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Re: /var -n evaluated Khaled 19 minutes ago
Thanks for your bug report. The help file section describing this feature is not very well worded :-]

The purpose of the -n switch is to prevent /set and /var from treating the value as a calculation. In other words, /set -n %var 5 + 2.

The /set -p switch does the same thing but also preserves "text" quotes, including empty "" quotes.

There are several ways to prevent a variable from being evaluated, eg. $evalvar(%var,0) or % $+ var, and so on.
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Re: using inc to increase a variable per channel EggFriedCheese 1 hour ago

For those that are interested, this is how one would do it smile

on *:TEXT:!egg *:#: { 
  inc %egg.times
  inc %egg.times. [ $+ [ $chan ] ] 
  .msg # /me ! Throws an 🥚 at $$2 - I have thrown a total of %egg.times Eggs, and %egg.times. [ $+ [ $chan ] ] times in this channel.
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Re: /run command error message Wims 1 hour ago
That's correct, /run used to have error messages, this is because /run used a different method internally at the time, it was changed to use a different method to solve an issue with it triggering windows message.

It was not overlooked but changed knowing it would no longer report errors, and it looks like they were more but not obvious reasons to use the new method.

See this thread: https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/265871/
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Way to check if bot is a moderator (TWITCH) EggFriedCheese 2 hours ago
So I have a twitch bot, and I used to be able to check to see if the bot was a moderator in the channel to be able to utilise game commands, however, since Twitch IRC did away with OP, I can't check that way any more.

What is the easiest way to check to see if the bot (not the user) is a moderator, before actioning a command? There's no way of distinguishing that in the user list any more, so wondered if anyone else had any ingenious ways of extrapolating that information with the new Twitch API?

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