I'll just make this comment once more, because there is one more possible solution, skip the technical bits they merely confuse you:

DCC sends have following negotiation sequence (give or take, I'm forgetting):

sender listens on port
sender -> reciever: DCC SEND filename ip port filesize
reciever TCP connects to port and the transfer starts

This reveals the problem: The sender needs to be able to accept incomming TCP connection by listening on a port, if he can't, because he is behind a firewall or he shares an IP with others (for example with a NAT), he can't DCC send.

Since mIRC 5.4(1?) there has been a different sequence supported by mIRC, passive DCC. It's specified to be used with firewalls but works in many other cases just as well (i.e. behind a NAT). The idea behind this is that the recievers listens and the sender connects, thus removing the problem altogether. This again from memory (the exact description is in mIRC's help):

sender -> reciever: DCC SEND filename ip 0 filesize
reciever listens on port
reciever -> sender: DCC SEND filename ip port filesize
sender TCP connects to port and the transfer starts

This is very much like how FTP solves the same problem (passive FTP) and this solutions works great, except for one tiny smudge. Khaled intended this protocol for sending behind a SOCKS firewall and thus tied mIRCs implementation to this fact by disallowing passive DCC to be used if no firewall is configured. The ip sent by the sender is intended to be the firewall ip but for the reciever it makes no difference if this is the senders ip (or any arbitary number actually) instead. This limitation in mIRC implementation is not a flaw in the protocol or it's usefulness but rather a strange design decision by the mighty K. I keep trying to get this arbitary limitation lifted in future mIRC's, it takes (concievably) next to no implementation effort and would enhance the utility for some users. As a proof-of-concept that this setup works anyone with send problems should download an try:

[link deleted by moderator. no disrespect intended, but we advise against users d/l every addon they see]

It allows DCC sends using this protocol by adding it's own DCC send code. Liberate passive DCC in mIRC, make my addon redundant.

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