Hi, I have optimum online and I have a problem. I can't connect to anyone on mirc with the ports they set. For example, To access an fserve with a specific firewall port I need to enable. I do the command /dccserver +sc on 59(or whatever it might be for that server) and I still cant connect, this problem is with anything that has a router or firewall port I need to access. This is the error I get on Mirc.
DCC Chat session
Client: littlehuntertakescover (
Time: Sun Apr 04 17:42:47 2004
Acknowledging chat request...
DCC Chat connection established
DCC session closed
.:5·42·pm:. -littlehuntertakescover- Server Notice: This server is using an alternate server method, please make sure your DCC Server is active and set to port 59. /dccserver +sc on 59. This is a mIRC command.

Mind you this is not an isolated problem, I have it with every fserve with a firewall. I am not using a router. And I am not using a firewall. Can anyone help me. BTW I have Windows XP, and I've disabled the firewall. PLEASE HELP! Thanks Alot.