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Jump to new posts Re: Channel Central by Lindrian dll error mirc 7.55 by maroon @ Yesterday at 07:41 PM
can you confirm that the file exists in that location? in any editbox paste: //echo -a filesize is $file(C:\Users\Cheiron\Desktop\Undead MIRC7.55\chancentral\chancentral\dlls\dcx.dll).size
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Jump to new posts Re: $regex() named capture groups to %variables by Wims @ Yesterday at 03:38 PM
Named capture group is part of the pcre engine, if you can create a group (non-named) and reuse it inside the expression aka /(a)\1/ matching "aa", you can do that with named captures as well /(?<group>a)\k'group'/ This works in mIRC
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Jump to new posts Re: Missing Documentation by maroon @ Yesterday at 06:59 AM
/help /dll says: Quote: Note: The data and parms variables can each hold 900 chars maximum. Could the dll page be updated from '900 chars' to indicate the current max limit in bytes, now that Unicode means chars and bytes aren't the same thing? M