I'm new to Sysreset and tried to set up a file server. I followed the step-by-step instructions from the help file for quick/basic file server setup.

The problem: People who try to connect get the error message:
Client: KyaniteD (xx.xxx.xx.xxx)
Time: Thu Dec 14 02:19:13 2006
Acknowledging chat request...
Unable to connect
DCC session closed

I have set my router to forward the following ports:
59, 113, 6060, 6660-7000

The file server responds to the !list command and advertises correctly.

I myself have no trouble connecting to other people's file servers, resp. downloading from them.

I'm using no proxy, windows firewall and software firewall are deactivated. Antivirus is running, though. [If that should be the problem the file server is not worth the security risk.]

I'm using the Sysreset 2.53 with mIRC v6.14 package on a Windows XP SP2 machine.

Any help or hints how/where to find help are much appreciated.
[On this note, is it possible to do a phrase search here?]