Thank you for the responses! For some reason, shortly after I sent my original question my connection problems went way down. I'm wondering if the last time I connected it was to a different server that isn't as fussy. I do find that when I am chatting, I have no problems.


First, thanks for mIRC, I've used and enjoyed it for years to keep in touch with my family and close friends.

If you enable the "Check connection time out" option in the mIRC Options->Connect->Options dialog does that help? If it does not, other users find that they can resolve the issue by using a small script that sends a ping to the server every thirty seconds or so.

It was already checked on. Where can I find a small script to do that? Or, should I move back to an earlier version that sends the ping more often? I'd like to be sure to prevent this and to be able to help a friend with a similar problem and less ambition to get it fixed. smile


Thanks for the response, I'll look into trying different servers on the network I use all the time. I can get a list of available servers and try them one at a time too.