Wow... that's the first time I've seen one of their tutorials that was messed up like that. Ignore the ports they show and select a range that is the same in both mIRC and the router. They should be forwarded as TCP or TCP/UDP (not just UDP). The static IP address is only an issue if you have multiple computers using the router and they aren't keeping the same IP (they swap IPs occasionally). For example, you might have normally, but one day your computer is off and the other computer ends up getting that IP and when you turn yours on, you end up with If that happens, the forwarded ports won't work for you because they are set to use Because that can happen, it's useful to set your computer up as static so that it always has the same IP. If you don't have that issue, it's not really a big deal... though I do prefer having it set to static as it doesn't cause problems and is easy to do and prevents the possibility of a problem later on.

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