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Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Option to disable Nagle by Raccoon @ Today at 08:02 AM
Wish to request an option to disable Nagle's Algorithm to IRC server connections. Could be a global setting, or could be a per-/server option, or could be a /raw -d command switch. Certain interactions are desired in a Nagle-free environment, such
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts Does exist a command or method to change? by dukealex @ 20/02/19 06:03 PM
Hi! Does exist a command or method to change the channel nicklist's background with an image (not color) ? I know to change the channel/query/status etc. backgrounds, but i don't know how for Nicklist.
mIRC Help
Jump to new posts Using older versions of mIRC by Khaled @ 19/02/19 12:06 PM
As with most software, new versions of mIRC are released every so often that add new features, fix bugs, and address security issues. We generally recommend using the latest version of mIRC because it can include changes that address important issue
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts Text repeat script by chukzilla @ 17/02/19 04:58 AM
Was wondering if someone could help with identifying how to capture text after a certain point and repeat it in a channel. i.e <jimmy> !quote johnny Something, something stupid & inane i'd like to listen for !quote johnny and then capture
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Error command by SykO @ 16/02/19 06:21 PM
We currently count with a goto error, $error, and reseterror for handling errors, but we got no way of reporting errors directly. Therefore I suggest an /error command with the following format: Code:/error <error message> which just as the b
Feature Suggestions mIRC has a feature to automatically trim lines from a window after it reaches 5000 lines or so. I would like to request to have this feature extended in a unique way. Allow for the trimming of select Event messages after they bubble up above N line
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts $server(N/address,[N/group]) by Raccoon @ 14/02/19 10:40 AM
I wish to request extending the $server() identifier to support a numeric value for the optional 'group' parameter, to reference the N'th group, to allow for iterating through each of the server groups (ie, networks) without having to know them by na
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts Limit Twitch emote spam by TroyL @ 08/02/19 11:17 PM
So I'm trying to figure out how my bot can count emotes on twitch. For example: if user types in more than 15 emotes the bot will trigger a timeout for the user. Any help on this?
mIRC Help
Jump to new posts Getting ROOM ID issue by Yeff @ 08/02/19 09:34 PM
I'm trying to set up my bot to work for subs but the issue I have is getting the room id. I used this thread for help: https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/258923/Re:_(twitch_bot)_CANNEL_ID_OR_ I did everything it said but I still get no nu
Latest News
Jump to new posts mIRC 7.55 released by Khaled @ 08/02/19 10:41 AM
Dear mIRC User, mIRC v7.55 has been released today. This version of mIRC is primarily a security release. mIRC users are advised to upgrade due to a security issue that may allow someone to trigger a remote code execution vulnerability in some situ
mIRC Help
Jump to new posts JTV by TroyL @ 01/02/19 03:37 AM
So in mIRC for Twitch jtv sets modes to moderators. But jtv is only setting modes in some channels that im connected too instead of all of them. Any help?
mIRC Help
Jump to new posts Add server in mIRC (server list) by Neo1981 @ 31/01/19 03:17 PM
Hi! How can I contact, for adding an Dutch server, toe the server list? irc.kletsnetwerk.eu
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Customizable line spacing? by eahm @ 24/01/19 09:48 AM
Can we have a more customizable line spacing between the lines? Some clients are personalizable through theme scripting and some others have it fixed, I only see three options in mIRC but I'd really like to see a wider range. Thanks.
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Extend $chan() by adding a couple .props by Talon @ 23/01/19 12:26 AM
I'd like to propose a .topicby and .topicset prop added to $chan() to retrieve the information provided from raw 333. Raw 332 output: [xx:xx] * Topic is '<the topic>' Raw 333 output: [xx:xx] * Set by <nick> on <some unixtimestamp>
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Dark Mode compatibility with Windows 10 by Jaillynian @ 13/01/19 03:38 PM
I am making this a suggestion since I ran into an issue with the monitor I always run mIRC on. I use a dark theme I made for mIRC, but the scrollbars and frame borders you can't change the colors of have burned themselves into the monitor just a lit
mIRC Help
Jump to new posts mIRC Settings INI, Portable Mode, AppData. by Raccoon @ 09/01/19 08:09 AM
Brief ... mIRC settings are stored in the file mirc.ini and a few other .ini files in the same folder. These settings files, as well as any scripts and chat logs, will normally be stored in one of two places: - Your user application data folder. -
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts new version checksum by maroon @ 01/01/19 08:44 PM
related to issues of false positives like in https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/264686/Re:_Just_downloaded_v7.54#Post264686 The download page could include a line offering a link for official checksum, which could link to the latest-news
Latest News
Jump to new posts mIRC 7.54 released by Khaled @ 21/12/18 10:33 AM
Dear mIRC User, mIRC v7.54 has been released today. This is a small update that addresses a number of issues reported by users since the last release. It includes improvements, changes and fixes to a number of features, including: Fixed API ca
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts $len(text).bytes by Raccoon @ 15/12/18 11:03 PM
Could the $len() identifier get a property .bytes added? $len(text).bytes would be equivalent to $regex(text,/./g) in behavior, in that it counts the individual byte characters instead of the UTF encoded (unicode) characters. A lot of uses of $len(
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts PCRE unicode flags. Please add /8 by Raccoon @ 15/12/18 10:16 PM
PCRE's Special Start-of-Pattern Modifiers - (*UTF) is a generic way to treat the subject as a UTF stringódetecting whether it should be treated as UTF-8, UTF-16 or UTF-32. - (*UTF8), (*UTF16) and (*UTF32) treat the string as one of three specific UT
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Support for IRCD version identifiers by Raccoon @ 14/12/18 07:11 AM
$ircdtype, $ircdversion, $isupport It can become difficult writing a script that works across multiple IRC networks, mostly because of the profoundly different ways that the different IRCDs work. Can we get an identifier that reveals the name of th
mIRC Help
Jump to new posts mIRC's Flood Protection - Does anyone use it? by Raccoon @ 13/12/18 09:41 PM
I've been using mIRC for a couple decades now, and I occasionally revisit mIRC's Flood Protection settings (under Options > IRC > Flood) and the documentation that goes with it, and I'm still not very keen on how it's supposed to work. Those o
Bug Reports
Jump to new posts Owner status, +q mode and prefix by Wims @ 13/12/18 11:37 AM
I didn't get any reply for this https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/250559/ But I also believe the current way this is handled is buggy. On irc.swiftirc.net, channel mode +q is definitely for owner mode, however this network d
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts Raw 378 in akill script by jrenshaw1972 @ 13/12/18 09:20 AM
I am trying to write an akill script that uses Raw 378 to pull the offenders IP address to place in the akill. I am not familiar with using Raw and am not a great scripter so any help would be appreciated. He always uses the same nickname, but his IP
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts Prime Sub by TroyL @ 12/12/18 03:55 AM
So this is what i have for my sub script: Code: raw USERNOTICE:*:{ if (($msgtags(msg-id).key == sub) && ($msgtags(room-id).key == 30084163)) { var %nick $iif($msgtags(display-name).key, $v1, $msgtags(login).key) var %sub-plan
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