Since I cant find out how to make a new post without replying to someone else, I must do it this way. Anyway, moving onto my question.

Been having trouble with sending. I've read forums, help files on both OS and mIRC and the works, can't find my own related problem. I know if I cant establish a dcc chat then i wont be able to send period. When I let mIRC configure my own IP Address, it comes up with what it does but nothing was working, even having the Localhost checked and Server marked. Opened up AIM and right clicked > insert > IP Address and got a completely different ip. So I tried that IP in the IP address and tried to establish a dcc chat. I was able to successfully do so with myself. I tried to send a file to myself, and I could.

Problem arises now that I cant send to other people. Under DCC Server options in mIRC, I have Enable DCC Server checked and Perform DNS lookup and it's listening to port 6667. Under Connection Options, Default Port is 6667. No firewall is set up. Suggestions?