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$remove for &binvars _entropy 26/07/21 09:45 PM
It would be nice to have a $remove to remove a string from a binvar...

usage: $rembinvar(&binvar,token,32)

would remove "token" from binvar!

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Dreaded 10053 Waynec 18/07/21 08:32 PM
Queenelsa a oper on undernet and others I am sure came up with something that works... not always but it helps to ease the pain. This is put in the remote ini .... not perfect but I will take what it does.

on *:START:.timerAnti-10053 -o 0 60 scon -at1 raw -q ping Q
on ^*:PONG:if ($2 == Q) haltdef

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/timer -eN - execute but don't modify Wims 17/07/21 04:36 AM
/timer -e currently will change the number of repetition of your timer, I'd like to see /timer -eN where N = 0 would be the default and the current behavior, and N = 1 would only execute the command, without changing the number of repetition, see https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/261738/
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findtext in editor - loop from the beginning Wims 16/07/21 10:35 PM
In the editor when you search text with control + f, the dialog has no way to search upward in the script, I'm not sure if there's a shortcut similar to F3 to find the next occurence but up.
I would like to see a small improvement so that when he 'search in all files' option in unchecked, the search try to search from the beginning again.
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$regsubex and \0 Wims 13/07/21 01:51 PM
\0 in $regsubex is documented as reporting the number of matches but it actually returns the total number of captures made accross all matches.

I would like to see a new marker \@ for $regsubex which would effectively return the number of match.
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Strikethough Text. KindOne 04/07/21 09:57 PM
Can strikethough text be added to mIRC?

A few other IRC clients support strikethrough text. - https://defs.ircdocs.horse/info/formatting.html

//topic $chan Can $+($chr(30),strikethrough text,$chr(30)) be supported in mIRC?


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