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Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts Help filtering usernames by AsimUK @ Yesterday at 11:42 AM
Been using this script for a few days however I want to filter out certain usernames that try using it, anyone know a script I can add to it that would help? on *:TEXT:!text*:#channel*: { if ((%floodhello) || ($($+(%,floodhello.,$nick),2))) { re
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Show Passwords Checkbox in Server Passwords by Raccoon @ 17/02/18 05:15 AM
I would dig a little [x] checkbox to the right of the password fields, to display the contents of the box.
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts $ialchan() enumeration by Raccoon @ 16/02/18 11:03 PM
Learning that $ialchan builds a new array with each call, I wish to request a feature suggestion. Assumption. Changes to the IAL are impossible during the scope of an Alias or Event. Suggestion 1: Build $ialchan's temporary table only once for th
Feature Suggestions Hello, is this Possible that i can use both IP Addresses with the command line? Command: /server -ip/ip6 <ip-Address> <server:port> when i will connect on the fly or for the network (server) what i will connect a Textbox where i can ad
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Login option for psyBNC/ZNC/SBNC by tuvok @ 15/02/18 09:50 AM
Hello, is this possible and can you add some Option for psyBNC/ZNC/sBNC in the Drop Down Menu for "Login Method" And 2 New Textboxes 1. Network 2. Username at the moment i must make Username/Network:Password to the "Password Field&
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts ctcp Nick chat | dcc chat Nick Problems by tuvok @ 15/02/18 09:31 AM
Hello, i have Problems with /ctcp Nick chat and /dcc chat Nick when i connect on more networks .. they make a entry from the last connect in the Hostname and IP-Address can you fix this or make a other Option for this .. that the Hostname and IP-Add