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Jump to new posts Re: [help]Creating aliases for each individual letter by Wims @ 46 minutes 41 seconds ago
Yep sorry I wrote that very quickly, it was all good except for a missing ) on the $regsubex and you need to actually add (*UTF8) to each pattern as well, here is something that I tested: Code:on *:text:*:#:{ if ($hfind(antibadword,$strip($1-),1,
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Jump to new posts Re: COM memory leak by FroggieDaFrog @ Yesterday at 10:15 PM
I could be wrong, but $com().result cannot be used short of its literal value; that is AFAIK, there's no way to take the value of $com().result to create a new com/dispatch instance. So keeping the dispatched pointer alive doesn't make sense IF the
Bug Reports Ah, neat. In that case either fix should suffice indeed. I personally don't see a strong reason for picking one over the other though, and I myself would probably combine both: ignoring WSAECONNRESET for safety reasons, and setting clearing SIO_UDP_
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Jump to new posts Re: on HIGHLIGHT by Wims @ Yesterday at 01:37 PM
Correction: $ishighlight.type couldn't possibly return "both", it would return the type of match that was used to find a match, which can only be "message" or "nickname"