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/server -a maroon 24/05/23 11:32 AM
For the /server -a command, the current defaults can have unwanted behavior, which might be improved by either changing the default -a behavior, or having an -A switch or changing the -a to be an -aN switch that defaults to the existing behavior.

The default behavior of -a is to ignore the -g switch and use the -d switch to try as hard as possible to update an existing serverlist entry instead adding a new entry to that -g GROUP. Due to the current behavior of trying to match description, there's no way to add a new serverlist entry - or edit an existing serverlist entry - to give it a description matching 'Random Server' or matching any other existing description in the serverlist.

This next example assumes the following -g GROUP and $servertarget do not yet exist in the serverlist:

/server -a irc.chat.twitch.tv -g Twitch -d "Random Server" -w oauth:myoathtoken -p 6667

Luckily I had the serverlist backed up. Instead of adding a new entry for this servertarget, it instead finds the first match against description 'Random Server' and changes these defined fields for that entry, even though the serverlist item's server-address and GROUP are different.

If I instead do the following 3 commands, the 2nd one does add a new serverlist entry with the description field being blank. But then the 3rd command ignores that there's a already a matching serveraddress/GROUP combo and instead does the above behavior of updating whichever is the first match against description 'Random Server'.

/server -r irc.chat.twitch.tv
/server -a irc.chat.twitch.tv -g Twitch -w oauth:myoathtoken -p 6667
/server -a irc.chat.twitch.tv -g Twitch -d "Random Server" -w oauth:myoathtoken -p 6667

Fortunately /server -r doesn't use -d to find a match for removal.

- -

It seems preferable that default behavior is different, but I know there can be problems from having behavior change without a new switch, even if it's preferred.

It seems reasonable that /server -a should instead try to match against the server name/address parameter *first* before trying to find a match against the -d description.

And, if using the -g switch, then this syntax should instead pretend that only items with that groupname exist, and it would only -r remove items if there's a GROUPNAME match, but if -g is not used then it's free to make a match against the entire serverlist. And likewise if using '-a -g GROUP' it would add a new serverlist entry if it couldn't find an update-match within that groupname
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Any way to hide a Custom Dialog window LeglessUK 23/05/23 12:41 AM
Is there any way to hide a custom window that was created using the /dialog command?

I have a custom dialog window that I wish to toggle on/off (using an icon I've created on the toolbar), but can't find any options like the /window -h or /window -r switches, to do this using the /dialog command.

Currently I'm just using moving the window out of view by doing: /dialog -s $dname -1000 -1 -1 -1 to hide it and /dialog -r $dname to return it back to it's original position, this all seems a bit hacked together. Is there a better way to do this, any help appreciated.
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alias fabian { if (!$window(@Ident)) { .window - XGamerAMD 20/05/23 10:19 AM
alias fabian {
if (!$window(@Ident)) { .window -dok0w0 @Ident 400 400 350 500 $+(Comic Sans MS 20) $mircexe 22 } | else { .clear @Ident }
var %data c:\mirc\ident\ $+ $1 $+ .qbm | if (!$exists(%data)) .echo -a No File:04 %data
var %i $lines(%data) | while (%i >= 1) {
var %info $read(%data,%i) | tokenize 32 %info
.iline @Ident 1 00,01 $+(14,$1,00,$chr(44),01) $2 $+(07,$3,00,$chr(44),01) $4  $5
dec %i

this a script to read the idents of a nick and show the all nicks are connected, i want do in tree form

any help?
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/clipboard -bu -- binvar and utf8 encoding Wims 12/05/23 10:05 PM
-b : copy the binvar into the clipboard (not sure if nul byte can be preserved in this case but still worth it if they can't). Copy binvar as is, don't encode/decode the binvar even if -u isn't used
-u : prevent utf8 encoding of character in the range 0-255 as long as the line contains no characters > 255. should be ignored if -b is used
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Need Script Announced from json / xml webseite saner 06/05/23 03:08 PM
Need Script Announced from json / xml website

Hello everyone I need a script for mirc please

The script has to check info from json / xml website and updates
post the info in the irc channel!
If possible with color setting! and if possible with a certain word post the info in the channel!

And yes, it is similar to RSS Script, but since I did not find any that worked, I only found old scripts that do not work!

love from

smirk blush
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