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Jump to new posts Beta question for Khaled - timers by maroon @ 39 minutes 25 seconds ago
Can you please give an example of something where the change from system time to $ticks should be obvious? Since I didn't see anything change here, I'm guessing 'main timer' means something else besides '/timer'? Some of what I see so far is good, bu
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Updated $encode Blowfish improvements wishlist by maroon @ 21/03/19 09:59 PM
Updated $encode Blowfish improvements wishlist. 1. New padding method 0-7 zeroes 2. New $encode format Base85 3. Restore no-limit hash(key length) for non-literal keys 4. A new switch to recognize key and iv|salt parameters as both being hex strings
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Forum suggestion. Redirect .htaccess short links by Raccoon @ 18/03/19 01:53 AM
Dear Khaled, could you add this .htaccess file to your forums.mirc.com root? Code:RedirectMatch ^/?(\d+)$ /ubbthreads.php/topics/$1/#Post$1 I think I have that code right. The idea is that links to: https://forums.mirc.com/265211 get redirected to