The condescending attitude was not intentional and I apologize if I phrased myself in a manner that provoked you. I also apologize should this happen in the future. As for helping countless people, I know for a fact that my addon has helped dozens of people who would have no other way of initiating a DCC send. It's an honest attempt to help mIRC users and I'm spending my own time out of free will towards this 'cause', both by spreading my addon (which I haven't personally had use for the last few years) and by evangalizing the introduction of this feature into mIRC, just as you spend your time on this board (albeit on a smaller scale). All I really want is to get Khaled's attention and understanding that this change would only be necessary in the sender and that any mIRC from 5.4(1?) and on would automatically be able to recieve files under this system. In my previous communication with him on this matter he has told me that his main point of hesitation is if he'll have to introduce new incompatible changes into the DCC protocol and I've failed to get any response to my (truthful) claim that he made all the changes needed in mIRC 5.41 already. He is obviously a busy man and I tend to be way too wordy for my own good :-/

I sincerely hope I contributed to this thread by mentioning yet another technique that can help people behind firewalls who are unable to control port allocation perform DCC sends, today. I also hope my posts end up contributing to helping you help even more people in the future by introducing another way of easing the common troubles of DCC sends into mIRC.