I'm using the best format as quick as I can to see if I can be helped.
- What version of Windows you're using (95/98/ME/XP etc.)
I use Windows XP
- What connection you have (Dial up, broadband, etc.)
DSL modem
- What version of mIRC you're using
- What the exact errror message you're receiving is.
Unable to connect to server (connection refused)
- What network/port you're using to connect.
6667, correct
- If you have any problems with any other functions
Yes. I can't download things like limewire or other downloadable things sometimes.
- Any firewalls/routers that you have running
Only default Norton Firewall Plus mIRC is set to be an exception. I turned it off and it still didn't work.

Note: Be aware that Windows XP has it's own firewall that needs to be configured/disabled, plus your DSL "modem" most likely has it's own firewall as well (look for it at http://www.portforward.com ).
BUT, the error you're getting (Unable to connect to server (connection refused)) is more likely to be because that particular server doesn't allow connections from either your isp or your country. Try another server within the same network (even that of another country), or another port on the same server (rarely is successful).

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