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$min add'l sort orders maroon 9 minutes ago
Suggestion to have an additional .prop's for $min and $max which use the default $sorttok and $sorttokcs orders when they don't use the $3 switch. The current mappings for $min appear to be:


no .prop = $sorttok 'n' numeric
.text = $sorttok 'a' alphanumeric
.textcs = $sortokcs 'a' alphanumeric
.nick = $sorttok 'c' channel

missing = $sorttok no-switch
missing = $sorttokcs no-switch

alias minmaxsort {
  if ($1- == $null) var -s %list a 0 b \ 1 ! A . ~ 2 @ 11 | else var %list $1-
  echo -a default : $sorttok(  %list,32)
  echo -a alphanum: $sorttok(  %list,32,a) min: $min(%list).text   max: $max(%list).text
  echo -a numeric : $sorttok(  %list,32,n) min: $min(%list)        max: $max(%list)
  echo -a nicklist: $sorttok(  %list,32,c) min: $min(%list).nick   max: $max(%list).nick
  echo -a alnum cs: $sorttokcs(%list,32,a) min: $min(%list).textcs max: $max(%list).textcs
  var -s %list a 0 b \ 1 A  ~ 2 11
  echo -a default :: $sorttok(    %list,32)
  echo -a defaultcs: $sorttokcs(  %list,32)
  echo -a alpha num: $sorttok(    %list,32,a) min: $min(%list).text   max: $max(%list).text
  echo -a alnum cs : $sorttokcs(  %list,32,a) min: $min(%list).textcs max: $max(%list).textcs
  var -s %list a \ A
  echo -a default  : $sorttok(    %list,32)
  echo -a defaultcs: $sorttokcs(  %list,32)
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Re: mIRC Window always sits on top of others maroon 13 minutes ago
Since it seems to work if you check-then-uncheck the ontop menu setting, try checking if this works. it has a timer that sets ontop to ON, then 1 second later it sets ontop OFF. I assume this is a scripted way of doing the same thing you're doing by clicking on the menu.

If this is the same effect as your changing the menu choices, it's probably possible to script this whenever the ON APPACTIVE event is triggered.

//timer 1 1 showmirc -o | timer 1 2 showmirc -p
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$ial().gecos and $ialchan().gecos not working DooMaster 4 hours ago
Hello, Greetings from Dachau.

I was trying to use $ial(nickname).gecos on network that has UnrealIRCD 5.0.6 but doesn't working.

$ial = $true
/ialfill #channel
//echo -a Result: $ial(nickname).gecos -- $ialchan(nickname,#channel,1).gecos

It works for other properties but not for .gecos

/who #channel (debug)

@label=0042 who #channel
@label=0042 :IRC.Network.ORG BATCH +xB3q0IsQlAd1QcpcsYsnnT labeled-response
@batch=xB3q0IsQlAd1QcpcsYsnnT :IRC.Network.ORG 352 test_bot #channel Username D134C51B.4CEA8426.269A76A2.IP * test_bot Hs :0 Fullname
@batch=xB3q0IsQlAd1QcpcsYsnnT :IRC.Network.ORG 352 test_bot #channel Dune2K_Bot 980419D2.A358DE48.D91A5E6B.IP * Dune2K_Bot_ Hs :0 Dune2K_Bot
@batch=xB3q0IsQlAd1QcpcsYsnnT :IRC.Network.ORG 352 test_bot #channel bot services.Network.org * OperServ HB*&@ :0 Operator Management IRC Service
@batch=xB3q0IsQlAd1QcpcsYsnnT :IRC.Network.ORG 352 test_bot #channel lol I.Would.Like.To.Kiss.You.But.I.Cant.Tell.Me.Why.Not.My.BaBy * lol Hrs* :0 :: 4Oti Arxizei Me XARA Telionei Me KARRA ::
@batch=xB3q0IsQlAd1QcpcsYsnnT :IRC.Network.ORG 352 test_bot #channel Dune2K_Bot 980419D2.A358DE48.D91A5E6B.IP * Dune2K_Bot Hrs~@ :0 Dune2K_Bot
@batch=xB3q0IsQlAd1QcpcsYsnnT :IRC.Network.ORG 315 test_bot #channel :End of /WHO list.
:IRC.Network.ORG BATCH -xB3q0IsQlAd1QcpcsYsnnT

Tested network: irc.unrealircd.org:+6697

Using win10 + 7.63

- laugh
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Dividing line between blocks in the script editor Epic 10 hours ago
When I write a script and it gets big enough, then in this script it is rather difficult to navigate in order to quickly find the right place in the block and to fix a bug or add new lines of code.

Please create a dividing line in the script editor to make it easier to navigate and visually separate the different blocks of the huge script.
Turning on and off, as well as setting the thickness and color in the $rgb() format of horizontal lines can be placed in the editor options.

The horizontal line should automatically appear under the last curly brace "}" of each individual script block, and of course, when copied, this line should not be part of the text code.
Note: if a block of code (alias or handler) consists of only one line, then the dividing horizontal line can be omitted.

This will make writing the script much more convenient and not have to draw text strips between the blocks:

alias test1 {
  /echo -s test1 1
  /echo -s test1 2
  /echo -s test1 3
alias test2 {
  /echo -s test2 1
  /echo -s test2 2
  /echo -s test2 3

An example of how it might look:

[Linked Image from i.ibb.co]
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