i can recieve files fine, from most ppl.
however i cannot send!
i have win2k (legal and fully updated to the latest service pack)
got mirc 6.16
got 2 pcs (win2k fully updated installed on both) :

pc#1 Inet pc
is connected to Cable connection, but in order to connect gotta use the windows dialup (that cloud icon)
this inet connection has sharing enabled. (file and printer sharing disabled ofcouse smile

pc#2 - bro's room pc
is connected to pc#1 via a simple ethernet Switch
(Edimax ES-3108P) (laptop +another pc are sometimes connected and also nice for lans)

To open certain specifc ports (emule,ftps,whatever)
I have to press on the dialup (pc#1-inet)
press on Properties--->Sharing--->Settings-->Services-->

under services,I press Add ,type some name,the specifc port i want opened,and at the end- pc#2's lan ip (

my question is, with this kind of network setup, How can i open the nessaccery ports for dcc send/recieve (some fservers request setting port+59 or something.. and from those i cannot recieve) and what are the ports needed to be open?

I have tried typing 1024-5000 under services-->add
but it only allows specific ports (max 5digit numbers)
i do not wanna type in each port from 1024,1025,1026,....5000 into services... it will take days! :>

Also i was wondering if its possiable to only open 1024-1050 for example,is that good enough for dcc send?
(I dont like having so many ports open)

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