I have a curious problem:
My configuration is:
dcc options
dcc ports: 7891-7895
I already checked my router and it's no blocking that range of ports.
When I try to send a file or try to begin a chat window to someone, mirc opens a socket in a correct port (between 7891-7895).. I checked it with: netstat -an -p tcp
But.. but.. but.. my friend catchs my mirc's ctcp message with:
ctcp 1:*:*:$1-
and he sees something like this:
DCC SEND file.xxx 12384983 10456 34820
Can you see the number 10456? It's supposed to be the number port! But.. the socket was opened in the range of 7891-7895.
Of course, my friend got the message "unable to connect".
I really can't understand what is happening.
I'm using mirc 6.12
What's wrong?