A K-line is a ban from a server. In this case a reason is not specified, to it is impossible for us to tell you why. You might want to try another server and see if you can connect then - see GalaxyNet's server list.

Remember that the K-line may not be aimed at you, it could just be aimed at someone else who uses your ISP (Internet Service Provider). For example, if you are with AOL, your hostname might be ABC5D12B.ipt.aol.com. If a K-line is set on *aol.com then anyone who's hostname ends with 'aol.com' (i.e. any customers of AOL) is affected. This works with all hostnames, not just AOL (this is just an example).

As for us on these boards, there is nothing we can do about it. Connecting to a server is a priviledge, not a right - you can be k-lined from any server at any point, without prior notice or warning, and with no reason. This is of course a rarity as people want users to come to their networks, but it's valid. Read http://www.mirc.co.uk/help/conflicts.html.

You should also see this sticky thread.

G'luck in getting reconnected smile