I'm trying to connect to irc.NoDramaIRC.net.

Messages that appears are as below:

* Connect retry #3 (6667)
* Unable to connect to server (Connection timed out)
* Connect retry #4 (6667)
* Unable to connect to server (Network is unreachable)

and it alternate between the two (timed out and unreachable)

1) What version of mIRC you are using.
2) What Operating System (95, 98, XP, ME etc) you are using.
3) If you have any Firewalls installed.
I have Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition
4) If you are using a router, and what make.
Not sure of how to check whether i use a router or not.

I can connect fine to the other server: eg. undernet and dalnet.

Same goes to irc.criten.net.
I can connect to this server before, but recently faced connection problem and getting the same error messages above.

Thank you very much for help.