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I am running two clients to run a bot for our channel and the second client stays connected just fine, but the one I usually chat with loses connection every few minutes if I am not actively chatting. Any ideas?

To clarify, you have a bot client (mirc 6.14) running on your machine which is stays connected no problem. In addition, on the same machine, you have your normal chat client (mirc 7.17) which is constantly disconnected. Is this correct? If so then you can rule out the idea that your hardware may be dying as another user suggested. It's not possible for a NIC to decide it's going to only show signs of failure with certain versions of mirc.

Coincidentally, I experienced a very similar problem. After updating mirc, I began experiencing constant disconnects as well. I wasn't able to narrow down the exact cause of the problem but didn't actually spend much time investigating beyond confirming there's no hardware problem. The following is what I've experienced.

My OS is Windows 7 64bit.
When using a shell provided bnc, I stay connected no problem using mirc 7.17.
When I connect to servers directly using mirc 7.17, I'm constantly disconnected.
When I connect to servers directly using mirc 6.21 (the previous version I used), I stay connected no problem.

No other network traffic shows any signs what-so-ever of problems. The problems are in fact isolated to mirc, and further to certain versions. There is a distinct difference between mirc 7.17 and 6.21 on my system. There could be some sort of race condition coming into play, or possibly a lack of/miscommunication between mirc and certain server software/versions. Without rolling your sleeves up, it's hard to know with any certainty. I don't know what kind of debugging mirc has but you can always do a bisect to find out where the stable mirc versions stop and the unstable ones start for you. Then look at what's changed between the two.