"it'll have the same effect as any other suggestion (none whatsoever)."

As i said in the initial post and in the numerous other threads on the subject, the suggestions made are things that some ppl have found work for them. I'm not claiming they work for everyone, there are merely things others have found helpful, condensed here from all the other threads. I have personally helped ppl that the problem is resolved by things like getting rid of a script, changing MTU values, not using port 6667 etc. I know some that have found "interference techniques" at the provider level have been the root cause. I also know others that none of these have helped. 10053 can be caused by so many factors.

A problem that only effects some ppl and is corrected by widely varying means (and in some cases not at all) makes it almost impossible to track down one specific cause that mIRC can control.

I can sympathize that its annoying, several years ago i had the same problem and it drove me nuts. Turned out the problem in my case was an underground phone line issue.

ParaBrat @#mIRCAide DALnet