Hi there, I don't know if my problem is a script or router problem but hopefully, if you guys can't help you'll be able to tell me who can. I have a D-Link DI-524 router and it has always performed really well. I've used the same mIRC script for years and the port forwarding has never been a problem . . .

. . Until about 2 years ago. For no apparent reason, when I started the script and connected, my IP Address wasn't being automatically filled in the mIRC Options Local Info. The Local Host would be filled in but not the IP Address. Several Ops looked at my settings (mIRC, router, firewall) and everything seemed fine. No-one had a clue. The best they could come up with was me having to manually enter it every time I started the script. This would be ok but if I ever suffered a loss of connection and was unaware of it, on reconnection the IP Address would be empty again. Also I would have to get the IP Address filled within a short space of time or I would be booted from the channel (because I didn't respond to a DCC request that was a pre-requisite for voicing) and of course, this would happen if I reconnected. I figured maybe it was my computer and just lived with it. At least, as long as I got the IP Address in, I could serve properly.

That was on a PC running XP Home SP3. I now have a PC running W7 Home Premium. And I have exactly the same problem - IP Address empty, I still have to fill it in. And what's worse is, on top of that, I still don't respond to DCC Send requests. If do a manual DCC Send and it works fine. I can initiate DCC chat. But unfortunately I've lost my voice on my script. I wondered if maybe it was the script so I found another one but same problem. And a third - but with this one my problem doesn't affect my voice so I've stuck with it. I have had the new Ops look at all my settings but, still, none can figure it out. One of them has changed my mIRC settings to Passive DCC but I can't see that it's made any difference.

I have also reset my router and tried with my Windows Firewall turned off. I know absolutely nothing about scripts and I really really need help with this. If anyone has any idea whatsoever about what's going on I would be so grateful. Cheers in advance for any suggestions.