Windows 2000
mIRC v6.12
* Unable to connect to server (Connection refused)
Every network:6667-7000
No other problems with Internet

I've had this error before, on and off, normally I can connect again after a few hours, but this time its been 3 days, and I'm getting a little worried. I can 'see' the server (pinged it, worked fine..), but when I try connecting through mIRC, jIRC, conference room, vIRC, kIRC, sIRC...(I've tried ALOT, on two different os's) it gives me that blasted error, which is supposedly the easiest to solve.. (I made sure to read everything I could find before posting)

One of my friends said that my Ip was probably blocked from the entire IRC community, 'hammering IP', I think he termed it, but he said it was only temporarily (which explains the 2-3 hour intteruptions before, but this doesn't seem temporary right now!)