I've been unable to connect to any server on Irc

this is an example of what i get, each time i try to connect to a server

(16:45:17) * Connecting to irc.utonet.org (6667)
(16:45:17) -bender.us.utonet.org- *** Looking up your hostname...
(16:45:17) -bender.us.utonet.org- *** Checking ident...
(16:45:23) -bender.us.utonet.org- *** Couldn't resolve your hostname; using your IP address instead
(16:45:27) -bender.us.utonet.org- *** No ident response; username prefixed with ~
(16:45:28) -bender.us.utonet.org- *** If you are having problems connecting due to ping timeouts, please type /quote pong 1349C402 or /raw pong 1349C402 now.
(16:45:28) * Roetger sets mode: +ix
(16:45:28) -Global- [Logon News - Sep 03 2007] Welcome to UtoNet! Questions or problems should be directed to the server help channel -- #UtoNet.Help
(16:45:28) * Disconnected
* Remote is on (Ctcps,Events,Raw)

i have this problem since 3 months, it always worked, i didnt do anything to my computer, just dont know what to do

can someone please help me out?