Ok, i've had a look through all the threads on these message boards and no-one has had a problem like mine (as far as I can see). I'm a 17 year old student and my dad found my younger brother using mIRC when he was meant to be studying. We have a d-link wireless router (I had a look on their page and can't find one that looks like ours) and I run the latest version of mIRC. I get the unable to connect (connection refused) problem and I think it's because my dad has blocked ports for any server i join (6667-7001 i think). I think this as if I try to use any other program than mIRC (x-chat etc) it still can't join. I was wondering, does anyone have any idea how to get past these blockages at the router? I specifically want to be able to join irc.solidirc.com crazy. Anyone got any ideas to help me here? I have no access whatsoever to the router (I wouldn't want to be caught anyway) . I was talking to an op on that server w/ a friends computer and he said I could try using SSL encryption so I downloaded all that but I forgot the port he suggested blush. Someone plz help me get rid of these withdrawal symptoms!