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Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts $encode encryption switches by maroon @ 03/12/18 10:04 PM
In addition to adding OpenSSL switches mentioned here https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/264461/Re:_$encode(data,<c%7Ccr%7C#Post264461 I would look forward to switches that permit the 'l' literal key and the 's' or 'i' salt/iv paramet
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Scripts Editor - doing a find at end of document by _entropy @ 02/12/18 12:12 AM
It would be nice to have the mIRC scripts editor start a search from the top of file on if at the end of document (similar to editplus)... Thanks!
mIRC Help
Jump to new posts Changing server/network name in treebar? by colt45 @ 30/11/18 12:59 PM
I know you can't change the actual network/server name but is there's a way I can modify so that I can easily identify what network I'm on. I.E. something like if I'm on a network called "freenode" and a server called "cherryh",
Latest News
Jump to new posts mIRC 7.53 released by Khaled @ 29/11/18 12:49 PM
Dear mIRC User, mIRC v7.53 has been released today. This release includes improvements, changes and fixes to a number of features, including: Added support for voice selection to speech options dialog. Added support for CPRIVMSG and CNOTIC
Jump to new posts Help Me Design a Syntax for Time-based Events by Raccoon @ 27/11/18 09:25 PM
So I've been musing about designing a type of syntax for specifying and plotting time-based events where you might want actions to occur. I got the idea when learning about regex (regular expression) patterns for navigating strings, and thought such
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Cancel script's timers /unload -rsNt script.mrc by maroon @ 19/11/18 09:08 PM
It would be nice to be able to unload a script's timers along with the script itself. Since "alias -l bar" called from a timer can be seen by the timer only if it's launched from that same script, it appears that mIRC tracks which script e
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts /load -aN file by maroon @ 12/11/18 09:55 AM
Instead of silently ignoring N, could it be used for loading an aliases file into a specific position, like /load -rsN does for remote scripts?
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Add a new event color "Error". /echo -c error by Raccoon @ 28/10/18 02:24 AM
mIRC needs an "error" event code and color. Currently: Code:if (success) echo -stic info * Success! Good things happened. else echo 4 -sti * Error! Things didn't work out as planned. Should be: Code:if (success) echo -stic info *
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts $regmlex groups by Protopia @ 24/10/18 10:22 PM
In reference to this bug report about $regmlex() groups: For the benefit of future readers, you can get the group number for e.g. $regml(2) using $regml(2).group so code like this would work: Code://noop $regex(test regml,/(test)\s(a\s)?(regml)/) v
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts /notify switches $notify .prop by maroon @ 24/10/18 02:45 AM
1. $notify(N).sound gives the online-sound, but either there is not a .prop to give the offline sound, or it's just not documented. If it doesn't exist, perhaps name it .offline, or if people would confuse that with the on/off status, .sound2 This i
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Request for a new @Window type: Notepad by Raccoon @ 23/10/18 09:19 PM
I wish to propose a request for a new type of custom window to compliment the existing three types. A notepad or edit window that would allow for free-form text entry with click x/y caret typing, like Notepad.exe, and would otherwise work identicall
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts 64bit timer changes by maroon @ 05/10/18 09:57 PM
Based on https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/263068/Re:_64_bit_time_values#Post263068 In case /timer will eventually be on the list of having 64 bit values, it may be easier to make these related changes at the same time... 1. Increasing
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts Resubs, Subs and Bits by KillerDragonXL @ 05/10/18 03:42 AM
I'm trying to make a Script for when someone subscribes/resub, someone gifts a Sub and gives bits. I was wondering if I am doing it correctly. Code:ON *:CONNECT: { raw CAP REQ :twitch.tv/membership raw CAP REQ :twitch.tv/commands raw CAP
mIRC Help
Jump to new posts editbox fontsize by KKT3 @ 02/10/18 11:05 AM
i recently upgraded mirc after years from 6.31 to latest 7.52 and migrated my theme/font/color settings aswell everything works nicely but for some reason i have this bug that the editbox fontsize is a bit larger than the rest if i set verdana size
General Discussion
Jump to new posts mIRC for macOS by e2xo @ 27/09/18 10:43 PM
Hello everyone, This is for Khaled in particular. However I am not 100% sure who is on the dev team so I figured I would give this a shot here. I paid for mIRC back in 2010. I bought it after I used it for close to 10 years while learning to code
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts Twitch bot to check n use StreamElements points by TheGigon @ 27/09/18 05:06 PM
Hello, I am new to mirc chat bot script writing but do have a little (and I do mean little) bit of basic code writing experience granted it has been over 10 years since I have written any code. I am going to be creating a chat bot to sit in my twit
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts $eventmsg or $eventtext or $msgtext by Raccoon @ 23/09/18 11:34 PM
I requested this before, asking for a $text identifier. We got a $parms identifier. $parms is a nice identifier, but does not fulfill the original request for a static event-scope constant. In any remote event that contains $rawmsg or a :(matchtex
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts Dialog question by landonsandor @ 21/09/18 09:41 PM
It's been a very long time since I've done any scripting in mirc. Is there a way to make a text box on a dialog show up? Currently the border is grey, but I would like it to show up black. The code I'm using is: box "title" 200, 1 90 13
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts NTFS permissions by Protopia @ 05/09/18 04:18 PM
At present it is not possible to check whether e.g. a file is actually writable without actually attempting to write to it. You cannot get information about whether the directory permissions allow you to write in the directory or whether file permiss
Feature Suggestions In the right-click context menu for MDI windows via switchbar, treebar, there's a menu for 'Buffer' with 'Save As...', 'Save & Log As...' and 'Clear'. Can you please include 'Copy to Clipboard'? Thanks.
mIRC Help
Jump to new posts How to disable CAPS support by Digi1977 @ 05/07/18 09:59 PM
It seems the latest mIRC simply enables as many CAP's as it can on connect, which is interfering with channel messages, for example on non-mirc irc client, you can see the following messages both as ircop and normal user on every channel when a hostn
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts [timestamp] * Message here (change the default *) by _entropy @ 03/07/18 08:34 PM
[timestamp] * Message here (change the default *) it would be neat if there were a way to change the "*" to be something like $chr(9679) or any other character Please add this! - Thanks
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts cannot halt * No one in your notify list is on IRC by _entropy @ 03/07/18 08:30 PM
cannot halt "* No one in your notify list is on IRC" No matter what, if i try to halt the raws for this: :real.mirc.gr 603 entropy :You have 0 and are on 0 WATCH entries :real.mirc.gr 607 entropy :End of WATCH S nothing happens. also i
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts Any Idea Suggestion by Tano @ 25/06/18 04:03 PM
any idea how need to be the code to remove -x hidden hostname and ban the real his hostname on channel his real hostname Smile@Smile-CAA8271D.nwrknj.fios.verizon.net his hidden hostname VHOST Never@Dont.Give.Up i want to ban him on his real hos
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Request for $alias identifier. by Raccoon @ 14/06/18 03:38 PM
$alias -- returns the name of the calling alias. Intended to be simple, and not to enumerate or transcending the calling tree, but just return the name of the parent caller. This is usually something that the user hand-typed as a command. This is
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