Hi guys, I just swaped from dsl to cablemodem, but now i cant connect.
When i connect, it doesnt take my ip, instead it uses the server's IP and i get my DNS resolved with server's IP like this:

Local host: 66-252-7-150.Eden.The-IRC.Com ( IRC Network Gatito_Felix!~slash@
IRC Network Gatito_Felix!~slash@
Local host: unknown (
Gatito_Felix is ~slash@
PhazeNet IRC Network Gatito_Felix!~slash@

and so....it changes IP as i change servers, but most times it stucks at start when the MOTD comes and stays there
I already tried changing connecting options in mirc like 'on connect, always get' local host - Ip address
but still nothing
I have a LAN IP address and WAN IP Address: 200.119.* which takes me to another external IP 200.119.*
Maybe there is some modem configuration that could be make
i hope someone can help me
thank you"""!!