I have almost read anything in this thread to get a dcc send work. Followed all links that where usefull tried them out still no succes...asked around 10 irc experts in several channels 2 help me with the problem still no succes.


i'm using mirc v6.16
smc 2804WBR router
cable connection

I have all ports forwarded that needs to, i set all needed settings in irc as they should be:
localinfo: on connect, always get (*) |localhost|
lookup method: (*) |Server|. ports are set as: 54000-54019 forwarded them in my router.

Still nothing works, i'm trying to get this all working since yesterday evening. dcc chat/sends to me work but not the other way around...anybody got suggestions?

-EdiT- Never Mind my question....i got like all crazy in my router and search for several things so i just put up my firewall and setup dmz (why didn't i thought of that sooner confused) and it worked... laugh -

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