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Forum Rules
The mIRC forums are used to discuss a wide range of topics relating to mIRC and IRC. By registering on the forums you will be able to post questions, reply to posts, personalise your settings and take advantage of other forum features.

In order that the forums run well for everyone we ask that you follow a few simple rules:

Before posting a question, read through the forums first or use the search feature. Someone may have already posted or replied to the same question.

Post your question once in an appropriate forum. There is no need to post it more than once.

Before replying to a post, please consider whether your reply is helpful.

Treat other users with respect. Posts that are rude or aggressive are not acceptable.

Advertising, referral links, spamming and trolling are not permitted.

Discussion of illegal activities, such as piracy, is not allowed.

We reserve the right to remove posts that we deem inappropriate, or to ban users who we feel are abusing the forums, without notice.

We hope you find the forums useful and that you enjoy your time here.