well last year i posted saying i was getting this prblem with windows 2000 when i installed it the secound time due to hdd fail but when i went back on windows 98 it worked great.a few months later i installed a new gcard witch need 2000 so i put it back on thinking oh here we go its gona disconect soon as i get a dcc but nope never did.I had 2000 on for a few months and bough xp so i stuck that on thinking it will work but nope disconnects every dcc so i had to put 2000 back on.this is wierd thing and i think the only way to solve it is to install your OS and if it doesnt work do a rienstall and it may work.with me i got a feeling it was when you installed xp or 2000 soon as you connect to the internet i was getting the virus like veriants of msblast that send itself to others and soon as you install mirc and and get a dcc its disconnecting your connection due to its getting lagged and hammerd by this virus and you using your connection.i use 2000 and soon as i install it i get zonealarm up then i connected to the net and update 200 with all latest patches and it work fine for me i hardly get discoonected from mirc and if i do my dcc is still downloading.Hope this help people but from my experience its chance if this happends.