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Add customize colors for lines in Listbox Epic 19/01/22 08:23 PM
I suggest adding the ability to customize any colors and hue in RGB mode to highlight line (string) of text and its background in the "Listbox" depending on the "Inactive/Normal/Hovering/Clicked/Selected" state.
That is, for each state of the line, its own colors (Text+Background) are configured. Can also add a separate color setting for the frame around the line with text. These settings should affect lists in any types of windows.

Such a function feature will be of interest to all those who like to reconfigure mIRC for their own design in their own color scheme.

An example of what it might look like:

          [Linked Image from i.ibb.co]

Certainly, this will have a positive effect on the appearance of the mIRC and its fashionable attractiveness for regular use.

* * * All adherents of classic style design can always get color settings the default.
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Create xdcc auto entry by right clicking on a bot jei59 26/12/21 09:00 AM
Hello everyone and thank you for accepting me in the forum!

Years ago someone had prepared a three-line string for me to add to the mirc scripts editor: I went to popups after checking view nick list.

After adding those three strings I could, by right clicking on a bot of any irc channel, have three additional entries:
- xdcc auto (or similar) which allowed me to open the bot window and so I could write the number of the pack that I needed to take from the bot
- xdcc list
- xdcc remove

I made a txt file with the code ... unfortunately I lost this file ....

Thank you.
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