Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I am still unable to connect. I upgraded the firmware for my router. I also performed the following:

In Windows firewall I added DCC entries for ports 4000 through 4004 for both TCP & UDP protocols. I also added Identd using port 113 & the TCP protocol.

In the router, I added the 4000-4004 ports using both TCP & UDP protocols.

In iMRC, under "Connect" => "Options" I checked only DCC & entered "1024" in "First" & "4004" in "Last". I am still unable to connect to any server. If I cannot get connected, I am going to ask for a refund. The reason I purchased the program (a second time) is because it worked on my Windows 98 machine without much hassle at all. So far, it has been nothing but a headache on XP.