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Help for Mass Ban Protection Script oldfix 5 hours ago
I need help for mass ban protection. When two operators ban the same nick at the same time, the system makes a mass ban. I'd like a script which protects the channel from mass ban even if somebody makes /ban *!*@* and remove it instantly and prevent nick from being kicked from the server.

Any help or suggestion would be really appreciated.
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Re: Detect new file or folder colt45 8 hours ago
Originally Posted by maroon
You've got 2 echoes going on, you're sending the count of matching folders to @new but the echo of the individual matches are going to the status window. If you want both to go to @new, then you need to send both echoes there. If you only want the matches going there, then do something like

//noop $finddir(%fdpath,*,0,1,echo @NEW New Directory(s) Detected : $1-)

Note that the depth of 0 you used behaves like depth of 1, so you're not seeing subdirs unless you either change depth to something big like 99 or just drop that 4th parm. Also note that if you're trying to copy/move folders or filenames someone creates having doublespaces would require special handling, such as addressing them using $shortfn.

That's the one! laugh
Works, now time for me to improvise!
Thanks smile
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Re: Regex help to identify $nick SLiprockS 14 hours ago
Thank you so much maroon for your time and action. it helps to understand and clear my views. I have resolve the problem which triggering the ban. I had same variable for On nick and on join which causing the ban most of the time smirk. I sent you an private msg long back to get idea of you got some time you can give me a little suggestion

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Re: The bot does not kick change nick in idle. Help me SLiprockS Yesterday at 09:56 PM
Hi Kendy,

I tried to code it with my little knowledge. Hope this is surve the purpose. Please test it and let me know.

#idlekicker on
on *@!:JOIN:#help: if !$timer($nick) { $+(.timer,$nick) 1 120 KickIdler $chan $nick }
on *:TEXT:*:#help: $+(.timer,$nick) 1 120 KickIdler $chan $nick
on 1:NICK: {
if ($nick isop $chan) { return }
var %nick = $newnick, %cn = $comchan(%nick,0)
while (%cn) {
if (*#help* iswm $comchan(%nick,%cn)) { $+(.timer,%nick) 1 120 KickIdler #help %nick }
dec %cn
alias KickIdler { if ($me isop $1) && ($2 isreg $1) { ban -ku120 $1-2 2 Don't hang your nick here. Come back after 2 minutes if you really need help! Thank you }

#idlekicker end

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