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Message to another network qwerty1 3 hours ago

I use several networks and I was wondering if its possible to send a message to a chan in network 1 at an event on network 2.
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Re: My color schemes eahm 7 hours ago
And while I was already there... I added few more with 192,192,192. How many themes does one need?



I use "mmIRCBlueStuff2" btw, which one do you guys use?
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Re: Message window on highlights and mentions eahm 13 hours ago
Ok, two more fixes:

1) The script didn't work with /me msgs.
2) If the msg was starting with a number the script was re-coloring the whole mentioned msg.

on *:TEXT:*:#:{
  if ($me isin $strip($1-)) {
    echo -dt $+ $msgstamp $+($chr(3),4,#,$chr(3) < $+ $chr(3),2,$nick,$chr(3),> $+ $chr(3),7 $1-)
on *:ACTION:*:#:{
  if ($me isin $strip($1-)) {
    echo -dt $+ $msgstamp $+($chr(3),4,#,$chr(3) $chr(3),6,*,$chr(3) < $+ $chr(3),2,$nick,$chr(3),> $+ $chr(3),7 $1-)

Thanks to KindOne on ##mirc/freenode for the first point's suggestion fix.
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Kubot, a script-loader/editing suite for Streamers KubosKube Yesterday at 11:33 PM
To start things with what some future people may have time-traveled to get to, here's the link to v0.1 of Kubot on Github:


Now for the description and the reasoning behind.

I am an avid coder and Twitch streamer. Don't get that confused with "advanced" though.
When I write scripts for mIRC, I tend to group projects into their own files, whether or not that's the recommended way to do it.
I also have also made several scripts to date, each in their own file, and I plan to keep going for a long while, making many more files.

So I decided to make a script that can manage other scripts. That is the main function of the module I linked above, was to load/unload scripts at the click of a few buttons.

I also thought to myself, "Twitch bots commonly use '!' as the start of a command, so I could make one alias that catches all '!*' messages and turns them into commands."
So I did.

I plan to keep this project open for a while, and continually add to it through the coming days, months, or years, however long I can keep interest in this.

I realize that there may be a more efficient way of doing things, but this is fun, this is mine, and we're gonna perfect it.
The goal is complete modular function, so this project is more or less limited to loading scripts and providing a library of aliases I plan to use throughout the whole project.

I would love if some of the veterans here could check my code for vulnerabilities and exploits, and if anyone sees anything lacking, I encourage you to make a comment below or leave a comment in Github's Issue tracker.
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improve $ticks accuracy. Wims Yesterday at 09:09 PM
$ticks uses the Windows api function GetTickCount64.

This has been discussed and requested many times in the past, this function is limited to the accuracy of the system timer, typically 10-16ms.

I would like $ticks to be updated to use the the QueryPerformanceCounter function which has an accuracy of under 1ms.

Not only it provides way more accurate timing for daily timing task, but as suggested in previous thread, it simply allows for more.

Previous suggestions:

I'm reading the value may be null, but I think it's fine to check QueryPerformanceCounter first, and if that comes out null, return the gettickscount64 value.

Note: since it returns a value that is not in millisecond, it cannot replace $ticks, we need a new identifier like $hticks for high-res ticks.
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Re: help with script TECO Yesterday at 08:32 PM
I hope this little code does what you want every 30 days.
  if (!%datestats) { set %datestats $date }
  .timercheckdays -io 0 3600 checkdays
ALIAS checkdays {
  var %wks = $deltok($duration($calc($ctime($date) - $ctime(%datestats))),2-,32), %wks = $remove(%wks,wk,s)
  if (%wks >= 4) {
    remove-stats-channel $network $+ @ $+ $chan
    set %datestats $date
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