i have the same problem but my problem much complicated ..
let me explain i work in company and i cannot do any thing becuse download closed , i cannot control the control pannel because need permission from IT DEP that mean am in cage :P
what i can do using internet any some normal progarmmes which i need with my work .
so my probem when i want to connect in any netwrok it comes to me : * Unable to connect to server (Connection timed out)
beside that am not that good in irc stuff and other programmes ..
some one told me thats because ISP BLocked i dont know if he is right as i said im not that professional at those stuff.
i dont know if you can help not but we have to try ..
i want infrom u i tried to connect by an PSYBNC because i know the PSYBNC changed the ISP i dont if that true or not
but when i connect by the PSYBNC same case * Unable to connect to server (Connection timed out).

my Best Regards.