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Beyond that, if you're still having trouble setting up the ports, it would be useful if you provide your router name (and model information) and whatever firewall software you are using. Also, provide the port forward information you entered into your router (something like: mirc 1024-5000 TCP Enabled) and also what you have in your mIRC settings for the DCC ports (something like: DCC Enabled, Other Disabled, 1024-5000, Randomize Ports disabled). As a note, I don't recommend using 1024-5000 as you'll never need anywhere near that number of ports. A range of 20 ports is usually plenty. Of course, as far as whether or not it works, the port range doesn't matter as long as the same range is used in mIRC *and* in the router/firewall.

Well, if you can help me ....
I've got a Sitecom wireless router, model WL-304. I use DHCP and standard Windows firewall. mIRC is deblocked in my firewall. http://portforward.com gives me the following instructions:
- setup ports 10051-10070 in mIRC
- use a static ip address
- login into the router and select advanced ... virtual server
- forward ports 1024-5000, but only instructions for ports 1024-1036 are given

This doesn't work for me. And I don't understand why I should forward 1024 etc while in mIRC ports 10051-10070 have to be setup. Although I use DHCP, the ip address of my PC is always the same.

So, what is wrong with the instructions? And, after forwarding, should I use the local ip address of my PC or the public address of my router in mIRC local info?