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I noticed that I get a lot of 10053 errors when uTorrent is running, even if it isn't using much bandwidth. I don't think it has much to do with bandwidth usage because I'm rarely running xdcc downloads and torrents simultaneously. Is this a problem that can be fixed through program options (e.g. is it possible that they're using the same ports?), or is this just the way IRC connections are?

My observations of running uTorrent/mIRC at the same time.. bandwidth is not a factor. Its the number of open connections. Under default settings, uTorrent likes to have a global limit of 200 connections, with each torrent having a maximum of 50 connections each. So, if you are downloading four torrents at once, you can have a maximum of 200 connections alone from uTorrent.

These kind of settings like to make my modem/router combo (F@ST1704) crash/reset/get a new IP/IRC connects close by a 10053 error, if I am downloading content, as my peace of hardware has a low RAM, and provided by the ISP.

Try lowering the number. (Remember, this can cause torrents to download at a slower speed). I applied these and it works.
uTorrent -> Options -> Preference -> Bandwidth.

My settings:
Global max number of connection: 50
Mac number of connections per torrent: 15

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You can try change server/port, you can also try connect direct to servers IP instead of the usage of the irc.server.host .

That most likely won't do anything.. Most likely the modem freaking out over the large amount of connections caused by uTorrent.