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Re: mIRC showing the wrong time Khaled 11 minutes ago
Thanks for your post. To help track this down, please provide the following details:

Which version of mIRC are you using?
Which version of Windows are you using?
Which country/city/timezone are you in?

Also, please type the following command into the status window:

//echo -a time: $time timezone: $timezone daylight: $daylight

press the enter key, and post the results in your reply.
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Re: Timer Fernet 21 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Wims
My post was adressed to Epic, not to you Fernet smile

Edit: but I was saying you should update these three lines:

else { bot_stop | .timerBOTSTART 1 1800 bot_start $chan }
else { bot_stop | .timerBOTSTART 1 1800 bot_start $unsafe($chan) }

rand_msg $1 | .timerRANDMSG 0 60 rand_msg $1
rand_msg $1 | .timerRANDMSG 0 60 rand_msg $unsafe($1)

alias -l rand_msg { bs say $1 $read(addons\miefrasibot\frasibot.txt) }
alias -l rand_msg { bs say $1 $read(addons\miefrasibot\frasibot.txt,tn) }

Thanks sir, I'll try this one too. Thanks for details
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Re: .chm files locked by mIRC Wims 2 hours ago
Great news, thanks for looking into it.
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