way to toggle sorting on or off. There is no $window(@).sorting I would like to b