Hi there,
trying to solve my problems now for about half a week, searched lot of forums, pages, checked a lot, without effort:

Win7 64 ultimate
mIRC 7.22 (tested 7.19 too)
openSSL or
ESET NOD32 AV uptodate on or off
Firewall has rulez for mirc TCP/UDP all opened
AVM Fritz!box 7390 firewall has rule mirc port 6660-7000 opened

i can connect by standardconnection to any server without problems, but if i try to use SSL its unable to connect.
Checked some different server with different ports.
Any advice?

finally found the problem, that hooked me up:
On Win7 the system mainly try to look into the $user/AppData/-directories.
mIRC seems to look also to this, but most apps like openSSL and scripts go to $drive/Program Files/mIRC-directory.
And mIRC don't seems to look after that directory, because it runs (mirrored) out of $user/AppData/-directories.

Solution for now:
copied all from $drive/Program Files/mIRC-directory
to $user/AppData/-directory
all fine.

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