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Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts /loadbuf scrolls the scrollbar automatically by Wims @ 18/01/18 05:29 PM
/loadbuf automatically scrolls down (or up with sidelistbox?), which may very well be on purpose but that's not documented and it's just annoying for me. I'd like to see a new switch for /loadbuf to prevent the scrolling from happening: Code://write
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Multitarget /query by FroggieDaFrog @ 15/01/18 07:20 PM
When using /query with multiple targets, a single query window is opened instead of one for each target: Code:/query nick1,nick2 example
Jump to new posts Named-palette-entry polyfill by FroggieDaFrog @ 11/01/18 11:01 AM
Since mIRC doesn't currently support defining named-palette-entries via /color for the new extended palette, I wrote the following to polyfill the behavior until it does. The polyfill's functionality is the same as the native /color and $color() with
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts system-menu/background/None checkmark by maroon @ 10/01/18 01:32 AM
From the system menu for "Status Window" or for a #channel which does not have "Default" checkmarked, you can't tell whether the window's background is using a non-default image or is using 'none'. If the $style(1) checkmark is a
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts /hload vs /hadd list styles by Raccoon @ 08/01/18 08:37 AM
/hadd table item <no data parameter> -- has a means to create a list of items, with null data. /hlaod does not have this means of loading lists of items without data. /hload -n -- has the means to create a list of numbered items containing lin
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts $caller by Wims @ 08/01/18 12:34 AM
Although the very last request which leads to the new $fromeditbox talks about a $calias, which has been suggested in the past, the purpose of such a function was to report the name of the alias which called our alias (or maybe the addition of $calle
mIRC Help
Jump to new posts Logging On Screen versus Logging to Log Files by Raccoon @ 06/01/18 07:43 PM
I like to keep complete log files in the event I have to look something up, but I also like to keep my channel windows tidy from the onslaught of join, part, quit messages in larger chats. So far, I am not finding any solution that allows me to hide
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts /savebuf -S by FroggieDaFrog @ 29/12/17 06:48 AM
It'd be super handy, such as om script-produced debug logs, if savebuf could strip color codes before saving. I recommend a new switch: Code:/savebuf -S
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Let $chr() and $asc() support beyond 65535 (FFFF) by Raccoon @ 23/12/17 12:24 AM
mIRC appears to support UTF-16 and not just USC-2, which enables us to paste unicode characters that are mapped in higher planes than the Basic-Multilingual-Plane (BMP) of 0000-FFFF. It's also true that Regex readily handles these higher plane chara
mIRC Help
Jump to new posts need help by OhCarole @ 22/12/17 06:00 PM
I finally figured out how to log on. However, when I join channels I get 12 different windows opening. One for each channel I wish to join. I want it so that when I log in it automatically joins my channels but lists them on the sidebar like it used