Here's my problem:

I've read all the posts on this and related threads. DCC still not working. I'm running DSL, nothing firewalled, ports are forwarded... but I still get something interesting. Upon connecting to a network, mIRC finds my external IP correctly (66.*.*.*). However, when I try to DCC send/chat, it's initiated with my WAN/DSL IP (172.*.*.*)... I've tried to configure the NAT and it's opened up 2-way communication finally. But mIRC still isn't picking it up. I'm currently playing with the IP Route Table configuration in my DSL modem's integrated router (192.*.*.*).

If anyone has any comments or advice, please let me know. I'm running all latest software, firmware updated, using Broadmax router, JUST found the user manual online finally (despite vendor's website is down) but still proving to be of no help.