If it's feasible, I suggest you disconnect the router (or forward ports 1024-5000 on the router) on a temporary basis, and then try DCC sending, just to eliminate that factor. If it works, then contact your router manufacturer if you don't know how to port forward with your router or see if they have other suggestions.

If you have Windows XP then check out these instructions on how to disable the Firewall that comes with it - the majority of people who use XP have no idea the Firewall is on.

If you haven't already, try DCC sending to 2/3 other people to make sure it's your end that is the problem. It could have been a problem with the user you were sending to. Again, even though you're sure there is no IP mismatch, type /localinfo -u to be doubly sure (always helps!) and try DCC sending again.

If none of the above work, you may want to wait for other peoples suggestions or run a Search - there are so many threads related to DCC issues! Expand to 'All Forums' and 'All Posts' for best results.

Good luck, and have a Merry Christmas smile