TL;DR Possible fix: Reset your Firewall, all the Rules and exceptions, and maybe deny certain Windows connections which you might otherwise be inclined to allow just to "let it do it's thing". Also, explicitly define a rule for mIRC to allow TCP & UDP traffic both ways. I'm not a security guru, but doing this could lower security for your mIRC client, as you are allowing EVERYTHING to pass in and out. /TLDR

Hey everyone, I was considering signing up JUST to query you folks about my problem; I was getting disconnected over a 10053 Error, almost exactly every 30 minutes.

This started happening out of nowhere, I hadn't changed any Drivers, not installed any new Applications, and even Windows Updates couldn't have played a part. I know this because I was running my Computer for 3 days straight, and only just started happening by the second-third day (And that's not a 72hour IRC Server connection, that's closing the client down occasionally).

So I was stumped, but I'm pretty sure I found a solution, at least for my circumstance, which might help others.

My Firewall (ESET Security Suite) was set to Automated mode, in other words, it was handling all the Internet Connections on it's own, declining/accepting incoming and outgoing data to the net.

On one of my searches, I read at least one person found a limit in the TCP/IP Connection limit per second was being exceeded (Introduced in Win XP SP2, I'm Win7 but thought what have I got to lose) which was causing there mIRC 10053 Error. One link led to another, and it ultimately led me to checking Netstat in the Command Prompt to view my current connections to the Internet, see if anything is out the ordinary.

One thing stood out: I had about 5-10 connections to a Microsoft server, exactly the same IP Address for all of them, all marked as established (This appears to be normal anyway). I realise this is potentially nothing to do with the aforemention "Connection limit" thing, as that's based on the number of connections formed over a tiny period of time, but thought I would clean this mess up.

I proceeded by taking control of my Firewall, setting it from Automated mode to Interactive Mode, so I could handle EVERY Application connection, even the Windows stuff lurking in the background. According to the official ESET article on reverting the Firewall Rules to default, you need to delete 3 files from within Safe Mode (Can't access two of them whilst under normal Windows Boot).

So I did that, deleted the three files, rebooted into normal Windows, denied some of the Windows Outgoing connections (Resolving IP's to Domain names in some instances and some quick research on top, not just randomly denying stuff), and explicitly defined a rule allowing all in/out connectivity for mIRC... and currently I've been connected 1 Hours 32 minutes without a hitch.

And that's the business I went through to solve my problem. Hope this helps someone...

Btw, if you struggle to find the hotkey for your BIOS to launch Safe Mode, you can also go:
Start Menu -> Run -> Enter "msconfig" -> Select "Boot" Tab -> Set "Safe Mode: Minimal boot".
Save that change, restart PC, delete the 3 files, enter MSConfig again to disable Safe Mode launch (I expected it to auto revert to normal, but it didn't), and restart back to normal Windows.

Afterthought: I'll report back if it haunts me again, and look back on this thread occasionally regardless...

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